How I’ve Changed Linky Challenge with Special K

I'm a child of the '80s, being born in the '70s, the '80s was 'my time.'
In the 80's I moved to a comprehensive school, my mum bought me a duffle coat to celebrate! It cost £20 which was a lot of money then. I grew up, and met my first boyfriend when I was 15, slimmed down, wore leg warmers and tried to hide the blue eyeliner when I wore it to school with the super short skirt!

Me and my lovely mum

In the 80's I started to get into music, I was a fan of Nik Kershaw and went to my first gig, the band King, who remembers them? I won it in one of the first competitions I entered!

Me in 1983 Pre perm!

In those days before I went to school, I used to have Kelloggs Cornflakes - they kept me going until lunch. The ice-cold milk, a sprinkling of sugar and the yummy crunchiness of Cornflakes helped me start the day in school.

Now I have Special K,  besides being a tasty breakfast it helps me manage my weight. When you first try Special K, there is no going back, the light crispiness, with a very slight nutty maltiness makes it so delicious to eat and only 173 calories a serving when served with semi-skimmed milk too! Did you know there is now a new Special K recipe, which contains three grains, rice, wheat and barley (previously it only contained two) and as well as being made with whole grains and packed full of vitamins and minerals, there is not a lot more you could wish for in a breakfast cereal.

I've even tried the Special K challenge, now who wouldn't want to look good in a red dress exactly like the model they use. If you want to check out what this is,  try the My Special K website.

I've written this little poem for my readers to show how I've changed in this time, I hope you like it...


Me in 1989 with perm growing out!

Once upon a time, I was young,
In the 80's I had so much fun.
Leg warmers and big hair were all the rage,

It was part of my coming of age.
My clothes were New Romantic togs,
With ruffled tops, stonewashed denim, deedle bops
I loved Adam Ant, Blue Peter and Grange Hill,
I'm a fan of Rob Lowe and Tucker Jenkins still!
Now today I'm more Buble than King,
And I may not be in the crowd that is 'in',
My hair is no longer bouffant and wild,
But deep down I'll always be an 80's child.
And I've grown and matured in my time,
Still, I like to keep an eye on my waistline.
So I have brekkie with tasty Special K.
It's now my only way to start every day.
And I may not be 13 anymore,
But I'm still a child of the '80s that I adore.

Me now with no perm!

This is my entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge” #SpecialK30

* I was given a box of Special K to review but as you can see I already had some in my cupboard!


  1. Aww weren't you gorgeous! Love your long hair! Good luck in the competition! :-)

  2. Loving the poetry! Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  3. I love all these blogs. I had a perm and the thing kinked my hair for life I'm sure :) (I also thought I was Sandy from Greece when I got my hair permed LOLOL)

    1. Oh Wow you reminded me of my Olivia Newton John story - I went to see Grease and the next day I thought I was here, curled my hair, wore a denim jacket and jeans - I was only 7 lol

  4. Well done, sounds like you have a plan.

  5. Love that perm, mine was really bad!

  6. I have never tries Special K but I am tempted now