Bathroom Light Review With Value Lights

Last year we decided to renovate our bathroom. The suite was old and needed replacing so we had a new suite fitted, tiles replaced and the bathroom painted so it looked fresh and modern. 

Getting the right accessories is important when you have a new bathroom fitted and we browsed various department stores for the right light that looked smart and modern. As we left this until after the bathroom was fitted my husband had to fit it. He is not a fan of DIY and to be honest we couldn't decide on one so he never got around to fitting a bathroom light, we used our old one... until now.

Value Lights have asked to work with myself and my blog to review a section of lighting over the next year, so I am now a Value Lights Ambassador, which gave me the perfect opportunity to review a bathroom light.

You may know from reading my blog that I like luxury products but I am also a savvy shopper too. I may stay in 4 and 5 star hotels on holiday, and eat in expensive restaurants now and again but only if I balance that with saving money in other ways. Even when I choose luxury hotels they still have to present good value for money in the extras they provide compared to their competition - be it an excellent location, complimentary drinks or a free breakfast.  I apply the same principles to items I buy for my home. 

Now I have to admit I haven't heard of the company Value Lights before, so I felt it was important to check them out and their website before I agreed to anything.

Value Lights is a trademark of LSE Retail Group which was developed in 2011 by three professionals with over 20 years experience in lighting retail. So far so good. Being based in Manchester they are a good solid British business. This is important to me as I love to support British businesses.

The company's ethos is built around affordable products with excellent customer service.  They felt it was important to create a name that is a concept and so ‘Value Lights.’ was born. 

A quick look at their website and the lighting is definitely affordable in my opinion, and although I have yet to use their customer service they do offer a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. That is very reassuring. 

So I thought that this company sounded great and therefore I decided to go ahead with the Ambassador role.

My first item I have chosen to review is a chrome bathroom light.

We both loved the modern sleek look of this light and thought it would fit into our bathroom perfectly. The cover has a frosted finish for a diffused glow. 

Instructions were simple and there were illustrations as well as written instructions. The light also came with the fittings needed. You can't use any lights in a bathroom due to the moisture in the environment and therefore this is certified for bathroom use. The company recommend you purchase an energy saving bulb for use in the light and you can buy these from the company as well.

It is important to switch off the wall light and the electricity before fitting any light. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I would highly recommend a qualified electrician to fit it, if you have no experience.

My husband has fitted lights before so he fitted it himself. After switching off the electricity and following the instructions the light was insitu. However ..we had a problem with the connection. After some adjustment he didn't know what was wrong, so he did what any self respecting British person does in times of trouble, he made a cup of tea!

After going away and coming back to it, it looked like a loose connection was at fault, an adjustment was needed and then we had light! 

The light now looks great in the bathroom and much more expensive that the £17.99 it cost. The light is bright enough to apply your makeup but diffused enough not to be too dazzling. It fact the brightness is perfect. 

So there we go, all fitted and in place. Tell me what do you think of the bathroom light I have chosen and more importantly what do you think of the price?


  1. That is an amazing value light and it looks great. We have spotlights in our bathroom and all but one of the bulbs have gone. I need to replace them with one of these.

  2. This looks pretty good, and like you said it does look more expensive than it actually was! Great choice :)

    Rachel | x

    1. I do think it looks much more expesive than it actually is.

  3. Your bathroom (from what little I can see) looks so nice! Very spa-like. Light looks like a great fit!

  4. The light looks great and it's a bonus about looking more expensive than it was. Looks really good in your bathroom.

    Chelsea |

  5. The light looks great, more expensive than it actually is.

  6. That is a great light actually. I would love to have that in my bedroom or bathroom, it's a shame I already have lights... Hubby would not be happy to change them now... hehehe

  7. Yeap a cup of tea always works wonders lol, really like the design of the light, I tend to buy my lights online so will have to make a note of them.