5 Top Ways To Improve Your Home

Many of us would like to improve our home. Maybe it's not quite big enough, or the space isn't quite perfect. Here are my top 5 ways on how to improve your home and possibly increase its value too.

Build a conservatory

A conservatory is an excellent way to add extra space to your home whilst making the most of the sunlight.  A conservatory made of glass panels is very light and airy and it a great place to sit and entertain as well as chill out with family and friends.

It is also one of the ways to add extra value to your home according to property expert Phil Spencer and we all want that don't we?

Convert your attic

Converting your attic is the perfect way to create more living space whilst increasing the value of your home. This space could be used as another bedroom for a growing family, an office, or a playroom for example and thus could reduce the need to move home.

Things to take into consideration when thinking of converting your attic is how you will access the space if you need to insulate the attic, if flooring joists need to be reinforced and if you need to gain planning permission. A loft conversion according to Home Building magazine does not need planning permission but creating dormer windows may need planning, but also check this out yourself if you are considering this type of improvement.

Add a garage

Adding a garage to your home can help lower your car insurance by protecting your car from all weathers.  It also has the benefit of adding to the value of your home if you wish to sell.

You may have the space to add the garage already, so it may be relatively easy to do but ask yourself do you want to lose the living space? Or you may have to build the garage on to the house but this is still worth considering.

Adding a garage can be an interesting way of making extra money too as you could rent out the space if you did not have a car parked there on a regular basis. Sites such as Just Park allow you to rent out your garage space so it could be a nice little earner for you. Or you can rent out your driveway too, worth considering a new driveway from a company like Newcastle Driveway & Patio Pro, it could be earning you money!

Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in by adding bi-fold doors to your home. As well as adding light, you can sit looking out at the garden in all weathers being warm and cosy in your home. 

Bi-fold doors maximise natural light and are far cheaper than an extension or loft conversion. Cheap bifold doors are readily available so this is a surprisingly cost-effective way of improving your home. 

Have an extra bathroom

Fed up waiting for the kids to finish in the bathroom, well why not add an extra bathroom to your home? Adding that bathroom can make your home easier to live in and increase it's value and practicality too. A new bathroom can be done for under £2000 so if you have limited money it's not as expensive as some of the other ways to improve your home. You don't need a lot of space to add an ensuite bathroom either!

So these are my top 5 ways of improving your home. Have you considered any of these ideas?

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  1. I agree with you. My home has an conservatory and a porch and both are very useful. We've decided to update the loft into a big storage area and I imagine that did raise the value of our home.

  2. These are all fabulous tips, I am loving the loft and adding a sliding door to bring the garden into the home look. Will use these tips when we renovate our home.

  3. Great tips! We are renovating our garden and our bathrooms at the moment so hopefully that will add some value!

  4. I would love to build a conservatory, convert the attic and build us an en-suite - all things we had in our old house and which I really miss.