Slumberdown Quilted Mattress Protector Review

I am a Slumberdown blogger and recently I was sent a Slumberdown mattress protector to review. Manufacturing high-quality pillows, duvets and mattress protectors since 1970, Slumberdown has been part of the British bedding industry for over 40 years so they are a name you can trust.

Mattress protectors are a great idea, as well as protecting the mattress from accidents that naturally happen with little kids, it can help keep the mattress new looking and spills from drinks and stains from food if you have a child that likes to eat in bed! 

If you are caring for elderly infirm relatives it can also give that added reassurance and protection.

What I liked about this mattress protector is that it is very quilted for added comfort. It is of obvious quality and I can imagine it would last until your children are older and out of that 'accident' stage. They say mattress protectors prolong the life of the mattress too so this is a bonus, keeping the mattress clean and aired. 

My son is now a teenager and he doesn't really need a mattress protector on his bed but we tried it out. He said the mattress felt more quilted and comfy than before. It does make a slight rustle sound with the protective backing but nothing that you would notice unless you were looking out for it.

The kid's waterproof mattress protector is available from good stockists including Tesco, and is very reasonably priced at a little over £10. Of course, it is easily washable too at 40 degrees and with it's polycotton cover any wetness stays away from the skin.

You can follow Slumberdown on Twitter and Facebook too, if you need to ask them any questions, they have a great customer service team.

What do you think of the mattress protector? Would you have use for one?

*I was sent this item for an honest review.


  1. i always use a protector on my bed makes such a difference if you have any spillages or stains

  2. I have a mattress protector and have had since I got diagnosed with Asthma. It really is great for helping reduce any irritants that can be triggered in bed!

    1. I never thought of that! Thanks Erika for commenting- that is a good point.

  3. I also reviewed one of these. They are great aren't they? They really make the bed more quilted :)

    Sarah x

  4. I think they are a great idea,my son has one on he's bed just incase.


  5. fantastic you can never go wrong with a good mattress proctor .x

  6. This sounds great. We need a new mattress protector as ours is so old! Lol. The one on Stacey's bed is fine because it's fairly new, but all the others could do with one :D

    Louise x

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