Slow Cooker Recipe - Low Fat Chicken Tikka Masala

I love Chicken Tikka Marsala but I try to avoid oil and cream when I can. So this is my version of a low-fat Chicken Tikka Masala. I hope you like it!


Sunflower oil
4 tablespoons Tikka Masala Curry Paste
2 Peppers (a mix of colours is nice)
1 Onion (optional)
4 Chicken breasts or thighs chopped into chunks
1 large tin of Chopped tomatoes (400gms)
100 ml of hot chicken stock
4 tablespoon Tomato Puree
2 tablespoon Mango Chutney
3 tablespoons of Natural Yogurt

Some chopped coriander for serving


Chop the onion if using and pepper and fry in a little oil.
Add the curry paste to the pan and cook for a further couple of minutes. 
Add the chicken, tin of chopped tomatoes, hot chicken stock and tomato puree. 
Stir well.

Bring it up to a simmer.
Then add all the ingredients to the slow cooker pot.
Cook on medium for 5 hours.
Remove the lid and add the mango chutney and natural yoghurt.
Mix in the chopped coriander.
Serve with basmati rice, nan bread, poppadoms and chutney.

tasty and low in fat

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  1. Ooo I'll bookmark this s I'm starting to use our slow cooker more and more - just the fab smells of food cooking is worth using it alone! x

    1. I think meat especially comes out incredibly tender.

  2. I love curry, and this recipe sounds right up my street. It's another reason for me to actually get around to buying a slow cooker.

    1. They are very economically too. I was told years ago they use only as much energy as a lightbulb.

  3. Curry is always best slow cooked, allows the flavours to really migrate into the meat - yum. Popping over from Recipe of the week