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Top Travel Hacks For Travelling On A Budget

Travel hacks are a commonly used phrase these days and one finds those words on several travel blogs and websites that discuss tips and tricks on how to be that ultimate traveller. The expert travel hackers are those people who know how and when to take advantages of rewards points, miles, and elite status to enjoy a great vacation on a shoestring budget. 

Most of the travel hacking focuses on working on the rules set up by credit cards, airlines, and hotels to take advantage to earn free travel. Travel hacking is not a new phenomenon, but there are very few travellers who are aware of the top travel hacks to take advantage of.

Do not get discouraged by the term “hack” as travel hacking is completely legal. Follow these guidelines below to make it less complicated and soon you will be on your way to earning free flights and holidays.

The old fashioned way of earning rewards points

All you need to do is sign up to join rewards and frequent flyer programs which are for free. Take a flight or stay in a hotel to earn more points or miles. There are frequent flyer and hotel rewards accounts run by most airlines.
 Find the good companies and most profitable companies and stick with them. Be a repeat customer to add points to earn free travel and hotels.

How to hack your accommodation

A big travel expense, as well as flights, is accommodation too. Luckily you can hack to get free or cheap accommodation. There are some great hotel deals, out there and you can bid on rooms and get upgraded luxury at very low cost. 

Many hotels branded credit cards provide lucrative sign-up bonuses that can earn you lots of points. Another great way is to stay with the locals or house swap and stay for free or work to earn your accommodation. Staying with locals is an amazing way to learn about the city and the local culture. Many hostels around the world allow you to work there for free accommodation too.

Great ways to save on food

Food costs money but thankfully, there are some easy ways to save money on food. For example,
 try the local street food, which is fresh and delicious. This is a great way to get a cheap, quick and authentic local meal. 

Many restaurants offer lunch specials with huge discounts, have your main meal of the day at lunch time to save money. Buffets may not serve the greatest meals but offer a wide variety of choice and great value for your money.

Traveling for free

Getting from one point to another while on holiday need not be expensive. Look for a tourist card that offers local transportation for one low price. Share your cab or car to lower the costs. Alternatively, you could get a job as a driver as there are several companies that are willing to pay you to drive someone’s car. Another good way to save on transportation costs is to simply walk and you save on money and lose calories as well.

If you like these tips, get “A Student's Guide To Traveling Without Spending Money” book, that is sure to help you enjoy the freedom to travel even if you are broke. The eBook provides numerous suggestions on how to apply for specific scholarship and volunteer programs. There are very specific instructions on how to write essay, how to create your CV and how to write a motivation letter. There is no need to feel restricted because of the budget constraints and shy away from travelling. So, do not be afraid to hack the above-mentioned options and enjoy a great vacation on a low budget!

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  1. Great post with very helpful travel tips. I will check the ebook out.

  2. These are some cool tips I haven't really thought of. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I do many of these myself. I've used Virgin Atlantic airmiles to get a great upgrade to Upper Class on a flight to Atlanta.

  3. Street food is definitely the way to go, you actually get a real authentic taste of the place too.

  4. I love reading posts like this as they are always full of great suggestions! :D x

  5. A really lovely guest post, I travel often so i am familiar with some of these hacks and I can say they work and perfectly legal lol

    1. Exactly, all perfectly legal and easy ways to save money.

  6. Great tips and shall pass on these and the e-guide to my student son!

  7. Some great tips and you are right about food deal, you can find some amazing ones x

    1. You can find some super deals on eating out on holiday.

  8. Anything that helps your money go a little further is always good! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  9. Great tips! Will be saving this for our next holiday xx


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