A Guide To The Easiest Fruit And Vegetables To Grow

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to grow fruits and vegetables at home. Not only is it incredibly satisfying growing something that you can then eat, but you can also enjoy the process of growing something too.

Growing fruit and vegetables can even help you with money too, as it means that you will need to spend less money at the supermarket, but that you will still get to eat some delicious and healthy treats too.

The only trouble with fruits and vegetables is that they are not always an easy thing to grow. Particularly if you are new to gardening. With this in mind, we have put together our guide to the easiest fruit and vegetables to grow in your garden.

Before you start, invest in a fruit cage

If you want to try and grow your own fruit and vegetables then you are going to want to make sure that you have the right equipment. Fruit cages are a great place to start. They offer protection for those crops whilst they grow and are going to give your chosen fruit or vegetables a fighting chance to make it onto your plate.

The great thing about fruit cages is that they don’t have to cost the Earth and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes too. This means that no matter the space that you have, you will be able to harvest yourself some crops that you can then take indoors and enjoy.

The fruits and vegetables that you can try and grow

So, want to start growing your own fruit and vegetables at home? Not sure what is going to work best for your ability? Salad leaves are a great place to start, not only are they great to eat during the summer months, but they are incredibly fast growing too, in fact, if you look after them well, you may find that you can cut off leaves in as little as 3 weeks, ready for you to enjoy.

Tomatoes are another great thing to grow yourself. You can sow these in the early spring and in no time at all you will have tomatoes that are ready to eat. They are simple to grow, which is ideal for children and if you are short on space then you can grow them in hanging baskets and window containers as well as planted in your garden too!

Fruit wise, strawberries are a great starting point. Strawberries are incredibly versatile and like tomatoes, they can be grown in pots or baskets as well as grown in your garden. They should be grown in April or May and in a few weeks you will have the ideal treat after tea. Not only this, but strawberries are a fruit that will also produce beautiful flowers too.

Herbs are a popular thing for people to grow, one of the most fragrant, useful and easiest to grow has to be mint. Mint is often bought as a young plant straight from a garden centre and will often grow all year round if you bring it inside during the colder weather. Not only does mint smell great, but mint also works in a wide range of recipes and drinks.

The benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables

Now you know some of the fruits and vegetables that you can try and grow yourself, what are the reasons behind giving this a go? When you grow your own fruit and vegetables you are going to have the satisfaction that you have been able to produce your own food and feed your family a healthy and delicious meal. It is also a great family activity too, you can involve your kids and teach them how valuable it is to try and grow things yourself.

You can also save yourself some money too, which for any of us is a good enough reason to get out there and get planting.

There are so many reasons why it pays to grow your own, whether you are a seasoned pro at gardening or a complete novice who is just starting out. Make sure that you not only think about all of the things that you are going to need, but also think about which fruits or vegetables are going to be easiest to grow, giving you the experience, knowledge and confidence to then go on and try your newly green fingers on something that is altogether more challenging.

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  1. We used to grow our own veg and strawberries and really enjoyed it but now we have a communal garden so don't any longer but to be honest I'm OK with that! lol Mich x

  2. Every year I try to grow something but I'm never very successful. Perhaps I will try a herb garden again!

  3. I've just moved to a house with the tiniest roof garden as the outdoor space and I'm definitely going to be growing some herbs but I'm also intrigued by growing some salads and tomatoes in raised pots.

  4. This is such a fab post as one of my new year resolutions this year is to start growing my own vegetables and fruits