Nixplay Seed Digital Photoframe Review

Photography has come a long way in 10 years.  As well as the ability to take a photo on your smartphone, and the advent of mirrorless cameras, how you can display photos has changed too. Enter the digital photo frame. 

A digital photo frame is a modern way of displaying your photos, without the need for a computer or printer. Now as a blogger and one that covers a vast amount of travel on both my blogs, I have a huge number of photos, so I was interested in finding a way to display them without printing them out, thus saving paper and the environment and not having to store endless amounts of photo albums too. This is where Nixplay's offer of a photo frame to review came in handy.

Nixplay are a technology company that sell a range of digital photo frames. Created by family man CEO Mark Palfreeman, Nixplay was created to ensure families stay connected wherever they may be. 

The digital photo frame I was sent to review was the Nixplay Seed 10 inch widescreen photo frame, retailing at £149.99. Using Wi-Fi connectivity this digital photo frames main feature is the ability to display photos sent from anywhere in the world. Now that's cool!

Set up, should have been relatively easy, somehow I managed to mess it up, and had to ask my son to help, but if you have a basic grasp of technology it's not hard to do. Before you set everything up, I recommend installing the Nixplay app first for your mobile phone, which is free from the App store, for Android and IOS.  Then you connect all the equipment, set up the Wi-Fi connectivity and pair the digital photo frame to your phone. To adjust the photo frame the power cord acts as a stand

You need to register for an account before you can do anything. Then you are ready to organise the photos you want to display by creating an album on the app or online on their website. You can even add short video clips. The photos then are sent wirelessly to your photo frame.  How clever is that? 

You can sort the album alphabetically or by date order, and you can also download the album too. Once you create your album you add selected items to your playlist. I found it easy to just drag and drop a whole album.

A great feature is the ability to send photos to your Nixplay email address if you or your family doesn't have a mobile phone, these will then display on your photo frame. 

You can set the frames settings to play the last 100 photos, up in increments to the last 1000 photos. To save energy there is a motion sensor that triggers the frame to go to sleep after a set period. To display the photos you have the option to shuffle the playlist, display caption and more.

Overall I was impressed with the Nixplay Seed digital photo frame, the frame is robust, the colours are good, the clarity of the photos excellent and with a little technical know-how, it wasn't too difficult to set up. You need any memory cards due to wireless technology. 

At the moment they have some great promotions on the Nixplay site, you can get a discount of up to 25%. A digital photo frame like this would make a wonderful Father's Day gift that's for sure. 

If you would like to win a Nixplay Seed digital photo frame retailing at £149.99 then head over to my Instagram and follow me and Nixplay, tag a friend and tell me why you want to win!

Let me know what you think of the Nixplay Seed digital photo frame? 


  1. We used to have a digital photo frame and it was lovely to display some of our favourite photos. I'm not sure why we stopped using it, they are such a great idea.

  2. Sadly, gone are the days when we used to look at our photo albums. This is such a wonderful way to display our photos.

  3. I love the idea of getting one of these for my dad. He's always complaining about running out of space for photos on his shelves so this would solve that!

  4. I used to have a digital frame, but that was years back when they first came our. They are so much better now they can play without having to upload the photos to a memory card. Mich x

  5. We love our Nixplay, it is such a fantastic device!

  6. They are amazing frames aren't they? I love that they are so simple to set up and share, so you can relive those special moments.

  7. This sounds like a fantastic frame! I am so guilty of having 1000s of photos that I take with all intentions to display but never get around to printing them out to display. This sounds like a great solution and so much quicker and easier to do too!

  8. I love taking photos but find that I don't have the time to get it printed and this fantastic digital photo frame from Nixplay would be great as I can upload the photos immediately.

  9. Technology indeed have come a long way. I love the digital photo frame idea. They are so much better now than when they first came out.

  10. it's very cool frames, i love this and Thanks for the great review of the NixPlay Seed.