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4 Awesome Reasons For Promoting With Custom Travel Bags

Businesses need to continually promote their brands to win more customers and ensure that potential customers have their brands on top of their minds. When their brands are on top of customers' minds, they will be more likely to choose them when they need to buy a particular product.

One of the best promotional items that brands and companies can use for promoting themselves is custom travel bags. With people taking frequent trips for business and leisure, travel bags are a great commodity and come in handy for everyone who receives them as gifts from companies.

Here are some reasons you should consider using custom travel bags to promote your brand:

Custom travel bags are practical and memorable

travel bag

Although businesses often give their customers various gifts and promotional items, the reality is that only a few are actively used for a long time. Typically, most recipients use some of the promo items only on the day they receive them and then put them away and forget about them.

The good news is that with custom travel bags, the recipients never forget them because they are practical items that they will use frequently when they take trips and go about their daily lives. Thus, the bags keep promoting your brand and company and will do so for a long time, without you incurring any extra costs. The users also appreciate them and find them useful, and may even pass them on to their family members or friends. This way, custom travel bags have a high rate of return on investment.

They are easily customisable to your brand

Companies want to have unique promo items that they can have tailored to their business needs. Luckily, custom travel bags from RocketBags are easy to customise to match the business’ colours, budget and branding.

The bags also offer a large surface area to print promotional messages that can be designed to be stylish and appealing to people of different backgrounds. The recipients of the promo items appreciate travel bags that look fashionable and that have great design.

Travel Bags can be used to promote in different ways


When promoting brands, businesses may use different approaches. The good thing with using custom travel bags for promotion is that the companies can use them in a variety of ways such as the following:

· Gifting to new customers

· Appreciating loyal customers

· Awarding winners in competitions

· Gifting staff who meet targets

· Giving to visitors to the company stand in exhibitions and other events

All of these things allow the business to achieve its objectives of creating brand awareness, winning more customers, and promoting itself.

They help to conserve the environment

If your company advocates for environmental conservation, custom travel bags are great giveaways during promotional drives. They are reusable and help to reduce pollution from the use of non-reusable bags. The bags also serve many other purposes, for example, people may use them during shopping, picnics, trips and so on which avoids single-use plastic bags and the detriment that this causes to the planet. Your business can attract customers who are conscious of environmental concerns.


Custom travel bags are great promotional items because they are useful and memorable, easy to customise, can be used to promote in many ways and are environmentally friendly. You should consider them for your promotional campaigns, and you will realise higher rates of return on your investment.

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Outfit Ideas For A Garden Party

With the events of the last year in mind, it’s likely that a lot of us will be invited to more and more garden parties in the coming years. Whether it’s a laid-back barbecue or something more formal, it’s important to know how to dress for an outdoor event like a garden party. Today, we’re checking out ideas from the casual to the elaborate for all outdoor events you’re likely to face.

Prim and Proper

couple party

When you’re going to something formal, you want to look the part, even if it’s an outdoor event. You can go two directions here, either masculine or feminine. In either direction, you’ll find that tailored clothes with structured shapes will work best for you.

We’ll start with the feminine direction.

Here, you want the classics. You can go for a structured dress that fits close to your body, keeping it cool with darker colours and fine details like piping and a slimline belt around the waist. Equally, try something that’s both light and bright by pairing a fitted top with a colourful knee-length skirt. When you’re bringing out the bold patterns and bright colours, you can stray from the close-fitting tailoring and venture into more free-flowing fabrics. Silks blouses and maxi-length skirts are the way to stay formal whilst bringing an element of fun to your look.

These typically feminine looks are best suited to some traditional jewellery that emphasises the silhouette of the ensemble. Vintage jewellery is a good starting point, whether it’s inherited or bought because it brings a sense of story and life to your aesthetic. A pearl strand, for example, stays current (pearls are having a big revival) whilst harkening back to some Americana 1950s dream of a garden party.

Now for the more masculine side of female garden party attire.

