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How Students Can Get Better Sleep

Seeing as students have a reputation for sleeping all the time, you wouldn’t think they’d need an article on how to get even more sleep. But students, just like the rest of us, can suffer from sleeping problems, so this article will show how students can get a better night's sleep.

Why is sleep important for students?


Of course, sleep is important for everyone. A lack of sleep can decrease the immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu. Severe sleep disorders can also cause or exacerbate mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

For students who need their brainpower to be running at optimum levels though, a lack of sleep can be detrimental to focus and concentration. It goes without saying that good grades need good sleep.

Why might students not be getting enough sleep?

There are plenty of reasons why students might not be getting enough sleep. Some of these reasons could be:

Worry and stress about

Poor sleep habits due to irregular bedtimes
Too much caffeine
An unhealthy diet
Noisy housemates
Working around university commitments

How students can get better sleep

Everyone needs a different amount of sleep. After all, Margaret Thatcher famously said how she didn’t need more than four hours of sleep a night.

Although four hours of sleep may have been enough for the late former Prime Minister on which to run a country, most mere mortals need more than four hours a night and the average university student is said to need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

Students should adopt a regular sleep schedule

Students don’t have a regular get up/go to work/come home from work/eat dinner/go to bed kind of a day, so it’s no wonder their sleep patterns are all over the place. Students have an irregular life of seminars, studying and socialising at various times during the day and evening and then it’s likely they’ll have a part-time job with varying shifts to fit in too.

A regular sleep schedule will help in regulating sleep though, and going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning will hugely improve anyone’s quality of sleep.

No coffee or alcohol before bed

Okay, so expecting students to never have alcohol before going to bed is asking to be laughed at, but drinking alcohol or coffee before bed will disrupt sleep and therefore should be avoided just before hitting the sack.

Don't forget to exercise in the day

Exercise will burn energy and make you tired. It can be as simple as going for a half hour walk twice a day. Ideally taking 10,000 steps a day if possible. It doesn't have to be an hour down the gym or an exercise class though. If you don't take any exercise it will be harder to sleep.

Writing a to-do list can help students to fall asleep quicker

student sleeping

Students always have essays, assignments or coursework they need to do or should have done. Writing a to-do list can help calm the anxious thoughts buzzing around their heads when students are feeling overwhelmed with stuff that’s due to be tackled or overdue.

So, although writing down that an essay needs to be written may not actually get the essay written, it may help students sleep and stop them fretting about that unwritten essay in the early hours.

Don’t just take my word for it though - falling asleep quicker after writing a to-do list has been scientifically proven.

Take sleep hygiene seriously

Sleep hygiene isn’t just about having clean sheets on your bed, although a clean bed will certainly help anyone sleep better. After all, we all love clean sheets, don’t we?

Sleep hygiene is all about making the sleep environment the best it can be. Amongst other things, that’s keeping the bedroom at a temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold and keeping the bed simply for sleeping in or having sex (i.e. not lazing around in it watching Netflix on a phone or laptop).

Speaking of phones and laptops, good sleep hygiene also means not looking at screens for at least an hour before going to bed. Not even with blue light filters.

Seek further help if sleep problems persist

Everyone has problems sleeping sometimes but if sleep problems persist and it becomes a real problem that is harming physical or mental health, professional help should be sought from a GP or other medical professional.

Blocked Drain Insights For The Unlucky Few

You might notice the clogged drains when you are in the shower and suddenly the water level starts rising up. How disgusting! The drain is clogged. Imagine you are brushing your teeth, and you notice that the sink is already half-filled with water. Dealing with congested drainage is altogether an unpleasant experience because it is complicated and unsanitary. However, it is something that most people will have to deal with every once in a while. The best course of action for you is to be prepared to deal with it by learning how to unblock your bathroom drains.

The Underlying Cause Of Blocked Drains


Blocked drains in London, or anywhere else for that matter, can get clogged when dust, hair and other particles get entrapped between the pipes inside the bathroom drainpipe. The problem gets worse when the particle build-up is cemented together by the residues of detergents and cleansing cosmetic items. Eventually, this will become denser and this is what prevents your water from flowing uninhibited through your drain pipe. So, if you are finding the water isn’t running freely through your drain pipe and water is rising quickly in your bath or sink, chances are that you have a blockage in your plumbing system.

