Why You Should Definitely Rent A TV This Christmas!

Festive specials, blockbuster movies, and animated classics galore - love it or loathe it, Christmas is undeniably the season of great TV.

Whether it’s vegging out post-dinner, a duvet day recovering from the office Christmas party, or simply a way to zone out from the influx of relatives - the TV is in high demand during December.

Which is why, if you only treat yourself to one gift this Christmas - we’d make it a new TV.

Worried about overspending? Don’t want to blow the gifting budget? Then how about renting rather than buying a new TV?


Read on to discover how TV rental could be your festive saviour...

Avoid Family Arguments

couple watching TV

Squabble over who clears the table, not who takes control of the remote!

With most TV rentals you can choose from a variety of contract lengths, so why not invest in an extra screen to see you over the Christmas period?

With an additional TV, you can divide and conquer, making sure everyone gets to watch their festive faves.

Even better, if Santa was good enough to leave a new Xbox or the latest FIFA game in your stocking, you can dedicate a screen to gaming without sparking a family fallout about monopolising the TV.

View Christmas Specials In Their Full Glory


Is your current TV older than some of those dusty decorations you drag out every year?

With TV rentals, you can benefit from all the latest technology with crystal clear images and pitch-perfect audio - so you can enjoy all the twinkly sights and sounds of Christmas to the full.

And it’s not just great visuals and sound - with a smart TV you can also stream a huge array of on-demand content. Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, All 4, the list goes on, so if you’ve spent all year promising yourself you’ll sit down and catch up on the shows everyone else seems to be talking about, then Christmas is the perfect time to indulge. Rent an extra TV, pop it in the sanctuary of your bedroom, and get set to binge-watch.

Enjoy A Home Cinema Experience

With lots of rental deals available for home cinema and audio equipment, you can create a full cinema experience without even needing to change out of your PJs! Perfect for a festive movie marathon.

Just grab the remote (and the Quality Street) and you’re good to go.

Always Have Room At The Inn

family Christmas tree

Prevent arguments over the best seat in the house - rent a bigger TV screen and there’ll be plenty of room for everyone to see! You could even go one better and opt for an extra screen so there’s more room to spread out.

If there are members of the family who can’t make it this Christmas, why not rent a TV with a built-in camera? You can use video calling apps - such as Zoom or Skype - to enjoy a family catchup. Having their cheery faces on a big screen will be the next best thing to having them with you in person.

Maximise Christmas Fun

Bored of charades? Why not turn your TV into a game show host? Or access games and a whole new world of interactive fun with a smart TV.

Get Set For Christmas

Whether it’s enhanced viewing, additional screens, or just more fun you’re after this Christmas, TV rentals promise to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Affordable and flexible, with more manageable monthly or weekly payments you can ease the pressure over the expensive festive period whilst still benefiting from the latest technology…and avoiding family feuds.

i'm pretty sure the wise men would approve.

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