Kitchen Tech to Get Your Hands on in 2018

How many kitchen gadgets do you currently own? A quick sweep of the room in your mind’s eye will probably reveal at least a fridge and an oven, and perhaps a microwave too. However, many of us shell out for other pieces of equipment, including juicers, blenders, smoothie makers and more. But the question is, what’s worth the hype? What pieces of kitchen tech should you be getting your hands on in 2018? Well, here’s a quick overview of some of the types of appliance you’ll see on the market…

A steam oven

Steam ovens are more commonplace in professional kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider installing one in your home, particularly if you’re passionate about eating healthily and retaining lots of flavour. Steam ovens cook food much more quickly than conventional ovens, and because of the way it works, it tends to lock more nutrients and minerals into your food than a standard oven can. Don’t worry about not knowing how to use it, either: many come with pre-programmed temperatures and timings for various recipes, so you can just pop it on and leave it.

Should you get one?

Yes – if you have space and the money, and are a very keen cook. They’re easy to clean (the fact they operate on steam makes them the closest thing to a self-cleaning oven), and they produce perfect vegetables and fish.

A sizeable fridge

If you always feel that there never seems to be enough space in your fridge, or that it doesn’t seem as well-designed as it could be, 2018 is the time to upgrade yours. From classic single fridge styles (perfect for smaller families) to practical and stylish French-door models (ideal for bigger families or keen cooks), you’ll have the space you need for your culinary creations if you get round to upgrading your fridge. Be sure to carefully measure the space you have before you order anything, and look for award-winning models or those with good reviews.

Should you get one?

Without a doubt. Provided you can afford to buy a larger fridge, there’s nothing better than actually having the space you need for various bits and bobs. A larger model will mean you can store your food properly (i.e. raw meat away from cooked meat), which will mean it’s safer for you to consume and will potentially last longer too. 

A touch screen induction hob

Induction hobs are remarkably faster to heat up (and more responsive) than their predecessors or electric hobs, and they’re also the safest option if you have pets and small children in your household. The touchscreen controls make temperature control intuitive - simply drag your finger along a temperature gauge to adjust the heat as you’re cooking – and it’s easy to clean without any fiddly controls getting in the way. 

Should you get one?

Yes, if you’re happy to cook on something other than gas. Induction hobs are more responsive than electric hobs and because they only generate heat when an induction-ready pan is placed on a zone, they’re energy efficient too. But if you love an open flame? Stick to gas.

A remote-controlled oven

These ovens are equipped with Bluetooth so that your phone can sync to it, and the beauty of it is that you can pre-heat the oven when you’re on the way home from work so that dinner is served as soon as possible.

Should you get one?

If you’re re-fitting your kitchen, it’s a good a time as any to upgrade to a Bluetooth controlled oven. But unless you feel strongly about being able to control your oven from afar, we’d skip it for now.

A remote-controlled slow cooker

Slow cookers aren’t new, but the remote control aspect is. In the same way, a remotely controlled oven works, a remotely controlled slow cooker allows you turn the slow cooker on and off or adjust the temperature directly from your smartphone. You can also monitor how the meal is cooking too, or let others know when it’s ready: perfect if you have teenagers home before you or a partner who’s a little less confident in the kitchen.

Should you get one?

If you don’t currently own a slow-cooker but are confident you’re going to get lots of use out of it, there’s no harm in buying a remotely controlled slow cooker if you can afford one.

A robot pancake maker

Ok – this one is certainly a luxury item and far from a kitchen essential, but it’s good fun. This food printer draws a customisable pancake: an impressive feat that’s bound to impress your kids, the neighbour’s kids and everyone lucky enough to be in your home at breakfast time. All you have to do is enter the design you want, pour the pancake batter into the bottle and watch it create an Instagram-worthy breakfast… just wait and see who asks to come for breakfast at your house!

Should you get one?

Well… if it makes you happy and you have the money! Are they any kitchen gadgets you want?

*Guest post


  1. Some new gadgets to me here. I like the idea of a slow cooker that can give you a bit more information about how your meal is cooking. The steam oven sounds perfect too if there's no cleaning.

  2. I'm not a big kitchen gadget person because I like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible BUT I do like an induction hob they always look some much cleaner than my electric one.

  3. I love a good kitchen gadget, it's the heart of a home so deserves a bit of a splurge on. I want to get an induction hob! They look so sleek and easy to clean! x

  4. I dont have any kitchen gadgets. Should really think about getting some