Clear Up Your Drains Fast

Here are a few things that you can do to clear your choked bathroom drain pipe and get the water running. Whether you are working with a sink or a bath, the first step to take is to remove the stopper. In the case of a bathroom sink, the plug can be removed easily with a simple pull, or it might need the complex effort of unlocking the hook keeping it in place from under the sink. For a bath you may be able to simply take out the plug, otherwise, you might have to take off the overflow plate in order to get to the assembly.

The accumulated matter clogging up your drain may be clearly visible when you have taken off the plug. Chances are you’ll see a clump of hair mixed with other materials just below the drain, so reach down into the pipe and pull out as much as possible. You may find it difficult to get at the blockage, in which case you could use something like a wire hanger to fish the material out. Your drain pipe is likely to get unclogged if you remove the soap scum, hair and other particles from it that you can see.

If the blockage cannot be pulled out with the help of the hanger, then you should use other blockage-clearing methods. A very useful tool is a drain plunger which can eradicate those blockages that are too deep to reach. To use the plunger the overflow drain pipe should be covered first with the help of a wet cloth, this will make the suction stronger and make it harder for air to enter the pipes. Now position the plunger exactly over and around the drainpipe hole and push it rapidly up and down with short quick movements. You may find that this suction-push action of the plunger loosens the stopped debris down the pipe and the collected water now drains freely.

If the plunger method fails to properly unblock your drainpipe, you may have to resort to using a chemical drainpipe cleaner. However, this should be your last resort because the chemicals used can harm your bathroom fittings and accessories, as they are corrosive.

Get Expert Help If This Is Necessary

After taking all the steps that you can carry out yourself, if the blockage still remains, it will be wise to call your neighbourhood plumber or drains services company for some assistance. Plumbers have special equipment to clean the obstructed drains speedily and effortlessly such as a drainage snake.  Drains contractors also employ water jetting to clear blockages and CCTV drainage cameras to view inside the drain pipe. It may cost you, but you will find it is worth the money once you can use your sink and shower worry-free.

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Home Allergy Testing With Klarify.me

*This is an ad with Klarify.me 

Many of us have allergies these days. They can be annoying and mild at one extreme, and at the other, they can be devastating and life-threatening. I remember my mother saying that as a child I was allergic to penicillin but over time I have become tolerant to this and have grown out of it, but not everyone does. 

What is an allergy?

An allergy is your body's adverse reaction to a substance. We can become allergic to substances like food, insect bites and stings, animal fur and hair, medicines, grass and tree pollen and household chemicals amongst other things. 

It is estimated that around a third of people in the UK are allergic to at least one allergen with the common ones being pollen and food like milk eggs and nuts.

What are the symptoms of an allergy?


Symptoms of an allergy can include the following but can be more than this - sneezing, a runny nose, watering eyes, itching, rashes, coughing and wheezing. 

Most allergic reactions come on quickly and many reactions are mild however a severe reaction can cause anaphylactic shock. This is an extreme emergency, the airway may be obstructed and you should call 999 and request an urgent ambulance. 

How to identify the allergy

klarify app

The main thing to do is to avoid the allergy in the first place. This may be easier said than done. Many people do not know or can pinpoint exactly what they are allergic to. This is when home allergy testing comes in.  Home allergy testing can help you identify what you are allergic to. If your reactions are not severe, this can be helpful as a starting point, to take to your GP, who can provide more thorough testing and diagnosis. 

A testing kit from Klarify.me tests for 294 different allergens including all the main food allergens, pollen and pets. All the equipment you need to test for the allergens is in one box. From a step by step guide, alcohol wipes to sterilise the area, a sterile lancing device to prick your finger (don't worry you won't see a needle), a plaster and a prepaid return envelope. 

You get a personalised report when your results are ready, which has a results summary and a more technical report that can be useful to your GP.  

The whole process is straightforward and there is also a video on their website that will show you the process, especially useful if you are a visual learner.  You can also download the Klarify app for allergy insights, and it is especially helpful for daily pollen forecasts for hayfever sufferers. 

How to treat an allergy 

woman walking in nature
Although this is not offering medical advice once you have a diagnosis there are things you can do. Try to avoid the allergy in the first place. This can be as simple as reading labels on food to avoid certain food allergens, or not going out on woodland walks in peak hayfever season. Taking allergy medicines such as antihistamines, and lotions and creams for an allergic reaction can help.  Specific steroid medication can also help reduce inflammation in an allergic reaction. See your GP or pharmacist for medical advice.