Believe it or not, free-flowing fabric is also welcome in this category. Rather than a maxi skirt, palazzo trousers or culottes can bring some relaxed-fit energy to your otherwise formal style. If you’re less interested in that and want something more architectural and structured, a suit is a perfect solution. Women’s suits are easy to make as formal or casual as is required, simply through shoes and accessories. If you’re worried that a blazer and some formal trousers might be too ‘business’ for a party, pair it with some playful accessories and shoes that you wouldn’t wear to the office.

You can also make a suited look more party-ready through your choice of colour. On a sunny day, you can break out a white suit, or perhaps a powder blue or peachy pink number. Keep the colouring pale, on the pastel side of things, and you can ensure that you are a sight for sore eyes and not an eyesore.

But what about casual events?

Languid and Laid-back


If your garden party is more of a Hawaiian-shirt/barbecue/sunglasses event, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to break out the fascinator and silk gloves from the depths of your wardrobe. Instead, think about a comfortable style that will have you looking chic without looking like you stumbled into the wrong garden.

One easy way to combine glamour and comfort is through the miracle that is the bodysuit. It may require a little forethought when it comes to knowing when to go to the loo, but overall, the pros massively outweigh the cons with bodysuits and playsuits. Hot weather calls for a shorter playsuit-style one-piece. Go bright and bold with the colours and patterns, pair with some wedge shoes, sunglasses, and a cute summery hat and you’re in the money. Full-length bodysuits will see you through a cloudy-looking sky whilst still having a suitably summer-ready aesthetic. Bright colours and patterns remain the best option for something like this, keeping it playful and light-hearted.

Another option for the garden party without a dress code is a classic shorts and t-shirt combo. High-waisted denim shorts combined with a plain white tee could not be more casual and cool. Ray-Ban style sunglasses and a baseball cap or snapback raise the cool metre even higher, for an outfit that will tell everyone in the vicinity that you are the definition of ‘chill’. Try a t-shirt with slash designs – or simply cut into one you’re happy to ‘renovate’ – if you want to add more edge and be the alternative punk of your friend group.

We love seeing our friends, especially after a year of more isolated living, and a garden party is the best environment to show off some new pieces in your wardrobe while you catch up with those you love most. Enjoy partying!

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5 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Nursery

So your child is coming up to nursery age and you are considering whether or not you should send them to a nursery.  There are a number of reasons to use a nursery for your child and whether you need to take them due to work commitments or not there are a number of benefits of sending your child to a nursery. So whether you are looking for the best nursery in Nottingham or Newquay, let's have a look at what the benefits of sending your child to a nursery are. 

Learning through play

toddler playing
One of the main reasons to send your child to a nursery is the learning opportunities they have. In the nursery, children learn through play, they learn through singing songs, they learn through playing games and they learn through interacting with teachers and other children. A nursery may have facilities or equipment you do not have at home, such as play equipment, musical equipment, IT facilities, or a large outdoor play area, so this is a bonus if they do.

Encourage social skills

When a child goes to nursery, mixing with other adults and children their age helps to improve their social skills. Social skills for example, like learning to share, working with others, learning to take turns, listening to others, and generally improving their communication skills. Playing with other children helps them build empathy and understanding of others too and they will realise in their own way that each child is different.

Helps build routine and confidence

If your child is attending nursery it helps to build up a routine. Before you know it they will be at school and a placement at a nursery helps prepare your child for this.  Some of the routines will be similar and it can help the child adjust to school eventually. Learning to listen and understand instructions is an important part of this. Through routine, safety and security are built, the child knows what is expected of them, and rules are set. This all helps build confidence as well as taking part in activities and learning opportunities.

Building immunity

children playing water

Nurseries are said to be good at building immunity in a child as they come into contact with other children. Especially good are nurseries with outdoor play areas that are diverse. A study showed that greener play areas boosted children's immune systems. Exposure to common illnesses can help strengthen their immune system when young and this will help prevent them become ill as they grow.

