Wilfred's Pies - Lovely Welsh Bakes

A local Welsh bakery, has launched a new range of premium pies aimed at upmarket consumers. The Lewis Pies and Pasty Company has named this quality brand Wilfred's with the tagline 'Lovely Welsh Bakes'.

As you can see the pies look authentic and homemade with a lovely crust and brown pastry. I like the fact that they don't look regular in design and that each once is
 individual- with different crimping on the pastry. I really feel that you can tell that they have been made with love, like you would make them yourself in your own kitchen. In fact you could probably pass them off at a dinner party as made by you!

All the beef and steak in sourced from Wales and the chicken is from 'Red Tractor' assured farms.

With six pies altogether in the range you can choose from the following delectable pies:-

The Steak and Tatws with Welsh beef steak and potatoes

The Fiery Chick, in a cajun spicy sauce with Collier’s Welsh cheddar
Lamb of My Fathers, with Welsh lamb, mint, faggots and laverbread
The Clucking Valleys, with British chicken and vegetables
The Gower Cwtch, with Welsh beef steak. leeks and a hint of horseradish

The Saucy Cow, with Welsh beef steak in a rich Gower Power Ale gravy

The Steak And Tatws

The 'Steak and Tatws' (potato) pie was my favourite. The rich tasty gravy had decent chunks of steak and potato. The pastry on the pie was not too thick or too thin, like Goldilocks would have said, it was 'just right'. The pastry was soft at the bottom and filled well with a crispy lid. Would I go too far in saying I think this pie is a modern classic? Yes, I would!

The Fiery Chick

My husband enjoyed the 'Fiery Chick'. For those of you that like a little adventure this pie is full to the brim with British chicken in a Cajun spicy kicking sauce. The Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar in the pie holds it's own against the strong flavours of the spice. The heat is at an appropriate level, with a medium spice.

Lamb Of My Fathers

The next pie we tried was the 'Lamb Of My Fathers'. This pie is a real Welsh delight. Juicy Welsh lamb, with pieces of faggot, carrots and laverbread ( seaweed) in a well seasoned gravy. This pie is as Welsh as Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey or Rob Brydon. In fact you could almost be forgiven for thinking it will be singing 'Land Of My Fathers' at a Welsh international rugby match next!

The Clucking Valleys

The Clucking Valleys pie, full of British chicken and tender vegetables was well seasoned and really tasty.  An excellently crafted chicken pie full of flavour.

I'm still waiting to try the Saucy Cow pie, and the Gower Cwtch and my mouth is watering at the thought. 

The Lewis Pies and Pasty company has been established since 1936 and these new Wilfred's Pies are tasty pies, full of quality ingredients, in a home made style. What makes the pies extra special is the hot water crust pastry, similar in style to a pork pie but different. No puff or shortcrust pastry here, only the best will do.

What do you think of these pies? Which ones would you like to try? Let me know!

* I was sent a selection of pies for an honest review


  1. These look lush- Lamb of my fathers sounds like the one I would go for first

  2. Looks lovely, has made me really hungry!

  3. Hi there, I'm hungry now! I want pie!! That lamb of my fathers pie look amazing!! xx


  4. Oh wow Mel, I don't even know which pie I like the sound of the most x

  5. They look delicious - perfect for a dreary day like today

  6. ooh they look delicious - i love a good pie and gravy, real comfort food!

  7. I am not a huge Pie eater but my other half would absolutely love these!!! They would be his perfect Sunday meal and they look really good

    Laura x

    1. I do love a good pie for Sunday dinner myself.

  8. I do love a good pie. The fiery chick sounds delicious.

  9. I adore pies and these look so well made, I love the sound of the lamb pie, I've wanted to try laverbread for ages now and think this would be the perfect way to try it.

    1. They are very well made and tasty too. As I said you could pass them off as homemade ;)

  10. Yummy. I love pies and these look delicious. I bet they were.

  11. Mm I haven't had a good hearty British meal like this in ages! I'm currently abroad and I miss gravy!