10 Travel Safety Tips For Women

Travelling to different places around the World is so exciting. At the same time, most women worry about safety, even seasoned travellers. Yet it is absolutely safe for a woman to travel wherever she wants if she makes sure to adhere to a few safety tips. 

Here are 10 travel safety tips to ensure that women make the best out of every adventure, and I hope this is especially useful if you are on a solo trip.

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1. Keep your valuables on you
Do not take anything that is too valuable or expensive and you cannot afford to lose. Leave the expensive jewellery and family momentos at home. As for the other things like your phone, laptop, and camera, take a day bag that you can carry on you at all times and never leave it out of your sight, or place in a secure safe in your hotel.

2. Take only what you need
When you are out exploring, take only the essentials with you. You do not have to carry stuff like your credit cards, all your cash, and your passport with you at all times. You can leave them locked up safe, and just carry an essential amount of cash. Just take what you need that day.

3. Control drinking
Make sure you do not drink too much. It is essential to drink sensibly and to never accept drinks from strangers.

4. Spend money to stay safe
Make sure you stay in a reputable place that is safe, even if it is costly. Remember, safety is of utmost importance. I would chose a hotel over a motel anyway as most motel rooms can be accessed from outside the building whilst most hotel rooms can only be accessed from inside the building and through a secure reception area.

5. Get travel insurance
Travel insurance is necessary to help you out even in the worst situations. Make sure you get comprehensive travel insurance to cover all eventualities such as losing buggage, accidents, natural disasters, and robbery, to give you peace of mind.

6. Check in regularly
Keep in touch with at least one family member regularly. Give a copy of your itinerary so that they know where to reach you and keep up-to-date with them on Skype, Facetime or by phone/email.

7. Keep a copy of your documents online and some secret cash
Even if the worst happens, make sure you have a copy of your documents online, and some secret cash stashed away in your luggage to help you out. Consider taking an amount of travellers cheques that can be replaced when lost or stolen or a prepaid card.

8. Blend in
Try not to look like a tourist especially in areas off the beaten track. Try to blend in to the place you are in and act as a local so others do not take advantage of you.

9. Don’t trust easily
Keep your watch and do not trust anyone too quickly. Stay on your guard and keep your wits about you. If someone knocks on your room unannounced ring reception to check who they are. Beware local scammers, on the streets that use distraction techniques. In Paris a group tried to persuade me that I lost a gold ring. I knew it wasn't mine. I then saw them try it on with someone else.

10. Make use of thorough research
Read up on your destination before you get there. This will help you get around, and blend in. Be sure to read about any unsafe areas and orientate yourself on a map so you don't go there by mistake.

I hope these travel tips have helped you stay safe with your travels. Have a great journey. Bon Voyage!


  1. Really sensible tips. I'm always amazed that people seem to forget so many of these when on holiday.

  2. Some great tips shared, I'm terrible when I'm in the city or away from home always clinging to my bag, I always wear it diagonally across my head and shoulders so its harder for someone to grab it.

  3. Great tips! Definitely agree with the insurance bit!

  4. Great post. Whenever I travel by myself I always take good care to look after myself. I went on holiday to Greece before and ended up back at the hotel by myself. My friend had gone off somewhere so I decided to go back to the room by myself. It was one of those hotels where the rooms are all in different buildings. There was this creepy looking guy standing at the bottom of the stairs to our block. I didn't wanna go up there incase he followed me. We were having trouble with the keys opening and it would just be typical to have trouble with them with some bloke following me. It was a one way up and one way down place too, unless you wanted to jump over the side and hurt yourself. I decided it would best to just hang about in the bar all night than risk it. He could have been completely innocent but you never know x

    1. How scary! I think you did the best thing Hannah.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I travel on my own most of the time, so these tips are really handy for me! :)

  6. This is great post to share awareness! I honestly travel everywhere on my own, and when I first started I was so scared and worries about anything happening which made me much more noticeable as a tourist!


    1. I think you have to walk with an air of confidence too, in my opinion this makes you looks and feel less vulnerable.

  7. Excellent tips! I think it's always wise to consult a travel guide or your hotel concierge on 'no go' areas and make sure you mark them on your map.

  8. These tips are awesome - I'm sharing this around my girlfriends like wildfire! We all tend to love travelling around so it's best to be kept safe rather than sorry - thanks for writing such a handy guide!

    Lottie xx


    1. Thank you for sharing my tips. I hope it helps to keep women safe.

  9. Great tips - Travel can be so exciting and a little bit daunting, but these are all really sensible, vital tips

  10. really good ideas i always let someone know were im going and always keep in touch when im out and about