You can also try desensitization treatment in a controlled medical setting, in a specialist clinic and under the supervision of a doctor.

Severe reactions need immediate medical intervention, always ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.


mother and child

Living with allergies can be difficult. Home allergy testing with a company such as Klarify.me can help you learn to identify your allergies so you can learn to deal with them in the most suitable way.

*AD this does not constitute medical advice

Building Basics – Clothes Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

If you are thinking of overhauling your wardrobe at some point, you should take it back to basics and build it up from there. Though you might be tempted to fill it with clothes you love, you should try to aim to include some of the following pieces in there to help you construct outfits for every occasion. Here are three items of clothing that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe.

Fitted Jeans

woman in jeans

Jeans are a fantastic staple as they are so versatile. Though they can seem quite stiff and unforgiving, the right pair can flatter your body and make your legs seem long and elegant. They come in a variety of colours and a range of options that can help you meet any requirement. Dark blue is better for every day, while black or white could be better for an event, however, all can be suitable when styled correctly.

Jeans are the perfect garment because they can be dressed down for errands or up for brunch or other meetings. You could also wear them to a more casual evening do with a nice top and the right pieces of statement jewellery. 

A Midi Dress

midi dress

Midi dresses are some of the most flattering dresses around and many women love them. They can be floaty and bohemian or more fitted and are perfect for wearing on your day off, going out for meals, or wearing to the office. As can be seen by the range at Luella Fashion, there is a wide variety of different patterns and colours that you could try. If you want to inject a little colour into your wardrobe, a midi dress could be the perfect way for you to do it.

A White Shirt

woman in white shirt
A simple, clean, white button-down shirt is a staple that not enough people have in their wardrobe. Yes, it can give you throwback vibes to your schooldays if you are not careful, however, it is can be a useful and versatile piece that can be worn with many different combinations for that perfect outfit.

For example, you could pair it with those jeans mentioned above and a pair of statement heels for the perfect brunch with friends. With the right skirt, it could form a key part of your workwear wardrobe. With the right styling, you could even wear it to more formal events. Don’t underestimate the power that this garment can have.

These are three pieces of clothing that everyone should have and they can help you form the basis of a capsule wardrobe. A pair of jeans, a mini dress and a white shirt can give you some great starting points when trying to build outfits. Whether you are a fan of a capsule wardrobe or just like buying pieces that all fit together in weird and wonderful ways, try to include the above three into as many different wardrobes as you can.

Christmas Jewellery Wishlist 2021

Christmas is coming and before you know it the panic buying starts. Now I'm usually a well-organised sort of person but when you have a number of people to buy for the Christmas wishlist comes in handy. 

We all must have made them as kids, and I see no problem as an adult making a Christmas wishlist, for two reasons. It stops you from getting those marzipan chocolates you hate or aromatherapy oils you get every year from your distant aunt and you actually get what you want without knowing the exact gift until Christmas Day.  Of course, you need a range of presents on your list, and sometimes it's helpful to have two lists - a different one for close family, and one for friends. 

H Samuel North Star Pendant

Now jewellery is often on my wishlist from my husband and mum so I have been browsing the online stores and have come up with this Christmas jewellery wishlist for 2021. It has a range of prices from affordable earrings to less affordable diamond jewellery but if a girl can't dream at Christmas, when can she dream?

This post is an advertorial from Ernest Jones and H Samuel and contains affiliate links.

Christmas Jewellery Wishlist 2021

Ernest Jones 

Ernest Jones is the place to go for quality crafted jewellery and has established a name for itself as the high street diamond and watch specialist over the last 70 years. It has 180 jewellery stores around the country so you will be sure to find one not far from you. 

These cute heart earrings are my first Christmas wishlist choice from Ernest Jones. They are made of stainless steel but you wouldn't know it, as they are coloured in a rose gold-tone.  Studded with little crystals that sparkle in the light, these earrings look far more expensive than the price tag.

My next choice is this stunning diamond necklace and earring set, made in 9ct white gold. I love the octagonal pendant in this set, it's a slightly unusual shape and that makes it unique. The matching earrings are beautiful too. The total diamond weight of this jewellery gift set is 0.50ct. You can get more for your money with this set as it's now half price too! 

