Autumn’s Essential Instagram posts

Summer has been great, but I've always had a soft spot for autumn. From the rich colours to cosy jumpers, tasty coffees and frosty mornings, the season is a haven for Instagrammers - but just what shots should you be snapping this year? Let's find out...

Whether you diligently interact in person or use an organic Instagram growth service here are Autumn’s essential Instagram posts.


With their rich browns and reds, leaves make the perfect seasonal Instagram post. With colourful trees or a carpet of russet tones, a colourful photo like this will stand out on your news feed.


We are a coffee-loving society so coffee photos can do well on IG. In 2016, the pumpkin spice latte returned in early September. Expect similar timings for 2017 and get ready to post this all-time Starbucks favourite.

Cosy selfies

Whether you’re watching the fireworks, or wrapped up warm at home, take a cosy selfie with friends, or add in the family pet for bonus points. If your partner isn't camera shy, snap a photo together. If it's good enough for loved-up celebs then why not try it?


What is November 5th without attending a firework display? Capture all of the action on your phone and upload it to your feed. Sparklers can create great photos too. 

Autumn outfits

We all use Instagram to see what other people are wearing and get some style inspiration. This season, why not become the trendsetter yourself? Check out designer womenswear brand Ralph Lauren’s online style guide for some ideas on the items you should be wearing and sharing for autumn 2017. 


When you’re not drinking pumpkin-infused lattes, pumpkins themselves make a great Instagram post. Either carve them or stack them up.


Fancy yourself as a pro photographer? Capturing the perfect shot of glistening, pretty frost will put your skills to the test, but the end result is well worth the effort!


Cute animals will help you rack up those likes. From pups in piles of leaves to robins on fences, who can scroll past those little faces!? Add a cute kid too and you will get lots of IG interaction.

Wellies & Puddles

We grumble when it rains in summer, but it’s a different story in autumn. Don your wellies and start snapping some puddle photos.

Hot chocolate

The colder weather means it’s perfectly acceptable to start sipping hot chocolate again. Pile them high with cream and marshmallows for an envy-inducing autumn drink.

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If you are not sure where to start, use an Instagram post maker to help you. Do you use Instagram? What posts remind you of Autumn?

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  1. I am really trying to embrace winter and autumn more and more...I think it's the transition from summer I find hardest, love these essentials though.

    1. I love the autumn myself but I know what you mean!

  2. I've been struggling with Instagram lately so I'll have to keep these ideas in mind :)
    ♥ Fran - xx

  3. I love hot chocolate, and photos so definitely a great time of year for me x

  4. Ooh I love autumn and all of these pictures really sum it up for me! Autumn leaves, hot chocolate and cosy slippers!

  5. Those really are great instagramable shots for Autumn. I plan to take pictures of the Autumn leaves they look so pretty.

  6. All of these photos are just autumnally fabulous! I need to capture a sparkler image this year - they're so tricky to capture!

  7. I love all the autumnal photos that pop up on Instagram - nice coloured pumpkin ones always cheer me up!

  8. Ahhh I love autumn and these pics made me feel so warm and cosy inside! Lots of leaf and coffee pics are essential in autumn ;)

  9. Autumn is the best time of year for colour, cozy and food. After reading this article I really want some hot chocolate!!

  10. Really great pics. Love autumn, my favorite time of the year!!! Hoodie and hot chocolate time!