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The Modern Role Of Dads

Much has been written about the importance of mums in a child's life, we are amazing after all! Yet much less is written about the importance of a dad in a child's life relating to how much they do around the home and the hands on care they give to their children. Where both parents are around to support, care and look after their offspring, whether they are living together or not, the role of the modern dad is bigger than ever. 

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Legal and General have carried out a piece of research that says that dads are worth over £20,000 a year for the unpaid childcare and household tasks they do. You may say, well yes, mums are worth that too or even more, however the point I want to make is, that it is worth considering how you would cope financially if the dad of a household was taken critically ill or something even worse happened. In fact, for that matter how would you cope financially if this happened to the mum of a household?

Map of dads contributions to their household in childcare and chores

Years ago dads had more traditional roles. In the 40's and 50's it was rare to find men helping with the household chores but today many dads do. Dads have always loved playing with their children but traditionally never changed a nappy, yet many dads today have done this not so pleasant task, as well as the shopping, cooking, cleaning and ironing on a regular basis.

After the birth of a child, couples can also share up to 12 months leave between them, and although mums generally have more time off, dads are now taking a bigger role in the early life of their children. If you have children, and are living with a partner just think about how you would manage if they were taken ill. It doesn't bear thinking about does it?

Of course many women work these days and many dads look after children when they spouse is working. Between 1948 and 2001, the percentage of working age women employed or looking for work nearly doubled - from less than 33 percent to more than 60 percent.  Jobs today are not traditionally 9 to 5 either with many parents working shifts to provide for their children and dads often look after their children when mum is working. 

So how much time do dads spend with their children and on household chores every week? The answer is 47.5 hours a week compared to mums 65.5 hours a week on average.

Providing For The Future

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In the research by Legal and General, when asked to prioritise certain statement related to finances, the one that came out on top in the research was 'making sure the children are financially looked after if you weren't able to'. However only 55% of dads surveyed in this research had any type of life insurance.

Life insurance can be bought by mums as well as dads and cover can start at a little over a pound a week, which is affordable and something to seriously consider if you have children. Getting life insurance means there is one less worry in your life, one less thing to think about, and means you are sorted financially if the worst happens.

Tell me, was
 your dad a modern dad? Have you considered life insurance?

* I was compensated for this post, all words and opinions are my own. Please be aware that life assurance is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made


  1. I find it funny when we go to my Dads, because he is very traditional, yet my husband is very hands-on. Has no problem with doing housework, loves to help out and does a lot of cooking. I catch my dad looking sideways at him like he's an alien sometimes!

  2. My dad was no where close to a modern dad but I am making sure my hubby is. Great post.

  3. My husband is great, I definitely couldn't do without him!

  4. I am a SAHM so dad doesnt have to do much around the house although he does pitch in, much to his mums disgust!

    1. It's funny some older ladies don't like this. I think it's just tradition that they have never let their husbands help

  5. Totally a modern dad, he cooks, cleans and is great with Joe, not really looked at life insurance but it is definitely something to consider as we are getting older.


  6. My dad was amazing. He would have made the perfect grandpa. I have a modern husband too.

  7. My husband helps loads although with 3 mini ones I do need help sometimes ;-)

  8. I have a modern husband he is very practical more so than me

  9. My Dad definitely isn't a modern Dad but my husband is. We both have life insurance.

  10. This is really interesting, although I have to say we have a pretty modern relationship in some ways, my OH helps with the laundry and dishes although I do all the cooking because if I didn't I think we would be eating beans every night (thats the limit of his cooking ability)

    Laura x

  11. My dad is quite modern. I wouldn't have him any other way x

  12. We split the household tasks quite equally.

  13. Mmm, I think my Oh see's himself as a modern Dad but the reality is very very different unfortunately although he does do a lot of cooking (just none of the other stuff)