Time to yourself

Taking your child to a nursery gives you time without childcare responsibilities. Whether that is for you to work, for you to catch up on household chores, or for you to have some breathing space. As parents, we are filled with guilt on a daily basis and may worry if we doing enough for our children, but we have to look after ourselves first. So make sure you don't give yourself a guilt trip and ensure you take that time and use it to the best of your ability, and yes that includes meeting up with friends and going to a spa! You are worth it.

So as you can see there are many benefits of sending your child to nursery. Have you seen your child benefit?

5 Tips & Tricks To Ace Interviews & Get Your Dream Job

Getting a dream job is something all of us aspire to. With the expansion of the career-centered realm, there has been a revolution in job opportunities in almost every business and industry-oriented work domain. While most of us want to get a desirable job in the workspace of our choice, cracking the nut in real-time is actually the challenge, considering the fact that you may have pre-assessment interview blues. Sorting them out, here are some quick tips and tricks to ace your dream job interview.

shaking hands

Cracking a Dream Job Interview: Tips and Tricks

Undertake A Comprehensive Company Research

This is the first thing you should cater to while preparing for a dream job interview. Navigate to the organization’s official website and make a detailed assessment of the work culture, professional interests, and the managerial hierarchy. You can also prepare for any upcoming job assessment tests so that you are ready for any challenge. The recruiters will regard your effort as impressive, which will definitely boost your chances of getting hired.

Looking on the other side, the HR team of your dream company works to see through your professional presence on social media and digital job platforms. Make sure that you have everything in place to create a positive impact.

Confidence Is The Best Outfit

As you complete the research step, there comes a certain level of confidence and positivity about the hands-on interview experience with the company. A natural nervousness, however, does occur, and that's no harm. You can hide that effectively with genuine and professional body language.

Complement your personality with a confident, welcoming smile and enter with a positive attitude. Be presentable and try not to worry, after all, they called you for an interview.

Stop Your Weaknesses From Showing Up

It is normal to not know everything about a field, and you may miss out on a few aspects. What is more important is that your weaknesses should not come to the notice of the interviewer. Just relax and focus on your strengths, like, using your interpersonal skills to take an additional benefit. You can also reflect on your job experiences in the past.

Some skills, such as fluent communication, leadership, soft skills, etc., are common requisites of almost any job you aim to get into. Make sure you mention them at the interview if you can and comment on your skills in working with others.

Befriend The Clock

Punctuality is important in every aspect of your life and that includes your professional field. When facing an interview, take note to arrive early with a margin of at least 15 minutes. This will allow for travel delays and make a positive impact on your recruiters, and they will look forward to interacting with you.

Also, ensure that you carry a copy of your work portfolio or resume to refer to in case the recruiter doesn’t have it in front of them. It can help look through this prior to the interview and the recruiters understand that you are interested in the job and that you have something productive to offer them.

Be Inquisitive

Prepare questions to ask in advance. If the interviewer presents the opportunity to ask questions, then you will end up creating a good impression. Ask some relevant and interactive questions about the work schedule, company expectations, future growth prospects, etc., to end on a high. As a final thought, you might want to check out this article where I present some useful tips to help you find the best jobs.

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4 Common Garden Problems And How To Solve Them

Gardening can be exciting and good for your well-being. Gardening activities such as raking, cutting grass, digging, and wood chopping are exercises that promote good sleep, build strength, improve memory, and help maintain a healthy weight

woman gardening

Despite its benefits, there are some garden problems that may be encountered along the way. Regardless of how long you've participated in this hobby, it is essential to know the common gardening problems and how to overcome them.


Weeding isn't one of the gardener's favourite activities. Unfortunately, weeds are a persistent issue in the garden, and like most plants, they thrive in the summer light and rain. Applying a thick layer of mulch in the spring can help deal with a weed problem. Be sure to remove weed sprouts and spray with herbicides as early as possible. Other household items such as vinegar and corn gluten meal are also great in removing and preventing weeds.


