Sunday, 17 April 2016

Meet The Bloggers - Linda From Mother Distracted

Today in my Meet The Bloggers series, I am talking to my friend Linda from the blog Mother Distracted. Linda has a lifestyle and parenting blog and lives in South Wales with her husband and school age children.

Can you tell my readers about yourself and your blog? 

I write a lifestyle and parenting blog from the perspective of a woman who became a mum in her forties (twice). I cover a wide range of topics but particularly enjoy writing about relationships, health and parenting issues.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I left my job as a marketing director for a Cardiff law firm in 2007 to have my kids and, once they had arrived, although I found being a stay-at-home mum enjoyable, I needed sometime to keep my brain ticking over. I had a phase of being an avid comper (much to the Husband’s amusement) but now I just love to blog. My family just indulge me, although Caitlin (8) and Ieuan (6) really enjoy joining and will pose for a photo at the drop of a hat.

What are you favourite topics to write about and are there any posts you are particularly proud of?

I love writing about what it’s like for a woman in a corporate environment and how to survive the office jungle but my favourite post is my take on a Sherlock Holmes tale which I called The Curious Tale of Sherlock Holmes & A Mum’s Missing Career. I am rather fond of Benedict Cumberbatch and often drag the Husband to the local Bush Inn in St. Hilary where the “Hound of the Baskervilles” episode was filmed.

Tell me about your proudest blogging achievement? 

Just managing to blog consistently. Blogging is such a personal thing and there are so many great blogs out there.

What blogs do you like reading yourself?

All and any. I am as likely to read beauty haul posts as I am to read blogger how-to’s and recipe posts. I’m a real magpie.

What is your favourite blog post of 2015 and why? 

Linda's children

Probably this one from Raglan Castle - a great family memory. If you’ve ever tried playing hide ‘n’ seek in a castle, I’d advise taking a thermos and some sarnies. On that particular day, Ieuan had decided he was Usain Bolt’s son for some reason and was happily telling the other visitors about this surprising development in his parentage.

Do you have any specific goals for 2016?

I'm keen to grow my blog even further and to explore different styles of writing. I'd really like to write a crime novel so I may well test a few chapters on my readers!

Tell me have you read Linda's blog?



  1. I've never read Linda's blog but will definitely check out Mother Distracted! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's a great read, she really knows how to write!

  2. I haven't read Linda's blog before but it's always lovely to discover a new read.

  3. I love series like this because I always find new bloggers. Off to check Linda's blog out!

    Laura x x x

  4. I love features like this. Why am I so nosey?

    1. Ha ha! I love reading about other bloggers too Jodie.

  5. I like trading about other bloggers, gives me inspiration and new blogs to try -
    Thanks for sharing X

  6. What a lovely post! Nice to meet Linda :)

  7. There are so many parenting bloggers out there but I haven't read this one. I will have a nose.

    1. Linda's writing makes her stand out from the crowd :)

  8. Ooh good luck I hope that your dream of writing a crime novel can come true and I love reading these kind of series!

  9. Linda is lovely and a great blogger too, lovely interview.

  10. Ahh it's so nice to learn more about Linda!x


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