A Valentine Poem For My First Car

Me circa 1990

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner I thought about writing a love poem with a difference. A love poem for my first love, my first car.

Many years ago I bought my first car,
A lovely Ford Fiesta in which to go far.
My pride and joy in the colour of brown,
Which took me to work and around the town.
A rust bucket car, yet it was the real deal,
It gave me independence behind the wheel.
It took me out shopping, and on my first getaway,
It was hard to do 60 on the motorway! 
One cold Winter morning, there had been a snow drift,
And although it was icy I had to start an early shift.
Down the 5 mile lane, as snow fluttered by, 
I skidded on ice and started to cry.
My poor little Ford was now in a ditch,
I had to call for a tow, now isn't life a … pain! 
It was a write-off and that was the end,
Of my little Ford Fiesta, my lovely faithful friend.
Now my dream is to drive an Audi R8
A car that I have to admit that is great,
Yet I still think all the time of my bucket of rust,
That started every day, a car I could trust.
So my heart is taken my love is true,
My dear Ford Fiesta I did love you!

What was your first car and do you have fond memories of it, like me?

This is my entry into a competition with Insurance Revolution


  1. Aww, that is a fab poem, your devotion clearly shines through!

  2. Great poem hun, you really did love that car :)

    1. I did indeed. It had a big hole in the floor too and I didn't notice it until after I bought it!

  3. aww lovely, reminded me of my Doris (DRS 698T) a yellow mini that suffered a sad end too,skidding on black ice into a lorry,fortunately only Doris suffered :-( but i cried when she was towed away msedollyp

    1. Poor Doris. It's amazing how much you love your first car isn't it Dolly. I think it's because it gives you freedom.

  4. My first car was an ex fleet Ford Sierra from the place where my dad worked, it was 2 years old & really cheap bargain due to the high mileage, I went everywhere in it & the stereo was awesome :)

    1. Did it have play tapes? I remember anyone who was anyone had a great stereo in their car.

  5. Lol I bought a Ford Rover Metro for my 1st car when I was 18 whist having lessons - I ended up giving up and had to sell it. I didnt even get to drive it just start it up every couple of days :(

  6. I don't drive but I remember my dad have a very old blue and white ford cortina x

  7. Really great poem and great car! Love the glasses by the way!

    1. Thanks for that *runs away and hides the glasses* :)

  8. This poem couldn’t be written any better! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! We have a old car in our house named Ford Cortina. I'm just nostalgic about that classic British car.

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