Vinyl Is The Home’s Kitchen Protector

The kitchen works overtime in keeping your home running. It is the room filled with cooking, dining and the daily family huddle.

Whether your home utilises it for family gatherings over breakfast and dinner or the place where the household washing goes dirty and comes out clean. It’s a whirlwind of activity that makes a mess, and its floor sees more than any other room.

Finding the best flooring becomes the biggest challenge to maintaining the appearance and staying vibrant and clean - meaning you need to explore an option that is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and easy to maintain - such as luxury vinyl flooring.

Budget Conscious

Money is at the forefront of all your decisions on the home. How much do you want to pay for your flooring? Is it down to wanting authenticity?

Hardwood is a very expensive option, as are stone and ceramic. There is nothing wrong with wanting the same design at a fraction of the price, and vinyl allows for perfect replication where no one knows none the wiser. In short, luxury vinyl tiles save you a lot of money and do not substitute for style.

Luvanto flooring in planks or tiles is a cost-effective alternative that is a relatively simple job to self-install, so you could save a little money on hiring a professional to fit it. That gives you some extra finances to enjoy with the family for the price of dedicating a little DIY time.

Master At Combat

From dropped food, spilt drinks, muddy footprints and water leaking from the sink, your floor sees more stains and spills in one day than any other room sees over a year. Luxury vinyl flooring provides top-line protective properties such as anti-scratch, stain resistance, protection against rising temperatures and waterproof safeguarding to ensure every possible circumstance won't affect your floor.

No damage to the subfloor, no discolouration, and it's even anti-slip - no accidents spoil the day.

How to Keep Clean

Due to the many properties safeguarding your floor from Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, the floor looks after itself mostly.

With simple sweeps, a quick vacuum and an occasional mop, your floor continues to provide maximum durability and cleanliness. This reduces any requirement for specialist cleaning chemicals and products and frees up much more time for yourself.

Having a great look, comfort and style in the home is the atmosphere for relaxation, and luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak herringbone flooring, provides a soothing home to fall in love with.

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