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Seriously Sexy Kitchens And Accessories

I have to admit, my flat needs sprucing up. The worst part of my house is my kitchen. It must be at least 30 years old and is in a state of disrepair. The thermostat in the cooker has broken, the cupboards have warped and the finish is peeling off. It also has no ventilation so any dry foods get damp easily and packets turn mouldy. 

I had a quote last year and it was over £10,000 to have a new kitchen put in. That is a serious amount of money. Money I could spend on helping my son through University and a luxury holiday.

So I have been trying to get together a wish list of items I would have in my dream kitchen... when I can afford it. I like modern styles and I also like 50s retro imagery. An American diner style kitchen would be one idea. A modern minimalist kitchen with everything hidden would be another. In the end I will probably compromise and use style ideas from both.

The Red Kitchen


A red kitchen may not be for everyone but I like bold vibrant colours. The shiny red finish of the cabinets reminds me on an American diner although the look is much more modern.  I love the built in cooker being eye level and the texture on the doors of the wall cabinets is intriguing. The full size table is also great when you have all the family around, the dining room extending into the kitchen. At just over £2000 without appliances this kitchen in certainly hot stuff!

 The White Kitchen

Another stylish kitchen here from Ikea. A very sleek streamlined kitchen here with integrated storage. The cooker extractor hood is seamlessly hidden and that in itself is a design feature. The extending table can be easily adjusted if you have friends around for entertaining. The wall panels add a very chic look to the splash back too and the light fittings add that glamourous touch. Without appliances this kitchen is under £4000 too which is a bargain in my opinion.

The Black Kitchen

This kitchen is super smart with the black gloss finish. The drawers built into the stand alone table are an excellent idea for storage and the red accessories add a pop of colour. The double range cooker is extremely useful whether you are cooking for a large family or entertaining with friends and the cooker hood is great for ventilation when the door is closed. I've also kept the best until last as the 8 units shown here without appliances are under £1000.

My Perfect Accessories

For a black, white or red kitchen these would be my perfect accessories. Style and design marries with function and usability.

The Best Coffee Machine 

Magimix Pixie Nespresso maker

This Nespresso coffee maker is programmable for large or small cups. The capsule insertion is ergonomic and the ejection of used capsules is automatic. This would look great in any kitchen. 

A Co-ordinating Kettle

Morphy Richards Elipta Kettle 

The Elipta traditional kettle has a 1.5L capacity and a removable and washable filter. With a concealed element and an illuminated water gauge this kettle is simply designed yet chic and affordable.

The Stylish Toaster
Delonghi Brilliante Toaster

I already have this toaster in my home. The design I think is super cool, with the multi-faceted gloss finish. Suitable for families or couples with a 2 or 4 slice setting the depth of toasting can also be easily adjusted.

The Do-It-All Food Processor

Kitchen Aid

I don't actually own a food processor, but this one from Kitchen Aid would be ideal for me. Perfect for dicing, slicing, juicing and much more, this food processor would make a great practical and stylish solution to any kitchen.

For a range of kitchen appliances including the kettle and coffee machines featured consider House Of Fraser.

Tell me, what do you think of my choices? Is your kitchen traditional or modern? Do you like the accessories I have chosen?

* I was gifted a voucher to write this post, all words and opinions are my own.



  1. I am always hinting to my hubby that I need a new kitchen but he hasn't taken any hints as yet!! I think the B & Q Kitchen would look best with the accessories you have picked.

    1. The red coffee maker and kettle would fit in perfectly with the black kitchen.

  2. We are currently saving for a new kitchen which will be white. I love that it will make our kitchen look lighter and brighter

  3. We've looking to renovate our kitchen next year, hopefully I will have decided upon what style I want by then

    1. There is a lot of thought that goes into planning a kitchen.

  4. I would definitely go for the red IKEA kitchen and the matching accessories, since it is close to Valentine's day.xx

  5. I think I'd go for the white, but I'd accessorise with loads of bright colours xx

    1. I think with a white kitchen, coloured accessories are very important.

  6. Mixing the 2 together would be great - red and black go so well together and looks like you have already found a bunch of accessories. Could you not do a temporary fix? Pay just for ventilation perhaps until you're ready to go the whole hog?

    1. I don't think there is a cost effective way of doing it if we hope to change our kitchen next year anyway. It would mean building work and knocking a hole in our kitchen wall.

  7. Ahhh, I love and want that red kitchen - I know my other half would never life me but a girl can dream right? The food processor looks online too :D
    Thanks for sharing lovely
    Charlotte x

    1. Do you like the red accessories as well? The kettle and coffee maker would fit in perfectly.

  8. I like the red retro one best although my kitchen is very neutral with wooden wiretaps and a range cooker.

  9. Love white kitchen! My kitchen needs serious renovation but we have to save up for it first :)

  10. I do love kitchen gadgets! the coffee maker looks ace! x

  11. I adore the black kitchen you've chosen, Its beautiful, so elegent looking and such a smooth finish, with the splashes of bright red, very sexy.
    I am jealous of home owners who can decorate as they please. My house is rented and my kitchen is horrible, the units are so old and tatty looking, I dream of the day I can get a sledge hammer and destroy it. Hehe thats never going to happen, oh but I can dream!
    However I do have good taste, I have that Nespresso coffee, its fabulous! I love all the gadgets youve chosen, very stylish!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Lucy. It must be really frustrating to never be able to decorate as you wish. I just need the money now!

  12. I really like your post.
    The kitchen's designs and the accessories are very beautiful. I now need to adore this type of collection.


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