3 Tips For A Killer Email Travel Marketing Campaign

As someone who travels a lot, I’m always looking for the best deals and the best experiences. I often find these via social media or through emails that come into my inbox. You need to really catch my attention to make me want to interact with your campaign. So I read these tips for a successful travel email marketing campaign, compiled by Campaign Monitor with interest.

I’ve talked previously on here about email marketing do’s and don’ts but the list compiled by Campaign Monitor is certainly all do’s. 


There are so many ways you can interest me and make me click through and read more of your email. One such way a brand can always engage me is a personalised email. Using my name or previous information from when I’ve engaged with you such as previous stays with your company or previous experiences with your brand will definitely make me want to use your brand again.


Campaign Monitor also suggests giving incentives for customers to use your brand or to set up a loyalty system. These are both ways that brands have engaged me in the past. I mentioned that I am always looking for the best deal and if an incentive or a loyalty programme can help me achieve that in any way, I am all for it! We’ve previously managed trips on a budget that we never thought possible, simply from checking out an interesting and engaging email from a brand where we managed to get a major discount. It really is all about managing to engage your audience.


Something that always catches my attention and that the list suggests is providing inspiration. I have visited many cities and many countries over the years and am always looking for a new adventure but sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike. A well-timed email, providing me with some inspiration for where next to head to with my husband, is always going to be received well. What I love about campaigns which give you inspiration is that they often make you think about something or somewhere you would never have considered before. There are so many experiences I would have never thought to try in the past that I have now experienced because of that email campaign.

There is a reason why email marketing works and why certain campaigns will be successful whilst others won’t. You need the right mix of things to ensure that potential customers are clicking onto your emails in their inbox and then spending their hard earned cash with you.

Do you use email marketing at all? Do you have any tips for a successful campaign?

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  1. This has reminded me how much I need to work on my email newsletter and subscription as email is such a powerful marketing tool

    Laura x

  2. This post is full of really good tips! Inspiration is always good and sharing something different really helps engage me <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. An eye catching email with different content is always good

  3. I definitely need to work on my email campaigns - this was really insightful!