My Guide To Choosing A Sofa

A new sofa can be a big expense and therefore it's important to think about buying one carefully. Some points you need to think about include the style and aesthetics, the colour and pattern, the appropriateness for the environment and the cost. 

Style and Aesthetics 

Are you going to go for traditional or modern? A Chesterfield sofa is one of the traditional designs with the quilted leather, and buttoned back. Modern designs are altogether more sleek and minimalist, or you could even go for a retro 50 or 60's design.

The size of the sofa is a big consideration too - you may have a small room so a two-seater sofa would be perfect but if you have a larger room and a bigger family a three-seater would be better or a corner sofa. A corner sofa is great to lounge on and can even double up as a bed for those late nights when friends have had too much to drink. You could also consider a multi-function sofa bed especially if you are short on space.

Colour and Pattern

Plain, floral, stripes, or something bolder, the colour and pattern can mean everything. Whilst most of us go for a plain sofa for a simply chic look, floral is the next most common design.  

Don't forget though throws and cushions can help add interest and change the look of a sofa easily with minimal cost.


Whilst comfort is highly important for any sofa you also need to think how it will fit into your lifestyle and the space it has to fit into. 

If you have young children, domestic pets or a clumsy husband (sorry, I had to get that in!), it is probably essential that the sofa is easy to clean, if so you may want to go for a leather sofa or a fabric sofa that is treated with a stain guard. 


Cost it an obvious consideration, but there is something to be said for the quote, " You get what you pay for ". Quality, craftsmanship and design is certainly worth paying for, and with many people keeping their sofa for at least 10 years it's best not to scrimp on the cost if you can.

However, if you are on a tight budget, fabric sofas are generally cheaper than leather, and you can always personalise a sofa on a budget with accessories.

Below I have chosen three of my favourite sofas from Habitat and accessorised with items I love. Let me know what you think!

Three Favourite Sofa Designs

Grey Velvet Sofa

Bunny Hop Grey Patterned Cushion £12, Regency pink velvet cushion £25
Hendricks dark grey velvet 2 seater sofa £1400

I have chosen a simple grey sofa here and accessorised it with a splash of pink from the cushions and a feature bunny print cushion. 

The sofa is made of soft dark grey velvet and the low wide arms give a modern look. The seat looks supremely comfy too. The pink cushions are velvety soft as well - really touchy-feely and what a super bunny print cushion, I think I'm in love with this! A great sofa design for everyone.

Brown Leather Sofa
Jepsen red linen throw  £50, Topa panelled block rug £150, Riad multi-colour cushion £40, 
Spencer chocolate brown leather sofa with metal legs £3700

I have gone more daring with this look, with the block print cushion and rug in colours of browns, oranges and reds. 

The chocolate brown leather 4 seat sofa is a simple, classic design and easy to clean. The Riad cushion has a super block pattern that tones in well. The beautiful linen throw adds a dash of colour and supreme elegance.  The rug pulls it all together - a fresh modern funky look, suitable for couples or families.

Linen Fabric Sofa

Edric wool and silk throw £80, Trigas large multi rug £195,  'Dogs In Glasses' print £20
Higginson natural linen mix two seater sofa £1100

This natural linen sofa is classy, simple and beautifully designed with wide arms and a supportive high back. Perhaps not the most practical colour for those with young families, instead I see a stylish couple owning this sofa. 

Rather than going for minimalist accessories, I have added some bright fun items. The Trigas multi-coloured flat weave rug is a great accessory to this look and made from upcycled cotton, everyone is unique. When you want to change the look of the sofa add in the Edric wool/silk blend throw. The dog print adds a little quirkiness to the whole look. Who says simple has to be boring? 


  1. Great post! These tips are great for when I move out next year and have to furnish my own place!

  2. I hate sofa shopping! The pushy sales people and they always end up more than what it says on the tag.


  3. I always prefer a fabric sofa over a leather one. I just don't find leather very comfortable. It just feels so cold compared to a fabric one which feels very homely to me. Was great meeting you at the event earlier too x

    1. Now I prefer a leather sofa, as I feel it can last longer and I use a throw anyway.

  4. Ooh, just reading this makes me want to lie down on a comfy sofa with a blanket and the remote!

    1. Yes! I have to admit I like binge watching new box sets on Netflix :)

  5. I love the three sofas you have shown, although I may have to wait until some children have moved out to get one this size!

  6. Lovingyour choose of sofas and the different looks, especially the grey velvet with a splash of pink from the soft that dogs in glasses print is too cute!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  7. I'm sofa shopping at the moment, so this is really useful. My problem at the moment is the choice out there, as soon as I find one I find another to put in the mix.

    1. There is a lot of choice - think size, practicality and colour and design.

  8. I really like the first sofa, it looks so fluffy I'd love to just touch it while drinking a hot chocolate! (Yes I know it's summer time)

  9. Actually about to get a new sofa in the next few weeks, I love your choices.