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Patchwork Pate And Other Yummy Stuff

Patchwork Pate started their business in the early 80's in Llangollen. With only a few pounds in her purse, mum Margaret set up her business after her divorce, making homemade pate and selling it to local pubs as a way to provide for her family.

As their reputation for delicious pate traditionally made grew, the company has grown too. Even today everything is still hand-made in small batches, without artificial colouring, additives or preservatives, to Margaret’s original recipes. The traditional taste is still important to the company 30 years on even though they now have over 30 staff working for them.

I love to support British businesses so I was delighted when I had the chance to review one of their hampers. 

The Quiet Night In Hamper

When the hamper arrived I loved the presentation in a wooden crate, and a gold bow, it added a nice touch. The Quiet Night In hamper is priced around £16. You can actually choose what flavour pate, crackers and cider or beer you have in the hamper. I think this is a fabulous idea as you can adapt the hamper for each individual person, and it makes a great hamper at a very reasonable price.

The hamper consisted of
Mediterranen chicken liver pate with sundried tomato and onion
Apricot and orange chutney with Wychcraft Ale
Spelt Oat fingers with ginger
Rosie's medium cider

The Mediterranean pate had a lovely richness and depth of flavour with an authentic Mediterranean taste. This soft spreading pate would be perfect on crackers with a few grapes on the side to cut through the richness. The ginger spelt oat crackers has a crumbliness and sweetness with a hint of ginger that was not overpowering. A little sweet with pate, I think these crackers could be dunked like a biscuit and would be great with a cup of tea. The apricot and orange chutney was fresh tasting and tangy with a tiny bit of heat from the black pepper. A beautiful tasting fruity chutney, the sweetness would go well with many pates. The cider was sweet but still packed a punch, refreshing and nice to have in an ice cold glass on a hot day.

I personally feel that with this hamper, the flavours and quality of the products really shone through. I think a hamper like this would be a perfect treat for your dad on Father's Day, and the price won't break the bank too.

Patchwork Pate do a range of food from pates to hummus, chocolate to chutney. If you want to find out more you can follow the company on Twitter and Facebook too.

What do you think of this hamper, in particularly the quality and the price? Would you buy something like this for a loved one?

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  1. That sounds so fabulous! Everytime I'm due pressies, I always hope someone will think of a hamper :) Hasn't happened in a long time so I might just leave the laptop open in the lounge!! Spelt and oat crackers...sounds wonderfully healthy too. Enjoyed your post, Melissa! xx

  2. I love success stories like this. Really inspirational. That hamper looks great and I think it is good value at that price compared to other hampers. x

    1. Yes it's a great story, I love buying British.

  3. Ooh, I love the sound of this! French Hubs is a massive paté fan, and we love supporting small, local companies, so this sounds great for us, I will go and have a look at them now. I think this sounds like a great present, for a great price too.

    1. The pate was very tasty Sophie. I agree great present and great price.

  4. When you wrote that the business started in the 1980s, I thought 'oh, that wasn't too long ago' and then you pointed out that it's 30 years ago! The hamper looks really nice though and is a nice twist on the more 'traditional' ones you can buy full of preserves or cheese and biscuits.

  5. This looks fab! My husband loves pate, I can't eat some of it, but it would always go down well with him!

  6. I'm not a pate fan, but I do love hampers. I think they make great presents for people who're a bit foody, or even those who wouldn't normally buy the products but would like to try them

  7. I love pate. I never buy it throughout the year I always have it as a Christmas treat. Not sure why just the way I've always done it

    1. Yes I know what you mean Michelle. It's a nice treat all year around though.

  8. Can you ever beat a nice hamper <3 I have to admit I'm picky with pate but would love to give it a try :) #pastandpresent #thankyouforlinkingup


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