Top Tips On Looking After Your Skin

It's important to look after your skin at any age. Here are some simple tips to make your skin the best it can be.


Nothing ages like the sun, so it is important to protect your skin from sun damage with some simple steps. 

Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun, appropriate to the weather conditions. Apply generously, and apply more than your think, as people often do not apply enough. 

Cover up between the hours of 12 and 2 when the sun is generally the hottest, and don't forget sunglasses and a hat too.


Use a simple gentle skincare regime suitable for your skin type. There are many facial care products out there. Charlottes Web CBD is a company that has hemp-based products for example that moisturise. 

If you wear makeup every day, always remove your makeup thoroughly by cleansing then toning to remove any residue. Don't forget a moisturiser with an SPF to protect your skin, such as a manuka honey moisturiser. Even if it is overcast your skin can be suspectable to damage from UVA and UVB rays. 


Smoking narrows the blood vessels and reduces elasticity as well as contributing to wrinkles. Giving up is the best thing you can do, and there are many things that can help you do this including nicotine patches, vaping and stop smoking groups. 

Your GP may be able to prescribe suitable products so make an appointment now.


Alcohol dehydrates you making the skin look tired, so be sure to drink plenty of water or soft drinks between the glass of wine you have.

Try to stick to recommended limits to prevent it from  damaging your health, have at least two days alcohol-free a week and do not binge drink, instead, spread your drinking throughout the week.


The link between diet and skin isn't fully understood but a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, low in unhealthy fats and processed food is thought to promote younger-looking skin.

If you have mild acne, there are products you can buy in your local chemist that can help, however, if you have severe acne I recommend seeing your GP as this is likely to be due to a hormone imbalance.


It is thought that stress can affect your skin and make you have breakouts. Take steps to manage your stress in a healthy way, this does not mean eating a cream cake or drinking a bottle of wine! Exercise can help manage stress as well as meditation. CBD products are thought to help your stress levels so why not check them out. 

In conclusion, protect your skin from the sun, don't smoke, eat a balanced diet, cut down on drinking alcohol and make time to relax and look after yourself and it will benefit your skin. 

Tell me what are your skincare tips?

*collaborative post


  1. I'm actually really bad with skincare, fortunately I don't smoke and don't drink very much which helps. I find routine is good though, getting into a good routine every evening and morning does help my skin (when I remember) x

    1. Not smoking and not drinking does help a lot so well done for that Rhian. I find it can be easy to leave my makeup on at night which isn't good for my skin, so getting into a routine really does help to remind you to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

  2. If stress causes break outs than that completely explains why I've had my first break out in ages! Some great tips here!

  3. I definitely need to change up my diet because I am not eating a good diet. Do you know any good veggie bloggers?

  4. I really need to look after my skin more as I get older. Some great tips here. Kaz x

  5. This is a great post! I do have a good skincare routine, and drink plenty of water, but unfortunately my diet is not that great and my skin knows it :(

  6. Some great tips here. I always take good care of my skin and find good products for it x

  7. I wear SPF every single day and always around 30 as well x

  8. I've really upped my winter skin care over the past couple of years and its almost without realising it. I'm using a lot more masks and better all round products. Its really made a difference x

  9. Toner is so important, I was told you should use it every time you use water on your face.

    1. I cleanse tone and moisturise every day and have done since I was a teenager. Cleansing doesn't always remove makeup and daily grime so a gentle toner can really help remove the last traces.