Sonicare toothbrush review from Lloyds Pharmacy

You may have used Lloyds Pharmacy stores as they have over 1650 dotted around the UK but have you ever seen their website? 

Lloyds Pharmacy has a comprehensive website, built for all your healthcare needs and you can even order your prescription online. Their motto is ‘healthcare for life’ and that is illustrated in their website, where you can order everything from baby equipment and accessories to mobility aids, sports and fitness to diabetes ca

They have a range of medicines and treatments available including complementary medicines and a range of health and well-being section including pain management. They offer next day delivery too so it is worth checking out the site if you have any healthcare needs.

I was given a Sonicare toothbrush to try from Lloyds Pharmacy and enlisted the help of my son to try it out. 

The toothbrush was easy to use, with a built-in timer that help ensure you brush your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. If you have used Sonicare toothbrushes before you will know they have a slightly different sensation to a normal electric toothbrush, almost like a slight tickling as my son described it. So how did his teeth feel after using the toothbrush? Sparkling clean and smooth he said!  Apparently, it has an easy start and gently increases power over first 12 uses, to ease into the Sonicare experience. My son thinks it is a great toothbrush and was very pleased with it.

It's not all about buying products though as I enjoyed looking through their Health Focus section for information on common illness and conditions. So if you are looking for a great health care site you should check out Lloyds Pharmacy - I'm off to check out their weight management section, now let me get a coffee and doughnut while I browse.... But seriously the health focus section is very interesting if you need any advice.

*I was given a toothbrush to review but the words are entirely my own


  1. I would love to use an electric tooth brush; only ever used a normal brush. :) nice review x

    1. Thank you Lucy I already have one they are really effective, I think you would like using one!