Quick Banana Trifle From Soreen

Soreen the makers of the original malt loaf have sent me some of this lovely malty loaf to review. Did you know Soreen make other flavour loafs too? The thought of the flavours such as the Chocolate Mega Loaf, Apple and Sultana Loaf and Banana Fruit loaf actually make my mouth water. 

If you check out their website they also have lots of ideas of recipes to make with Soreen, which got me thinking, what could I make to show off the versatility of the banana fruit loaf?

So here is my recipe for banana fruity trifle. I hope you like it!

Soreen Quick Banana Trifle - serves 1

a slice of Soreen banana fruit loaf
1 banana
1 can ready made caramel
a small pot of Elmlea or double cream
a handful of blueberries

Cut up the Soreen into small pieces.
Put the Soreen in the bottom of an individual serving dish.
Add a few blueberries. 
Pour cream over just to cover. 
Place a couple of dessert spoons of caramel in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 20 seconds until it is softened. 
Add sliced bananas.
Spoon caramel over the mixture.
Add some more blueberries.
If you wish top with cream (optional)

Soreen have also created a video to show how you can make a chocolate Soreen flapjack recipe, why don't you have a look below. 

You can contact Soreen on Facebook and Twitter for competitions, ideas and advice.  What do you think of my banana fruity trifle? Did you realise Soreen comes in different flavours?


  1. I'm not a fan of malt loaf, but N loves soreen. He has the small lunchbox loaves for snacks and nursery. Like the idea of the flapjack though

  2. Ohh that chcoloate soreen flapjack looks good, I would never have guessed you could use malt loaf for so many things! Mich x

  3. Yum I love soreen :) will check this out and make the flapjack too. Delicious!

    1. I always feel that I am getting lots of goodness with Soreen, it doesn't feel as bad as a cake - I should look at the nutritional value really.

  4. Oooh I love Soreen and the kids adore it but I've never though to use it in recipes before. I will have to go and check out their website for some ideas!

  5. I love malt loaf - not sure I could bear to put it in recipes though!!