7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Photography in 2019

We live in a very visual age, and many of us love recording our memories. With the advent of digital cameras, smartphones and social media, it is now easier than ever before to take photos and also share them with our friends at a click of a button. These photos, however, can still be out of focus or badly framed, so here are 7 easy ways to improve your photography in 2019.

1. Equipment

Technology has come on so far that even the most basic smartphone and simple compact cameras can take decent photos. However, if you are looking to buy a more advanced camera I would always say by the best you can afford.  

If you do want to buy a camera look at the newest (professional) full frame mirrorless cameras. Getting rid of the mirrors traditionally placed inside high-end cameras get the lens closer to the sensor and pave the way to several innovations, making the camera lighter, and more compact. Another alternative is a DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. There are many options so do your research and check out non-biased reviews on a consumer site such as Which. 

2. Practice

Whether you have a state of the art camera or your smartphone the important thing is to practice. Take your smartphone or camera everywhere and practice. Only practice will help you improve your photography skills.

Practice in different lighting conditions, at different times of days with different subjects. Once you have got the basics, take your camera off the auto setting and try out all the different settings. Check out natural lighting for day time photography and look into how to take photos indoors and in low lighting conditions. Some of the best light is at dawn or dusk when the light is softer and less harsh - often called the 'golden hour'.

3. Subject

Take photos of interesting subjects, perhaps a person with an interesting or strange look, a subject that looks out of place in their surroundings, a building that is unique or quirky. Candid photos of people unposed look more natural, perhaps deep in conversation, be discreet when taking photos yet don't forget to ask permission.

A subject that will pique the interest of your viewer will make your photos much more interesting. 

4. Composition

The 'rule of thirds' is one of the most basic skills a photographer can learn. If you think of a photo divided up into a grid and then place your subject at an intersection it can add interest to your photo as a person's eye goes naturally to one of the thirds in an image. I like this photo that I took in Doha above as your eye is drawn to the top right third of the photo. 

Try a different angle as most photos come from the same head on an angle so try a different perspective or a different angle. Get on the floor if you can taking a photo of a young child for example, or get up on a chair and look down on your subject. Different angles will add interest.

Look at shape, form, texture, pattern and colour to make the photo stand out. Maybe your subject is reflected in a river or water, or the pattern on a building design is unique. Exclude clutter and be sure the observer knows what the subject is.

5. Stability

No one wants shaky photos that will be blurred so be sure to have a steady hand when taking that perfect shot. A tripod is a great addition to your camera kit, and you can even get a tripod for a phone. This will help you in low lighting conditions to produce a sharp photo. Tripods don't have to be huge either, many are lightweight, and they will all fold up so you can carry them.

You can always steady your arm on a table if a tripod isn't available. 

6. Edit

If all else fails you can always improve your photo with a good editing package. I use Picmonkey online which I pay a small amount for every month. Adobe Photoshop is an excellent software package when you want a bigger array of editing tools. There are also a number of apps available to edit photos such as Snapseed. 

7. Support

If you find that you are not improving and everything isn't working, don't forget that YouTube is your friend. There are many online photo tutorials out there but seeing how exactly to take a great photo in a YouTube tutorial is a brilliant way of leaning.

Another excellent way of learning is to join a photography club or course. These can be online or in real life and they can offer support and camaraderie as well as be a great way of improving your skills.

So here are 7 easy ways to improve your photography in 2019. Do you have any tips on how to improve your photos, have any of these tips helped you?

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  1. I invested in an Olympus PEN PL9 last year ... I'm still learning to use it!

  2. My DSLR is on its way out - busy saving for a new camera

  3. I love your tips here. Practice makes perfect with photography.

  4. I take photos and need as much guidance as possible. These are great tips, practise is probably what I need the most.

  5. Great tips here! I love photography and just take photos all day long, practice is the best advice!

    1. If you can take time to practice you can improve your photography no end

  6. These are really good tips. always after new photography tips, as love taking quality pictures xx