Do You Talk To Your Teenager About Drinking?

Survey data aims to show that parent’s attitudes towards underage drinking do not meet reality

Recent polling data shows us that the number of young people trying alcohol before they reach the age of 15 is on the decline. However, this is in contrast to the belief of parents that the opposite is true.

This survey has shown that although parents believe the majority of 11 – 15 year olds have experimented with alcohol, in fact only 39% have.

I know my son doesn't want to drink and he's nearly 18.

Announced on AB InBev’s Global Be(er) Responsible Day, an initiative to promote the importance of responsible drinking, the results showed that many of those polled wrongly believe that more young teens drink today than have done over the past five years.

As of 2013, AB InBev UK has been working alongside the Alcohol Education Trust to ensure that open dialogues between parents and children on the subject of responsible drinking can take place.

The director of the AET, Helena Conibear, believes there to be a huge divide between what parents think is normal drinking behaviour for young teens and what is actually normal behaviour for this age group.

Following the polling, Conibear stressed the importance of the AET’s education projects with parents to help make conversations about responsible drinking a norm.

Is access to better education in schools something you would be interested in as a parent or do you think this is something to be discussed at home?

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  1. Interesting one this is, my kids are not at that age am worried about this.

  2. At the moment I don't have to worry about this, it's more trying to get him out the door for me although I do know at the moment he hates seeing people drink.

  3. My mum was quite open with me about drinking, because my Dad had alcohol issues, she was chilled out about me trying it as long as I was responsible and cleaned up after myself, even though she's t-total herself. I think I'll be the same with my own, make sure they know all the facts and let them make their own decisions. (:


    1. That sounds a balanced view Nicola. I think it does depend how young they are though, but giving teenagers all the facts, educating and informing them will help them make decisions.