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Edition Edelweiss -The Power Of Edelweiss For Your Skin

The other day I was sent a starter beauty set from Edition Edelweiss. This Austrian brand is new to the UK so I was excited to try their products for the first time.

I admit it, I am no 18 year old super model but I do like to take care of myself, especially as I get older. I am always on the look out for products to deal with fine lines and wrinkles especially and I also wear makeup every day, so I was really looking forward to trying the 24hr essence cream and the milky cleansing gel.

What makes Edition Edelweiss products special?

Edition Edelweiss products harness the power of over 40 unique active ingredients found naturally in the Edelweiss plant. This plant grows on mountains in the Austrian alps and is renowned for its survival in extreme climate conditions. Edelweiss is a rare and protected flower and the plants used for Edition Edelweiss are grown in controlled organic farming plantations. The unique variety used here is patented and sustainable.

The ingredients in the edition Edelweiss products combine together to have an antibacterial effect, being high in antioxidants and reduce harmful free radicals, with other claims such as skin tightening, the stimulation of blood circulation and encouraging cell renewal I was eager to try the products.

Edition Edelweiss Starter Set

This comprised of the 24 hour Essence cream and the milky cleansing gel, both 30 ml. In my opinion this set is perfect to take on holiday, to try out the products for the first time or as a gift for a beauty lover.

Edelweiss 24 hr Essence cream

The first thing I noticed when I applied this cream was the smell. It has a fresh, pleasant and flowery fragrance. It has a light consistency, that rubs well into the skin and is easily absorbed. My skin felt soft without any tightness after application. 

This product is marketed as having the properties of a day and night cream in a single product. Providing 24 hour protection, for intensive skin hydration and leaving your skin silky smooth and beautiful. Being suitable for all skin types I felt this product was a good investment for my skin. It is not a heavy duty moisturiser however so those with older and very dry skin may want to invest in a thicker cream.

Edelweiss Milky Cream Cleansing

This applies as a clear gel at first on your skin, and when you add a little water and massage it into your face it becomes milky in consistency. After rubbing it into my skin in gentle circular motions I wiped it off with tissue then washed it off with water, although you could just wash it off straight away. It removed all makeup and grime on my skin easily and didn't leave my skin feeling taunt or tight. 

These products are paraben and paraffin free and not tested on animals. If you are not completely satisfied with these products the maker Sinn Life also offer a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

You can buy these products from Sinn Life online, and you are able to contact the company on social media in a variety of ways below.

In conclusion, I loved the fragrance of these products, the cleanser worked well and the 24 hour essence cream left my skin feeling soft and nourished with no tightness.  Recommended.



  1. I really like the sound of these. Going to go and have a look at their website now, love th sound of the 24 hour essence cream x

    1. Yes the 24 hour essence cream, felt lovely on my skin.

  2. What a fun overview of their products! Love your descriptions, definitely going to go check them out!

  3. Thanks a lot, they look very nice but now I am singing Edelweiss which is not productive at this time of night! lol Mich x

  4. Great review! Lovely products! Off to the website to check them out! :)

    1. The products are lovely. hope you manage to check them out.

  5. It's often difficult to find a cleanser that doesn't leave your skin taut, so interesting to hear that this is one of teh rare ones!

    1. Yes this cleanser is gentle on the skin and does not leave that taut feeling.


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