Sleuths Dinner Show Review - Orlando

We've been to Orlando and Florida a number of times. Orlando has so much to offer children and adults alike, from the Disney and Universal theme parks to smaller lesser known attractions like Wonderworks, a science centre and Ripley's Believe It Or Not on International Drive. 

On our recent trip in June we were looking for something different to do in the night and this is when I came across Sleuth's Dinner Show. Now in our family we all like a bit of murder mystery, from Sherlock to Columbo, Jonathan Creek to CSI, so this looked like something that would be right up our street.

Sleuth's is a mystery dinner show right in the middle of International Drive, close to the Orlando Eye. Their strapline is "Step Into The World Of Comedy Where You Become The Detective" really sums up what Sleuth's dinner show is all about.

As you enter the building you wait in a reception area until they take you into the theatre in groups. There is a pay bar here while you wait. All other food and drink as you enter the theatre are in with your ticket price. Then they take you into the theatre. You are seated at large round tables with other people. If you don't like mixing with others, this isn't for you, but I feel it all adds to the fun. We had a right character on our table, a man who worked in Hollywood Studios and he was upbeat and a great laugh. 

There was a stage, with scenery to set the mood and theme of the show and lots of round tables. The show we booked was called The Squires Inn. 

"You have been touring Northwest England, but your bus has broken down and you find 
yourself in Clifton, a quaint country village. The Squires Inn welcomes you and offers 
you a meal and lodging. The overly solicitous proprietor will do anything to keep you there. 
Be prepared for the unexpected. Your tour guide discovers a close relative in the Inn. 
An old pensioner has been hiding a treasure that once belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. 
The offbeat antics will have you dying of laughter."

As we waited for the show to begin we ate salad and crackers with a dip and they took our drinks order. Then they came around with bread rolls and butter and our choice of drink as we waited for the show to start.

The cast on the show were brilliant. As we were seated at the table we met a number of the cast in character, who played out the first part of the show. First off they set the scene, there had been a murder, and we had to work out who had done it. I won't go into huge details here as the company want to keep the surprises for their guests but the whole thing was superbly done. Yes on times it is a little cheesy but everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy it. Audience participation is optional, but there were a small number of the audience that got involved and took it in good humour, but don't worry if you don't want to get involved they won't pick on you.

After the murder was set, we had the main courses which were good. A choice of four cheese lasagne, with or without meatballs, Cornish game hen (basically chicken), and prime rib, at a small supplement. It isn't haute cuisine but it's decent food all served up with smiles.

During dinner we had to note down questions we wanted to ask the cast. Each table had one question each to try and work out who was the murderer. After dinner one of the cast came around to ask us what our question was to give us another clue.

Dessert was then served up, a choice of key lime pie, strawberry cheesecake or chocolate cake. I had the key lime pie and it was tasty, but the strawberry cheesecake looked amazing, I wish I had chosen that!

Mr W with the cast of the show

After the dessert - it was time - we had to decide who done it, and yes we all got it wrong! 

Sleuth's is suitable for all ages, there was no blood or guts, although those who are very young may not understand what is going on. I would say if your children are 8 or above they would enjoy it.

Regular prices are Adult $61.95 + tax and Children 3-11: $28.95 + tax. Prices include dinner, the show, and unlimited beer, wine or soft drinks. If you look on the website you can get coupons for a discount for the show.

The whole experience was about 2 and a half hours and there are a number of shows you can book if you want to try more.  It certainly was different and very entertaining. We enjoyed it immensely, and my 19 year old son and husband didn't stop laughing. The comedy is slapstick on one level yet there are clever jokes woven in for those that can spot them. The main actor who played 'Connie' was really excellent. I honestly thought he was British, and only later found out he wasn't.

If you are looking for something different to do in Orlando I would say go. The wine and beer was flowing, the food was tasty and the laughs came thick and fast. Highly recommended.


  1. I've love to visit Florida one day! It's a beautiful place and so much to do! Sleuths dinner show sounds great and so does the food! :) xx

    1. Florida has so much to do. The show was great entertainment.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time. Good to know the food was tasty.

  3. Ooh this looks like so much fun! I'm even sucked in by the pretty exterior of the building. I've never done anything murder mystery related before, but I would absolutely love to!

    Fox & Feather

    1. The murder mystery entertainment has a number of different shows and scenarios too so you could go back time and time again.

  4. Such an interesting dinner, we would love to visit Orlando to try this place! :)

  5. I've always wanted to go to a murder mystery event! I'm glad you had a great time!

  6. How very interesting indeed.I'd love to go here next time I visit Orlando. Great post!

  7. This sounds so much fun and a refreshing change from the usual entertainment in Orlando. X