Slumberdown Mem-Gel Pillow Review

I am lucky enough to be part of the Slumberdown panel of mums which means I get to try, review and blog about their fab products. It's always exciting to see what they are sending me next!

Slumberdown manufacture high-quality pillows, duvet and mattress protectors since 1970 being part of the British bedding industry for over 40 years. A well established British company with modern thinking their latest innovations have increased quality and brought new ideas to life. With over 1 million pounds every year invested back into its British factory, it feels great to support them. 

Recently I was sent a Mem-Gel pillow. The technology is intriguing in this pillow. Firstly it is made from memory foam, so it moulds comfortably to your shape and secondly it features a cooling layer which is perfect for those balmy nights like we have had recently, or for when you want to feel a nice cool pillow next to your skin. The cooling layer is made with a gel pad.

Now the science bit - memory foam is amazing, if you have ever woken up with a stiff neck, memory foam can help eradicate this as it provides you were perfect support.

The cooling layer in the pillow isn't uncomfortably cold just pleasant cooling, as a lady I know that certain times of the month I can feel hotter than others, this would help keep me cool. I would also think it would be pleasantly cool if you get the hot flushes that menopause could bring.

Top - cooling pad in pillow, Bottom inside cover showing cooling pad

The pillow provides firm support for head neck and spine and has a removable cover, The outer cover is also removable and can be sponge cleaned. The size is 40cm by 70cm so it also fits in a standard pillowcase. I guess if you wanted to, you could use the outer cooling pad on any pillow.

For further information on Slumberdown check out for a wide range of pillows and duvets for the best nights sleep ever.

You can buy Slumberdown products in Asda, Sainsbury's, Argos and many other stores. Argos has 25% off a range of Slumberdown products at present.

To follow Slumberdown and keep up to date with their special offers and new products check out their Facebook or Twitter page.

If you have tried Slumberdown products let me know how you have got on!

* I was given this product to review but the opinions are entirely my own.


  1. interesting! will deffo look into these

  2. Annie Costa @LaaMoii31 August 2013 at 22:21

    One of my friends had a similar pillow with a cooling layer..she absolutely loved it!

  3. I am thinking of buying this pillow so I was pleased to see you have a review on it. Going through the menopause at an early age is a nightmare at night for me as I get really hot & sweaty but as I suffer neck problems I have to use a memory foam pillow to support myself so this just makes sense for me to use. Thanks for telling me about the 25% off at Argos :)

  4. I would so love one of these. I hate when my pillow gets warm lol

  5. Great review thanks! I must admit there are certain items I am prepared to pay more for - and bedding items are on that list! I love my bed and I firmly believe that you sleep better when you are comfortable and snuggled up in fine bedding! I need a couple of new pillows so will defo consider these!

  6. it is a great pillow thank you for your comments everyone

  7. This sounds brilliant, I love memory foam and the gel pad sounds like a great idea.

  8. That looks great!! Might think of buying one actually!!

    New follower -

  9. I really could do with one of these pillows to ease my aching joints.