MooGoo Skincare Review

A guest post By Angela from Garden Tea Cakes And Me.

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MooGoo Skincare Review

My facial skincare routine is a pretty average one. I try and moisturise every day, but some days I do forget. I use a cleanser and cloth or flannel to remove my make up and eye makeup remover for my mascara. Then I may, just may, spritz with a skin tonic, but I always moisturise in an evening. Once a week, eh hem, once a fortnight I may do a facial scrub or face mask. 

I rarely talk about my skin care routine or products I use, occasionally I may discuss them with my sisters or friends.  But recently I have had much to say to them following the introduction to a most bizarre sounding brand MooGoo Skincare. I have been using some of their products for the past six weeks. 

Skin Milk Udder Cream £8.00 for 120ml, this is the product that launched this Austrian skin care brand. It is as stated a light cream that easily penetrates the skin thus being quickly absorbed.    

Milk Wash £11 for 500ml  I used as a facial cleanser, I can not tell you how light this product was to use on the skin, hopefully I have captured this with my photographs. With a unique almost soft feel to the product it glides on to the skin, which I used my hands dampened with warm water to create a gentle lather. I removed the product with a wet cloth. I have to say that this was my favourite of the three products, and one I will purchase in the future.

Blemish Cleaning Moisturiser £12.50 for 75g ideally for problematic skin, I suffer with patches of persistent dry skin, but nothing as bad as acne. With excellent moisturising qualities, it solved my dry skin patches. Do not be put off by the slightly grey colour to this cream. 

I love… 
the scent of the products, how to describe them? Natural, soothing, milky but not milky, just very pleasant. No overpowering or stimulating fragrances which you particularly do not want if you are about to relax and go to bed.

A little of these products go a long way.

Perfect for…
People who care about the ingredients of their skin care products.  MooGoo claim to be one of the most environmentally friendly skin care companies around. MooGoo products are aimed at people with sensitive or problematic skin but can be used by all.

The important stuff…
MooGoo was first made when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem. The dairy version of "udder cream" was designed to heal the cow's udders and keep them in good condition for milking.

Available at selected stockists in the UK, but also available to order online.

* I received a sample bag of products at a recent Shropshire Bloggers get together. 


  1. I've heard really good things about Moo Goo! I think I'm going to treat myself to some. It sounds amazing

  2. That was really good to read, I love beauty products with a good story behnd it and I'm also trying to use more environmentally friendly products. Will put it onto my wish list.

    Dash Xx
    Mode Lily

  3. This looks like a really lovely brand, I love the name and the packaging.


  4. Thank you for letting me guest post Melissa, hope your readers enjoy my review.


  5. I love the look of the milk cream; not sure how I'd feel about rubbing udder cream in myself though lol x

  6. Milk cream. Wow, never heard of it but i see what you mean about how light it looks. Can imagine it to be silky soft too x

  7. Hi I'm trying to get informations about ordering from Moogooskincare UK website but I didn't receive any reply yet. Do you know if the products are shipped from Australia or from UK? Just to avoid duty and tax costs...thanks