Slumberdown Winterwarm Electric Underblanket Review

A guest post by Lucy from The Parent Game Blog. Lucy writes about all aspects of life affecting parents, particularly those with older children and teens and loves finding ways to make life easier and more fun! 

I had never owned an electric blanket before, so I was very keen to try this one out - the Slumberdown Winterwarm Electric Underblanket.

I live in an ‘eco-home’, which is made of about 80% insulation, so it doesn’t really get cold. However it is very airless, particularly in the winter, when the heating is on, so I like to have a window open at night, even when it’s really cold. Sadly, the ratio of fresh air versus cold feet eventually tips too far the wrong way and I have to choose between suffocating and freezing, so I really felt this could be the answer to my problems.

On inspection, the blanket looks very well made, with heavy stitching and quality material. It has ties to anchor it to the bed, with good instructions on how to fit them, although it's not especially difficult. I would suggest you have an extra pair of hands for this part though! I was surprised at how thin it is. I had imagined it would be something you would be very aware of when lying on it, but not at all. It is impossibly thin, considering the amount of heat it manages to pump out and it is virtually undetectable under a standard fitted sheet.

The heat is incredible and very simple to control, with a good-size, solid controller, that features three heat settings.

1, which is very gentle, and ideal if you want to leave it on overnight, 
2, which I would describe as ‘just right’, not hot, but warm enough that you are comfortably aware of it after a very short time, and 
3, which is REALLY warm.

Now, you wouldn’t necessarily think there was much call for an extra-warm setting on an electric under blanket. After all, you are under a duvet and probably have central heating as well. However, I quickly discovered an amazing advantage to this feature. I suffer from herniated discs in my lower spine, which causes me considerable pain and discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, on its highest, this product works like a gigantic heat pad, providing wonderfully relieving heat for more efficiently than a traditional heat pad could, because you can lie completely flat, and the heat isn’t concentrated anywhere, so you don’t have to decide where you most need it, you can just relax and enjoy the experience! So, for me, this product is an incredible value, because it provides lovely, relaxing, comfortable heat that I can control, with the added advantage of helping ease my back pain, with its extra-warm setting. Bonus!

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  1. I don't normally bother with an electric blanket, but I've dug mine out this winter - as I'm going to be up feeding a baby I want to be extra warm and snuggly!

    1. Now that's a good idea Polly, I must admit. Hope the little one arrives soon.

  2. I am always worried about using electric blankets in case I get electrocuted lol

    1. I think there are safety measures in place for things like this Nayna.

  3. I've never had one but I feel the cold so much I am tempted. Great write up Lucy.

  4. I am always tempted to get one of these, they sound amazing x

  5. I've never tried an electric blanket so always wondered how they would work and if you could leave them on all night. I might have to get one for my OH as he is always cold!

    ellie from