Website review

I'm a bit of a shopping demon for those who don't know me. I try and support local businesses where I can but also love shopping online. So I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review This website supports local businesses by allowing you to track down that must have item on your doorstep. It allows you to shop by postcode and distance, perfect when you need that gift or going out top for tonight!

This shopping website can be accessed online or via their shopping app from the Apple website. To use the site you need to create a free account with Udozi either online or through their app. You are then ready to shop!

They say "Udozi helps you search specific items across your local high street shops quickly and easily" . I can verify that! It's easy to check stores that are local to you that have the item in stock and available for you to purchase, and collect. You can also reserve the item at no cost to you.

At present Udozi is not nationwide but they are hoping to launch it across the UK soon. They currently have over 150 stores and 500,000 products available to search from toy stores to fashion retailers, electrical stores to jewellers. If you can think of a store that you would like added you ca recommend a store or if you are a retailer you can add your own store too.

So why don't you check it out now to be the first ahead of the crowd, and I will report back on my experiences using Udozi later in the year.


  1. This sounds fab and really useful! I hope Game will sign up as my son drives me mad with what they have in stock and the main website doesn't check each store. Great idea! Thanks Mel xx

    1. My son loves Game too! Yes i think its a great idea too

  2. What a brilliant idea! Love it! X

  3. Great idea - something innovative in a congested marketplace! Hope it comes to the rest of the UK soon...

  4. This is coooooolll xxx

  5. Ohhh loving this, thank you, you may have given me something else to spend loads of time on lol ;) x