Slimming With Diet Chef

I was lucky enough to win a weeks worth of Food from Diet Chef, a few weeks ago, perfect timing to start my diet! I need to lose weight as my weight has been creeping up and I want to look good in a swimsuit on holiday in the summer next year.

Well today the food arrived, and it was very exciting. I picked a weeks worth of food on the 1500 calorie diet. 

Diet Chef brings you healthy, great tasting food that will make it as easy as possible for you to stick to your diet. The Diet Chef plan is clinically proven to improve likelihood of success and is easier to stick to compared to doing your own diet.

My one observation is that the breakfast portions seem small, but that may be because  I have been having portions three times the size! One of the things I need to get used to is portion control. 

The food is real food, breakfast is a choice of granola, muesli or cereal bar for example. Lunch includes tempting soups such as minestrone, chicken couscous salad, or tomato and pasta salad. Dinner includes such classics as Lasagne, Chicken Tikka Marsala and Italian Bolognese. The only thing you have to add is vegetables to the meals or a piece of fruit as a snack. 

You also get a tasty snack too each day. It comes with a guide and a great little magazine full of inspirational stories. 

Well my first day of trying the diet has gone well

The apple granola for breakfast was very tasty but small (40g portion) I ate it with a teaspoon and soya milk to make it go further. 
The chicken couscous was not to my taste but that is just me. It was however filling. The chocolate soft cookie was very nice indeed.

I snacked on chopped up carrots and drunk diet flavoured water and tea with soya milk and sweetener.

But I must admit my downfall was I went out for an Indian! Ok, Ok I know but I didn't have any wine and I had a dry dish without any of the fattening sauces.

I will continue on my Diet Chef food for the rest of the week and update you on my progress at the end of the week.


  1. Yummy! I want to try one of those! Did you say you had chocolate soft cookie? I should be on a diet as I love cookies! :) x

  2. How are getting on? Hope all is well and the food is nice?

    1. Hi Lucy I am doing well, losing weight ! Some of the food is lovely - the minced beef hotpot is really nice.

  3. Hi, I was thinking of something like this, Did you ever feel hungry and did you miss any meals like chinese take away or fish and chips?

    1. They do a nice sweet and sour chicken Jeremy. Some of the food was very tasty but some was not to my taste. I didn't miss fish and chips though. What I would suggest is do this plan for 5 day and have the weekend off.

  4. How much weight did you lose in the end? Do you still recommend Diet Chef?