Natural Face Masks

Recently I was sent a number of natural skin care products to review from VitaBella and Beauty Naturals. You can read about my review of natural anti-ageing skin creams here.

I was also sent some treatment masks all made of natural products. Today I am reviewing the two I was sent. 

Vita Bella Spa treatment In A Box

The VitaBella Face mask is a little bit different to most masks. You add the liquid complex to the mask which is in the form of a tablet. The tablet then expands as the liquid is absorbed. This turns into a face mask. You then unfold the mask gently and apply to your face. It is recommended to leave it on for ten minutes for the best effect. You then peel it off and apply the moisturiser supplied.

Add the liquid to the tablet and it turns into a face mask

What I liked about this mask is that it relatively mess free and simple to apply. After you add the liquid to the tablet, it is amazing how the tablet expands. It can be a little tricky to keep the mask on, you really need to relax and put your feet up when you do this.

Top tip, don't answer the door to the postman with it on!

When I removed the mask, I then added the moisturiser that came with the treatment. My skin definitely felt soft after treatment and felt hydrated. I feel this mask is a great treat for those that have dry skin in particular and need that little boost. 

As this product is full of lovely natural ingredients, this is an added bonus.

Skin Revivals Natural Enzyme Mask

The Skin Revivals Natural Enzyme Mask comes in a white bottleThis creamy gel is made to effectively exfoliate the skin, decongest the pores and smooths fine lines. Also enriched with avocado oil for added moisturising I was looking forward to trying it.

To apply I smoothed the gel onto the skin in circular movements. As it dried it felt slightly tacky on the skin and my skin felt tight as if it was working. After ten to fifteen minutes I washed it off. My skin felt soft and looked radiant. I did feel it needed some more moisturiser on top so I applied my usual moisturiser before I applied my makeup.

As the product is all natural and made with anise and pumpkin extract I was impressed. I feel this is a good treatment for those with oily or combination skin.

It also has no artificial colour or fragrance, no parabens and is not tested on animals.

I have to admit, after using both face masks in a week, I did have one or two spots on my face. Whether it was due to my skin being sensitive or it was the impurities coming out of my skin, I am not sure. I would therefore not advise using a face mask within a few days of a big social event.

Do you use a face mask as part of your beauty routine? What do you think of the two products above?


  1. These sound lovely, I do use a mud mask monthly, it makes my skin feel wonderful x

    1. I haven't used a mud face mask for years. Must try one now.

  2. Oh my gosh the mask is like those expanding flannels! This would make such a lovely gift, shame about the spots though! I avoid face masks to close to an event in case they do draw stuff out :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Yes it would a lovely gift, perhaps in a stocking for Christmas?

  3. Ohh that mask is very different, I've never heard of anything like that before but I also get spotty whnever I use a mask too! Mich x

    1. At least these masks draw out the impurities, just don't use them too close to an event.

  4. Ooh the face mask looks interesting and very different

  5. These sound lovely! I like the idea of creating one from a tablet! Sounds like fun ;)