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Hello Mellissa's readers - how are you today?!

Ah, I see that look on your face! You're thinking "Who is this? And what has she done with Mellissa?!" Well, I'm Louise, and I'm here to fill in while Mellissa takes a well deserved break. I promise to be nice ;)

Mellissa knows that I am just a little obsessed with beauty products so she kindly asked if I could share some Christmas gift inspiration for beauty lovers with you. And I said yes. I hope you don't mind? You don't? Then let's go ...

First up I've chosen the Festive Bath & Shower Collection from Aromatherapy Associates. I absolutely adore this brand because each little bottle smells absolutely divine and is designed to target specific things such as back pain, headaches, stress etc and I've always found that it does exactly that job. I picked this particular collection to show you today as it has 10 of their bath and shower oils in, including the new 'Inner Strength' one (which is just gorgeous) and, as you can see ... it's shaped like a Christmas tree. I couldn't resist. Each little bottle should last for one bath or shower but I find that you can usually get two out of them.- £35.00
In my 2 years as a Beauty Blogger, I've noticed that lots of ladies are partial to a little bit of O.P.I - and I'm no exception! My favourite collection of theirs at the moment has got to be the Mariah Carey Christmas Collections, with my favourite being this trio of Liquid Sand polishes. There are two pinky shades and a purple and they have a lovely, textured finish. They are truly gorgeous and I can't recommend them highly enough! £11.55

If there's one thing any beauty lover is happy to receive at Christmas time it has to be fragrance. The one I have a 'test' at every time I'm in a department store is Midnight Rain from La Prairie. Just look at the bottle ladies - isn't it beautiful? Imagine that sitting all beautifully on your dressing table! Stunning. Aside from its prettiness, it also smells delicious. Now, I'm useless at describing fragrances (true story) but it's definitely quite a woody scent to it. I can only describe is as being quite sexy. I feel that this could easily be the women's equivalent of the Lynx effect! You'll have to trust me on this one ladies. £76.00
Ok, I have a confession to make. I've gone on and on and on and on about wanting this mirror. My poor family have heard nothing but "I wish I could afford that mirror". So guess what? My lovely mum has bought it me for Christmas. Aww. The reason I've been after the Illuminated Make-up Mirror from No 7 is that it helps you see your skin in better light. I often find that I apply my makeup in the bathroom and it looks great, but when I look in a mirror somewhere else it doesn't look as good. I always hear such good things about make-up mirrors and this one is often found at better than half price which I think makes it the best value one on the market. £49.99
I have to admit, I love it when brands make little gift sets of their best selling products. And this year This Works have done just that! Eek. This little duo contains two of their products to promote a better night's sleep. Aptly called the Dream Team, this set contains a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which has a divine French Lavender scent and a Stress Less rollerball, which you pop onto your pulse points. I often use the full sized version of this and find that it helps me relax and just forget about the day I've had. It's wonderful. £10.00
Another fragrance gift? Oh yes! I treated myself to this little beauty last week and it's amazing! If you've ever smelt any of the Benefit fragrances before you'll know that they are just gorgeous, and this limited edition Crescent Row Gift Set includes 4 mini versions. Each set has a lovely dinky bottle and comes with a box - so if you have 4 friends to buy for you could actually split them up and give them individually. Again, I can't recommend these highly enough. They're all just delicious. £29.50
I'm pretty sure that the Curl Secret styler from Babyliss will be every beauty lover and fashionista's wish list this Christmas! This unique styling device actually draws your hair into a special chamber and when you release it you have the perfect curl. Amazing! This is definitely going on my Christmas list this year. £120
I remember posting about the Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay on my own blog a few weeks ago, and lots of my readers replied to say that this little beauty would be on their Christmas list this year. And I can totally see why. Although this is another neutral palette, it contains more pinky shades than the others. There seems to be a nice mix of shimmer, satin and matte shades within it and as a girl can never have too many neutral eyeshadows, I really think this is the perfect gift.
(Due for release sometime in December).
Beauty lovers are often candle fanatics, and I love this little Christmassy trio from Diptyque. It has 3 mini candles, each of which has a nice festive fragrance. They are designed to be used either all together or separately. Either way they will smell great! A smashing gift set for anyone who loves scented products. Can I have this one as well please?£60.00

And last but certainly not least we have the Ciate Tree Trinkets. I love this product because it contains 6 mini Ciate paint pots (nail polishes) inside baubles! How unique?! Just imagine these hanging on your Christmas tree! Each bauble also features the iconic Ciate Bow as a finishing touch. What an awesome gift £30.00

And there you have it - my gift inspiration for beauty lovers.
What do you guys think? Be sure to let Mellissa and I know by leaving a comment :)

Thanks for reading

Louise x

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  1. I am loving this post Louise. My favourite is the Naked 3 palette and I also have a soft spot for Benefit. I will be showing my husband for gift ideas.

    1. Haha - tell him Lou says he has to buy you at least 2 things from this list (but preferably 3)xx

  2. Replies
    1. The fragrance set I mentioned here is just gorgeous! So glad I picked it up on Thursday xx

  3. love everything on the list!!! feel quite tempted to treat myself now! these would be some great ideas for my sisters presents too as she loves all this kind of thing

    1. You should definitely treat yourself Anna - it's what the end of November/beginning of December is for ;) xx

  4. Aww no :( That sucks. Nathan's really strict at Christmas and tells me I don't need to spend much of his money haha xx

  5. Hey Louise! Great post! I would love to have many of those, but most of all Benefit's Crescent Row, I'm slightly obsessed with their stuff! x

    1. Thanks Erika :)

      I love Crescent Row. Will be reviewing it on Friday ;) xx