Moving to Florida: 7 Reasons to Consider Making Davenport Your Permanent Home

There are many reasons why Florida tends to be the first destination mentioned when someone is looking for the perfect location. The sunshine state ticks all the boxes, with great weather, premium entertainment on your doorstep, and great housing options, to name a few obvious positive points.

If you search Davenport new homes, for instance, you will instantly see the attraction of moving to Florida, and focusing your search around Davenport could also be a smart move.

Here are some compelling reasons why Davenport would be a great place to call home.

An Affordable Lifestyle


One of the biggest reasons to choose Davenport would be that it offers a lower cost of living than the national average.

Real estate prices compare favourably too. That means you can buy a stunning home at a reasonable price, and enjoy living there with a competitive cost of living average.

So Many Leisure Opportunities

Achieving a good work-life balance should always be a top priority. You can achieve that aim in Davenport. It has lots of recreational facilities like parks and sports centres to enjoy.

As you might expect when Florida is widely viewed as the top state for golfing opportunities, Davenport has a wealth of top-rated courses to enjoy. You won’t be short of golfing adventures in this area.

Commutable Distance To Orlando

Orlando is a major work hub and Davenport is only about 15 miles from the city limits. That means you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a home in a beautiful spot like Davenport combined with easy commuting to work.

All The Big Attractions On Your Doorstep

The major theme parks are a magnetic attraction for visitors to Florida each year. The good news is that all of this family fun and excitement is right on your doorstep if you are living in Davenport.

Walt Disney World Resort is less than 15 miles away and Universal Orlando Resort is only slightly over 20 miles from Davenport.

Good Access To Beaches


Everyone likes to get away to enjoy some sun and sand combined with gorgeous coastlines. Davenport offers reachable access to both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

This means you can take a family trip for the day and head to the beach when you live in Davenport.

Lots Of Enviable Retail Opportunities To Explore

Some of the best shopping experiences in Orlando are really close to Davenport. Destinations such as Posner Park and the Florida Mall are just two of the many excellent shopping destinations within easy reach of Davenport.

Enjoy A Great Neighbourhood Experience

As well as enjoying living in a beautiful home, Davenport also enjoys some lovely neighbourhood vibes.

You are bound to find a location where you can get the home you want for you and your family’s needs, plus a safe and inviting neighbourhood experience at the same time.

If Florida is on your radar as the destination for your next home, you really need to check out what Davenport has to offer. It is a location that ticks so many boxes, it’s hard to ignore the allure of this amazing part of Florida.
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