Luxury Snow Holidays For Non Skiers

This is a post by Ski Famille; a family ski holidays travel provider. 

When you think of a ski holiday you’re undoubtedly thinking about whizzing down the slopes at a very high speed, perhaps toppling over occasionally and otherwise getting a chilly thrill from the snow. This prospect can be intimidating for people who want a relaxed and luxurious holiday.

It could be enough to put the average non-skier off going on a ski holiday. If you’re part of a family and you’re the only one who doesn’t enjoy skiing, don’t worry, you won’t be left out - there are plenty of ways you can have fantastic luxury family ski holidays as a non-skier - here’s how…

1. Relax

One of the most enjoyable things about a luxury ski holiday is that there are often numerous spa activities and treatments. The resort of Les Gets is recognised as having a particularly good spa for example.

Spa treatments may be a simple sauna and jacuzzi in your hotel, but some resorts like Les Menuires provide extensive spa facilities for non-skiers:

  1. Massage - Even if you haven’t been skiing you’re likely to want to rest and unwind after your day. 
  2. Jacuzzi & Sauna - To relax, and perhaps warm-up, you can use a jacuzzi and sauna.
  3. Treatments - Body and facial treatments are available in many spas.

Spas vary depending on the resort. Something most resort spas feature is jacuzzis and saunas - the jacuzzis are often situated outside, so you get a great view of the snowcapped peaks while bubbling away in the warm water.

2. Indulge

Whether you’re interested in enjoying some beautiful food in one of the finer restaurants or just want a crêpe in between shopping trips - food, and drink, is a fantastic way for non-skiers to enjoy themselves on a ski holiday particularly in France where cuisine is generally of a very high standard. Check out  to compare ski resorts for skiers and non skiers. 

Food and drink possibilities for non-skiers to enjoy include:

  • Restaurants - Sit down to a family meal or just have a light lunch with a fellow non-skier.
  • Out & About - Many resorts feature market stalls and other options for quick food on the go.
  • Bars & Clubs - You can enjoy a cocktail in bars and clubs in the evening.

There are many varieties of food on offer with a ski holiday - you can sit down with the skiing members of your party and discuss their adventures, or just have a quiet bite - either way, food and drink is a fantastic way for non-skiers to enjoy themselves.

3. Shop

Shopping is something you can enjoy in many resorts. Shops range from those providing simple provisions or locally sourced market foods to enjoy in your chalet to high-end designer goods.

There is something for everyone, and shopping is a wonderful way to enjoy yourself:

  • Village Shops - Many resorts have picturesque villages nestled within them, they are absolute treasure troves for knick-knacks and other trinkets.
  • Designer Goods - Some places, notably St. Moritz in Switzerland, specialise in high-end shopping if that’s your thing.
  • Markets - Whether you need some supplies when self-catering in your chalet or just want to browse the stalls, local markets are a great way to experience the local culture.

When you’re not skiing it’s very easy to wander around and browse, this can be a lot of fun in itself when coupled with the picturesque surroundings of your resort. It’s much more fun and compelling compared to your shopping pursuits back home, that’s for sure.

4. Activities

Casino, bowling, cinemas - it doesn’t matter what you’d like to do, resorts have a lot of options so you won't get bored. This is especially good for families or those with very young children who don’t ski either - it means skiers and non-skiers in your party can enjoy a good time together:

  • Casinos & Nightlife - Something for the adults - resorts often have casinos and nightlife within their hotels.
  • Bowling - Great for groups, especially in the evening time, it’s something skiers and non-skiers of all ages can enjoy together.
  • Cinemas - There are are many ways to fill your time, going to the cinema is a good alternative for families.

History and culture is also great in some resorts for non-skiers. Included in resorts like Les Gets are many cultural activities including church tours and a Mechanical Music museum. Wandering around the local areas is a great way to get some insight into how people live in the area year-round when in the off-season. 

5. Non-skiing activities

There are a lot of non-skiing activities, some more adventurous than others, that you can take part in at your resort. 

Some of the more fun, luxurious and romantic ones include:

  1. Hot Air Balloons - Majestic views of snow capped mountains impart a sense of serenity and luxury, great for couples and children alike.
  2. Dog Sledding - If you’re not up for skiing then you still might like to get involved on the slopes in some way, resorts like Les Gets offer dog sledding rides which are a great way to experience the slopes.
  3. Snowshoeing - If you don’t want to ski but fancy yourself a brisk walk, then this is a great activity to go for.

You don’t have to ski to enjoy the slopes. There are plenty of options depending on your resort; these include ice wall climbing, snowmobiling and much more.

Non-Skiers Rejoice! Ski Holidays!

All these non-skiing activities are very resort dependent so it’s worth doing plenty of research to find the activities above that are most suited to you. Of course, there is also a lot of fun to be had skiing - so if you’re up for a challenge you could always book a beginners skiing or snowboarding lesson and see if you take to it.

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  1. I am loving all these activities. Especially the hot air balloons.

  2. I love going to a snowy destination, but not so much into skiing for two weeks every single day. Great tips you've got here!

    1. I have to admit I am a non skier so these activities are right up my street.

  3. Oh this looks great. I imagine skiing would be using a lot of muscles so a massage sounds great! My sister juts look her kids skiing and I'd love to take my daughter one day.

    1. I like the sound of going to a spa and a luxury massage too, whether I go skiing or not!

  4. Wow, there is such a huge amount for a non-skier to do!

  5. Personally I love skiing and snowboarding and would find it hard to go somewhere with snow & not do it but saying that my partner is not into that at all so finding a place with the best of both is fantastic and he would love these spots - especially somewhere with a spa :)

    Laura x

  6. I love to visit the ski resort Zell am See but in the summer. Loads of lovely walks around the lake and hiking in the mountains. Perfect!

    1. I've been to Zell Am See, it's a lovely resort. We explored the area but did not ski when we went there.

  7. This is just what I need! My hubby is a big skier but I can't ski for medical reasons. It's great to know there would be plenty for me to do if we did go together.

  8. The huskies on the dog sled are gorgeous! I'm definitely not a skier but love the idea of an outdoor jacuzzi where you could admire the scenery! <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  9. Last year we have been to New York. We went there over the Christmas and New Year period We had great time playing in Snow.We had a Luxurious Trip.