Win a Bike with Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig are celebrating their new website and blog by running a fabulous competition. This competition is open to bloggers and this is what you have to do-

On your own blog describe a question you would like their weight management experts to answer.

Link the competition to their post
Tell them the URL of your blog in the comments on their page.

Well as I have booked a holiday I thought this was right up my street. With some weight to lose (yes I will have to get on the scales and find out really how much!) 

What I wish to know is do you have any ideas on how to kick start a diet?


  1. I feel the same way at the moment. I just cant get my head around healthy eating. When you find out let me know x

  2. Great question! It's finding the motivation that a lot of people struggle with! X

  3. I basically saw myself walking in town reflected in a window and though 'WHO the hell is that wobbling along' URGGHHH get somebody to randomly take unflattering pics too as that WORKS!!

  4. Lets hope they can help us with our questions