30 Ways to Save £1 (or more)

www.moneysupermarket.com are asking Bloggers to write about thirty ways to save £1 or more for a competition they are running.

As a generally thrifty person, who loves holidays, in particular, I find saving money where I need to goes towards my passion for travel!

This is my list:-

1.  Do your food shopping online. I find this saves me money as I am not tempted by the bakery products like fresh bread and cake. It is also easier to take account of special offers and 2 for 1's which are all listed in one place. In this day of rising petrol prices, it could be cheaper paying for delivery than driving to your local supermarket too.

2. If you do you food shopping in the local supermarket, check out the bargain section for products that are reduced.

3. Teach yourself sewing and make your own clothes. Although you will have the initial outlay Sewing machines can be bought cheaply these days and before you know it you could be making your own curtains or cushions or clothes for the kids at a fraction of the price. Over time it can save you lots of money.

4.  Use comparison sites like www.moneysupermarket.com ;-) to get the best deals.

5.  Make sure you register for your favourite shop's newsletters. You may get discounts and offers not available to the general public. For example, recently a well know chain of stores was giving out a code for 30 % off all online orders.

6.  Use Freecycle. You can post wanted items, but it works best when you have items to advertise too. 

7. Bulk in bulk. Items such as washing powder are often cheaper in larger quantities and don't go off. 

8. Get a cup from your local coffee shop and refill it with coffee from your house. That walk to work in the morning will be cheaper without the expense.

9. If you are used to a branded food product, try the next one down from it. If you are used to Heinz then try Branston, or if you are used to Branston try a supermarket own brand. I have now persuaded my husband to eat Sainsbury's baked beans from Heinz.

10.  Have a good clear out once every few month, and use sites such as Ebay, Gumtree or local Facebook groups to sell the items you know longer need. Take advantage of free listing days on eBay  to save more. Use eBay auctions for a bargain too!

11. Use your local library rather than buying a book! You can often order titles and If you don't use it, they will disappear.

12.  Organise a clothes swapping party. This works especially well if you work with a number of people. Rather than buy - swap! Saving you loads.

13. If you have loose change in your purse, put it in a jar every few days. It will soon add up and you can use this towards a night out or special treat every few months.

14. Use a slow cooker, the type of long slow cooking means you can use cheaper cuts of meat for a tasty dish.

15. Use your local independent shops to nab a bargain! For example, if you are after a special gift, your local independent jeweller will be happy to negotiate a discount off a piece of jewellery when a chain store will be unlikely to.

16. Make one day a week vegetarian day in your household. Meat can be expensive and as well as saving pennies a meat free day will be good for your health.

17.  Check out your local colleges for cheap or even free haircuts, manicures and pedicures. Beauty students need people to practise on!

18. Make your lunch every day to take to work saving you money on shop bought food.

19. Want to have a dinner party on the cheap? Invite your friends around and ask one to bring the starters, another friend the accompaniments, another friend the desserts and another friend the wine while you cook the main course.

20. Really broke and can't afford a holiday at all? Take advantage of newspaper coupons for stays in holiday parks for as little as £5 per person. 

21. Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees

22. Check out charity shops. These are especially good for growing children for clothes and for toys that they get tired of quickly. I have found some bargains in my local shops including a maxi dress for £10 when I was going to buy one for £200!

23. If you buy in certain shops consider taking out their own loyalty cards. Ikea gives family card members free tea and coffee and discounts as well as getting points for spends, and Debenhams, Boots and Superdrug have special offers as well as points and many shops do.

24. Have you ever made your own bread, yoghurt, beer or wine? They are all fairly simple to make and will save you money as well as the satisfaction of making it yourself.

25. Use cashback sites such as Quidco to give you money back if you go via their site.

26. Use discount coupons! In America they think nothing of it, check out magazines and newspapers and supermarket own mags for discount vouchers. If you are feeling really tight go through the mags in the Dr's surgery lol. 

27. Money save old style by making your own lip salve, makeup remover, and shampoo. Check out the internet, the local library or eBay for information/books on the subject and save a fortune on shop bought products.

28. For short journeys walk. It will save petrol and money and get you fit.

29.  Consider house swapping sites to save money on a holiday.

30. If travelling to work consider advertising for car shares. This works particularly well if travelling to a local city every day and costs of petrol can be shared.

What ways do you like to save money?


  1. Some great tips there. I like to buy all my fresh fruit and veg from a local market, it's much cheaper than supermarkets.

    1. That is a great idea Karen and you are supporting local businesses too

  2. these are very useful ideas, am a great lover of supermarket coupons they have saved me pounds

  3. I love cashback sites. I can't believe how much money I have saved by using them.

  4. all good ideas i try to save money when i can you have given so great tips ty :)

  5. Great tips Mellissa :D x Thank you

  6. Informative money saving advice, thanks mel x

  7. great money saving ideas, I really must take heed, I try and save where i can,but....

  8. Jane Middleton22 May 2013 at 21:31

    That's a very exhaustive list, I do some of it myself but it has brought some new ideas to my attention, thanks.

  9. Wow what a fab list, some I do but many I had not even thought of before. I def think it will save me money. Thanks :-)

  10. Some great ideas here, need to read a list like this every now and then, just to make sure I remember to keep up the good money saving habits.

  11. fantastic post and some great ideas