5 Time Saving Tips To Take Care Of Your Garden

Taking care of your garden can be a long and arduous task. If you don’t keep on top of it, then the jobs you need to do can become so big that you are reluctant to get started on it. Work, family, life, in general, can often get in the way and certain jobs around the house and garden fall by the wayside. Perhaps you need some tips to help you take care of your garden whilst also saving you some time. Here are five top time-saving tips to help you to take care of your garden.

1. Ditch the lawn

Well, maybe not entirely. So many people are now opting for the best grass solutions for their needs and this often includes getting rid of their real grass and opting for an artificial alternative. It is becoming ever more popular as artificial grass requires such little care, attention and time spent on it compared to real grass - no mowing needed, no hydration or food for the grass. Many artificial kinds of grass these days look more realistic than ever. All you need to do is choose the best solution for you and your household.

2. Make it smaller

Whilst a large space may be just what you wanted when you moved in, sometimes our needs and requirements change. If you are finding it hard to keep on top of your garden, perhaps consider adding a patio or a bricked area to break it up a little. Or create a seating area for you and your family to enjoy, knowing that you haven’t got so much garden to look after.

3. Choose plants that need limited TLC

Be picky about the plants and flowers that you choose. Choose flowers that don’t require dead-heading or pick those that have long bloom seasons to minimise the amount of upkeep you need to do, aside from the general watering. Consider planting disease resistant plants. If you are not sure which ones are, nursery employees and fellow gardeners can help you identify the best or most resistant varieties of many plants. Succulent plants are long-lasting and can be the perfect plant for the non-gardener.

A simple way to save time is to water less often but for longer - a deep soak once a week is better than frequent more shallow waterings but this can depend on the soil. You can even grow perennials that return year upon year, saving you time replanting.

4. Make sure your tools are easy to access

When it comes to gardening, the worst thing is when you’ve made a start on it and have to keep stopping to go and get something else. Ensure your garden tools are organised and easy to access when actually in the garden and make sure they are stored together. You don’t want to be running all around the house or searching the shed constantly for those different tools you require.

5. Make it simpler for yourself by taking advice

See what your neighbours do in their gardens - do they only plant certain flowers? Do they have decking and a limited amount of garden space? Have they switched to an artificial lawn? Taking advice from family, friends and neighbours who love gardening will surely help you come up with some ideas to keep your garden to a standard that you enjoy but that doesn’t take you too long to maintain. Neighbours with gardens will know what the soil is like and the best plants to nurture and grow, so ask their advice.

Knowing what works and doesn’t work in a garden for someone who doesn’t want to take too much time out of their day is important. Make it simpler on yourself by asking those in the know.

Tell me, do you have a garden? Do you have any top tips on taking care of your garden?

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  1. I don't really have much of a garden to upkeep, but I helped my mum transform her garden to artificial grass in the summer and it has made it so much easier to maintain! ♥

  2. I'd need to have succulents all around my garden as I am awful at keeping things alive x

  3. These are great tips. I'm glad my yard is all decked out and I don't have to worry about the gardening, I'm not much of a green thumb.

  4. Awesome tips! Great solutions for gardening enthusiasts and those planning or thinking about having a garden. I would recommend these tips.

  5. Those are some amazing tips. I don't have a proper garden but small terrace one!

  6. I am not a good gardener but these tips are great. Maybe it's time to try gardening again.

  7. These are great ideas! I really wish I had a garden of my own. Definitely agree with low maintenance plants, even for window boxes or in the house.