My last choice from Ernest Jones is the classic looking La Grande watch from Longines. Since 1832 Longines has produced Swiss timepieces that are beautiful, well crafted and elegant. I love the two colour bracelet on this watch and the mother of pearl dial. A stunning watch that is timeless. 

H Samuel

H Samuel is well known for selling affordable jewellery on the high street over the last 150 years. With a focus on fun fashion-led items, the H Samuel brand is one to go to for that must-have item of jewellery. 

celestial locket

My first choice from H Samuel is this stunning locket from the Find Your North Star collection. This locket is inspired by the guiding star and wearing it offers good luck and protection. The round locket has a star design and at its centre sparkly cubic zirconia. In 18ct gold vermeil and with a fine curb chain, it's a pretty locket that you can keep a precious memento inside.

snowflake pendant

My next choice is this pretty pendant from the Enchanted Disney© collection and is inspired by Frozen's princess Elsa. I love how intricate the snowflake charm is on the fine silver chain and at the centre is a light blue topaz adding some colour as well as sparkling diamond accents at the end of the snowflake. Perfect for all Disney© lovers everywhere and fans of delicate jewellery.

My last choice is this Disney© Citizen watch with a gold tone bracelet. This watch is exclusive to H Samuel and is themed on Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It is part of the Disney© Princess collection. I just love the mother of pearl dial with 4 sparkling diamonds and the rose gold tone colour. It's also water-resistant up to 50 meters and features Citizen Eco-drive technology which means it never needs a battery and is powered by light.

So this is my Christmas jewellery wishlist for 2021. What is on your jewellery wishlist for 2021? 


A Winter Wedding In Spain, A Chic Choice

When we think of winter weddings, snowy landscapes come to mind. But what if you could get married in winter on a quiet beach with the sun shining brightly? This is possible if you plan your wedding in Spain, in the wonderful Costa Blanca or Costa Cálida.

Although organizing a wedding in Spain is a great option that nowadays more and more couples are considering, the paperwork required is often holding them back. That’s why companies such as The Wedery, with more than 30 years of experience, offer their wedding planning services so that you only have to worry about enjoying one of the most important days of your life.

Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, a privileged setting for your wedding in Spain

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida can proudly brag about having the same number of sunny days in winter as in summer, with an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. With that fact, who can resist planning their wedding in Spain?

In addition, these two coasts have an extension of almost 500 kilometres of beaches and coves, with landscapes that combine intense blue and green with the golden colour of the sand and the pure white of the small villages. It sounds like a dream, but it is real.

Charming venues for every type of couple

wedding couple

Spain offers a great variety of gorgeous venues to celebrate your wedding.

If you want a fairytale wedding, you can choose a country house with an enchanting lake and dreamlike gardens, like Torreta de Bayona in Mutxamel or El Roalet de Kiko in Elche, both located in the province of Alicante.

On the other hand, if what attracts you to plan your wedding in Spain are its beaches, venues like El Parador del Mar Menor in La Manga or Cala Clemence del Portichol are breathtaking. It will be like a dream come true to be able to say "I do" with the sound of the sea waves in the background, surrounded by your beloved ones.

Mediterranean cuisine for a special day


In addition to wonderful sunny days and stunning venues, Spain offers excellent gastronomy. Imagine your wedding reception with delicacies such as hand cut jamón ibérico or different styles of tapas, all this paired with a good glass of Spanish wine. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, so why not include it on your wedding day?

On top of that, Spain is known above all is for its never-ending fiestas. What else could you ask for on your wedding day than to dance until dawn surrounded by all your loved ones? Also don’t forget the open bar, a must at a wedding in Spain!

Everything is under control with a wedding planning service

wedding ceremony

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially if it is abroad, where paperwork is also added to the mix. This is why having a wedding planner service is essential for everything to go smoothly.

Wedding planning companies such as The Wedery offer a range of different packages that adapt to your needs and budget, which include a personal wedding coordinator from the very beginning.

All the details about the ceremony, the flowers for the bride and table arrangements, the transportation, the wedding meal, the photography and video and anything else you can think of will be taken care of for you. In addition, as it is a wedding abroad, they also take care of every detail of the documentation and any additional paperwork required. Easy, right?

Now that you have discovered all the advantages of celebrating your winter wedding in Spain, are you ready to celebrate yours?

*Collaborative post