An Inside Look at the "Gentlemen for Hire" Industry in London

When someone talks about escorts, there are many misconceptions about what the entire industry entails. All escort agencies, including Gentlemen for Hire, provide social partners for women who need a plus one for an event, or a tag-along for a platonic night out.

If you live in any metropolitan area like London, you will know that there is a thriving social scene to be a part of, and it would be a terrible shame to miss out on it because you either don’t have a date or if your friends are too busy to go out with you. All of this can easily be solved by hiring one of the escorts from Gentlemen for Hire.

Their Commitment To Client Safety

At Gentlemen for Hire, they take the safety of their clients very seriously. They feel it is important that they always feel safe with their escorts, so they strive to show their clients that our services are both ethical and non-sexual.

This helps ensure that their clients feel comfortable when they hire one of our escorts. To help their clients further, they encourage them to chat with the company prior about the services they offer - they are always willing to engage in open discussion.

The company also take into account the reviews that clients provide on the escorts. This keeps them up to date about the men they have on their roster and alerts to any changes that need to be made in this regard.

Everything You Need To Know About The Escorts

Most of the escorts that they have on our UK-wide roster have previously worked in other agencies, so they have a very good idea of what is deemed acceptable and what isn’t. For the escorts, this business is a great way for them to not only earn additional income but also a way to experience an exceptional social life and network with others.

When the escorts sign up to be a part of their agency, there is a criteria they need to adhere to. This includes being presentable and well-groomed at all times. They also need to be kind and respectful at all times toward their clients.

Hiring A Male Escort

The Gentlemen for Hire catalogue has a variety of men between the ages of 20 to 60 years of age. The client can peruse the catalogue which has their pictures, details and username. The client can then decide on the escort that they want to hire. You can message the escort directly to set up the date with them.

Each escort has their own rates and fees which are listed on their respective profiles, this way the client has a good idea of how to work out what the date may cost them overall.

Important Considerations To Remember

There are no membership fees that need to be paid when hiring an escort, but the client is liable for the entire cost of the date - except for the escort's travelling fees to and from the meeting point.

When you meet the escort, you should give them a full rundown of what is expected during the date, especially if they are attending an important event with you as a plus one.

Depending on the escort’s personal schedule, you maybe able to hire one at short notice, so this is useful if someone pulls out of an event. 


The escort industry is often one that is marked by misunderstandings regarding what the business entails. This is a social agency that offers women an opportunity to have a thriving social life without any romantic connotations, just good company to join them along the ride.

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