Popchips Review -Think Popped Naturally Delicious

The kind people at Popchips sent me some Thai Sweet Chilli potato chips to try the other day. I'm always on the look out for tasty healthier snacks, especially since I started trying to cut back and lose some weight.

What I liked about these snacks is that they pack a mouthful of flavour into every chip. The chips (ok crisps to us British) are very light on the tongue and give a satisfying crunch. They have a mild chilli taste, and I swear I could almost taste a  hint of coconut. They describe them as "an exotic fusion of sweet and spicy".  I would serve these as an accompaniment to a nice Thai green curry and some sweet chilli dipping sauce.

They have been nominated for a number of awards and Shape Magazine have voted it their Best Snack. 

They say that they have found a way of 'popping' a chip that has all the flavour of conventional chips but less fat.  

When compared to regular crisps they have 50 % less fat per 23g serving and less calories too 95 Kcal per 23g ( a serving)  or 412 Kcal per 100g

Popchips are now in Waitrose and a number of other places, such as WHSmith and Harvey Nichols and I would definitely recommend them for a tasty snack that's light on the waistline.

* PR sample 


  1. You're making me feel hungry! The Popchips look tasty but your dinner looks better :P x

    1. Yep the popchips are delicious and I do love a Thai green curry

  2. Popchips are lovely! I bought some from our local Waitrose a month ago and really enjoyed them. For being low fat, they tasted really good!