Pin For PoInts With Nectar and

I do lots of online shopping, having a business I find online food shopping very convenient too, and I frequently shop at Sainsbury's and use my Nectar card to get points. And you all know what points make don't you! - YES! You've guessed it PRIZES! in association with Nectar is running a competition in which you can win a number of Nectar points. They want you to create a board on Pinterest and pin at least 20 items for a chance to win. There is also a Blogger competition and this is my entry for this.

So this is my Nectar points board here, I called it My Million Nectar Points Splurge 

SO my board is based on a number of things

Firstly we are going on a lovely holiday somewhere hot later in the year and it would be fab to get some new clothes

Green check shirt from Next for husband
Adidas Trainers from Next for son
Pearlescent top and Skirt from Next for me
Joules Ditsey Floral shirt from Next for me

My son is sitting GCSES so a treat or two for him for working so hard

Retro Sweet box from Argos
PS Vita game from Argos for hubby and son
Kindle from Argos
Bike from Argos
Guitar from Argos

We are decorating our home so...

Floral bedding from Sainsburys
Branded bedding from Kylie from Next
Sewing machine from Sainsbury's
Sewing Machine case from Sainsbury's
Mirror from Sainsbury's 
Cute storage box from Sainsbury's
Vax hoover from Sainsbury's 
Microwave from Argos
New dishes from Sainsbury's

Little treats for me

Ipad mini from Sainsbury's
Cerise fleece for Zumba from Argos
Camera for me from Sainsbury's
Benefit Cosmetics concealer from Benefit

So good luck if you are entering, and I'm keeping my fingers well and truly crossed :)

I have entered PIN FOR POINTS from