If you have seen a white powdery substance on the leaves of vegetables and fruits in your garden, you may be staring at mildew. Mildew is a common problem that occurs in gardens, especially during the warmer months. They also tend to be found in various fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, squash, and melons. Getting rid of mildew can be quite tricky. Although you can't cure mildew, you can control its spread by using a fungicide or simply picking off the affected parts of the plant. You can prevent mildew by ensuring your plants get adequate sunlight and good air circulation.

Poorly securing your garden

Implementing poor security measures is a common problem many gardeners face. Every day, your garden is at risk of being attacked by unwanted elements. For example, your kids playing in the backyard could end up walking all over your seedlings. There is also the risk of pests such as rats eating at your ripening produce. To avoid this, it is vital to ensure your garden area is properly secure. There are several ways to keep your garden safe. You can consider planting various plants such as star jasmine, golden hop and honeysuckle that act as a "natural protector" of your plants by preventing various pests from attacking your plants. However, installing a fence is a sure way to close off all unwanted elements. Therefore, you should consider garden fencing to secure your garden from harm.


Drought is the garden's worst summer stressor. Regularly compost your garden soil to improve plant health and make them more resilient. Mulching your garden helps keep moisture. Consider other watering techniques such as using drip timer hoses to water your plants morning and evening. While regularly watering your garden is good for plants, overdoing it can be as harmful as draught. Unfortunately, you can't stop the rains, so you want to provide good drainage since heavy rain or excess water depletes soil nitrogen and starves your plants.

Gardening can indeed feel overwhelming. However, it is not a good enough excuse to quit. No garden is immune to problems, so you want to know what you are up against and how to resolve them as early as possible and watch your garden blossom in no time.

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Herringbone Flooring For A Luxurious Look In Your Home

The right flooring for your home is so important. Flooring can make a massive difference to the aesthetics of a room, the comfort underfoot and how easy it is to clean. When you are looking for a luxurious look to your home then I would recommend herringbone flooring but what is herringbone flooring and why should you choose it for your home? In this article, I will discuss the use of herringbone flooring and how it can be a good choice for a luxurious look in your home

What is herringbone flooring?

herringbone flooring design

Herringbone flooring is a type of parquet flooring that has a certain type of pattern design. Parquet flooring is made up of short wooden battens that are slotted together in a geometric mosaic. Herringbone flooring uses planks of flooring that are shorter than normal planks. This allows you to create a geometric design, laid out at 45 degrees to the next plank. This is the herringbone flooring design. 

Fixtures and fitting costs

Herringbone flooring takes more time to fit into a home and this will have a knock-on effect on labour costs. You need someone skilled to fit this design as any mistakes will be glaringly obvious. A skilled flooring professional will charge more money to fit this type of flooring due to the time and skill needed to fit it. There is also the cost of buying this type of flooring in the first place, the cutting, sanding, staining and sealing of this type of floor can be expensive. If you are thinking of having herringbone flooring installed it isn’t a cheap option so budget accordingly. 

The design and look 

herringbone flooring
The reason that herringbone flooring is popular is that the design is aesthetically pleasing. The geometric pattern of the wooden planks interlocking can really give a wow factor to any room. This pattern looks especially impressive when covering a large area. It can also make a great first impression in an entrance hall. This can give a high-end and luxurious look to your home.  


Cleaning herringbone flooring is straightforward but must be done properly. You can sweep the floor to keep it clean. Also, a simple mop, water and a floor cleaner for wooden floors work well.  Don’t get the floor too wet so wring out the mop well before you clean the floor. Do not use steam cleaners on the floor as the heat in the steam can affect the glue used when fitting the floor together. By looking after your floor in this way you will keep the good looks of the herringbone flooring for a long time.


In conclusion, herringbone flooring can be pricey but can really give a wow look to your home and give your home that luxurious look. Look after it carefully and its good looks will last for years.

Let me know, do you like the look of a herringbone floor? Would you have herringbone flooring fitted in your home?