Bionsen Review

Bionsen is a company that produces natural deodorants made with Japanese spa minerals. It allows your skin to breathe naturally and is great if you are worried about chemicals in your beauty products. The products are also paraben and aluminium free which is a great alternative for those worried about possible links with breast cancer. 

For centuries the Japanese have recognised the health-giving properties of these minerals and many still continue this tradition today using spa minerals to soothe and nourish.

Does it work you may ask? Well it uses natural minerals to neutralise the bacteria responsible for bad odours. I thought it was highly effective and I stayed fresh all day long. It is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant so it doesn't stop you sweating and they say it is effective for sensitive skin. It has a very light fragrance  which will not clash with your perfume and is hypoallergenic.

Bionsen products are not tested on animals too which is great.

There are a range of Bionsen products based on your preference including
Deodorant Spray 150ml
Pump Spray 100ml
Roll on 50ml
Deodorant Stick 40ml
Total body - an all over deodoriser 

You can buy Bionsen from Morrisons supermarkets and other high street stores. Morrisons will be selling the Bionsen Roll-on at a very reasonable £2.35 and the pump spray at £2.75 from February 2013. 

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