Thursday, 18 August 2016

Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home All Year Round

We all know energy companies make a fortune so here are some stylish ways to improve your insulation so the energy you use to heat your home isn't wasted. 

The use of blinds, rugs and curtains can all help you insulate your home this Winter

Draught Excluders

This traditional way of stopping heat lost through your doors is a simple but effective practice of using draught excluders. It is also one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy. Stopping cold air in and warm air out of a room can save you up to £50 a year. Stores like Next, John Lewis and Not On The High Street have stylish draught excluders that look good as well as saving you money.

Draught Excluder from Dibor at Not On The High Street

Carpets or Rugs

Having a carpet or a rug in a room helps provide another layer of insulation, and traps the cold air from rising in the room. We have floorboards in our bedroom and recently we have bought a large rug. As well as a design statement I have noticed that the room is warmer and cosier and when I am downstairs the noise is less from the bedroom.

Wool and Cotton Kilim rug by Hunter Jones Vintage from Not On The High Street

Lined Curtains 

Thick heavy curtains with lining can really make a real difference to the warmth of a room. As my lounge is black and beige I love these velour curtains in Mink from Next. The soft velour material adds a touch of luxury to any room and the lining keeps light out when drawn as well as keeping heat in. 

Lined velour curtains in mink from Next

Energy Saving Blinds

Energy saving blinds such as blackout energy blinds and awning blinds from the company Velux can reduce heat intake by up to 90%. 

With blackout blinds, the blackout cloth has a honeycomb structure which can help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in winter. Whilst awning blinds stop the sun before it even hits your window pane which will reduce incoming heat

Blackout blinds can help make your home cool in summer and warm in winter

Radiator Shelves

A radiator shelf helps throw the heat forward into the room, and away from the wall, rather than it rise up to the ceiling. Many can be bought so they can clip onto a radiator for ease of use. 

Jaga Beech Effect shelf from B & Q

As you can see there are lots of easy ways to save money on your energy bills whilst adding some style to your home. Which do you use?


  1. Seriously LOVE all these ideas... some there that I wouldn't have even thought about as well. Thanks for sharing xx
    Clare Elise

  2. I've never heard of radiator shelves before, what a great idea x

  3. I need to buy lined curtains for our living room. Blinds are also a good alternative to curtains, especially in the bathroom.

  4. Lined curtains make such a good difference. Love these ideas, especially the radiator shelf!

  5. Great tips, especially the one about the radiator shelves - I didn't know that. I need some new curtains so will definitely make sure they're lined.

  6. Draught excluder! You've inspired me. I've been looking for a beginners project to use on a sewing machine and that's it. Sorted! Thanks :)

    1. Good luck Grant. Simple to make I would think too.

  7. Some really interesting ideas there, I do like to think that we are quite energy efficient but it is good to know that there are more ideas out there that I can do

  8. Great ideas, I hate the house being could in winter! Love the draft excluder, i could do with one like this :)

    1. It's a cheap idea that can save you money every year.

  9. I need energy saving blinds in my house. Sounds fab.

  10. These are fantastic ideas! I've never heard about radiator shelves.

  11. I'm quite lucky as I live on the second floor of a block of flats so I get a lot of warmth from the surrounding flats x

  12. This is such a good and interesting post, I never thought about doing these changes to save energy! Very smart x

  13. Such a great post and I do love my draught excluders x


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