Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bead & Wire Fashion Jewelry Book Offer

Bead & Wire Fashion Jewelry’ is a fresh and modern take on the classic techniques of making beautiful bead and wire jewellery.

This new book, from the founder of the London Jewellery School, combines in-depth easy-to-follow techniques with a fashion-focused approach to design and is suitable for complete beginners and more experienced jewellery-makers alike. The book follows the central ethos that ‘everyone can make jewellery’, as a result all the projects use easy to source materials and are designed for anyone to make their own professional quality jewellery from the kitchen table. 

Jessica Rose founded the London Jewellery School in 2009. It began as one class a week in her local community centre and in a few short years has grown to be the UK’s largest independent jewellery training centre, with over 100 classes to choose from. Jessica has taught thousands of students how to make jewellery and this book was written in response to their reoccurring questions about technique, materials and inspiration. You can read my review of one of their courses here.

The reader is first introduced to all the essential techniques used to make bead and wire jewellery, whilst also combining mixed materials such as feathers, fabric, leather and buttons. This offers a toolbox of techniques from which countless designs and collections can be made. 

Alongside techniques, this book showcases a simple but inspiring design process using mood boards, cutouts and collages and encourages you to consider the design of a piece in relation to an overall style, outfit or occasion as any fashion designer would. 

Bead & Wire Fashion Jewelry is suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to experienced jewellers looking to diversify their skills. It is written by a jewellery lover, for jewellery lovers everywhere.  

**Offer To My Readers**

The book is available from the 7th of September but you can order it now at the special offer price by ringing the number below and quoting the offer code.

Bead & Wire Fashion Jewelry 9781861089670
RRP £14.99, offer price ONLY £11.24 plus p&p
To order, please call 01273 488005 or go to and quote code: R4622

Direct Link Here

Closing date for offer: 15th December 2014


  1. I loved making jewellery when I was younger. I loved having unique pieces. Wish I had time to do it now

    1. I had a go at one of the online jewellery making courses from the London Jewellery school. It was very therapeutic.

  2. I remember growing up back in the day i loved making jewellery now i just love wearing it because not time to sit and make myself.

    1. That's a shame but as least you love wearing it and appreciate it :)

  3. Oh wow this book sounds really wonderful and perfect for those wanting to know more about making jewellery - great for a xmas present
    Laura x

    1. Yes, I think to would be a great Christmas or birthday present, especially with some beads, wire and pliers.

  4. Looks like a great book, one of my friends who make really beautiful piece taught herself from books and youtube :-)

    1. That's interesting. I think it would be great for those who already know how to make jewellery too, for inspiration.


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