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A Day Out At Clearwater Marine Aquarium

When I was in Clearwater, Florida recently we visited Clearwater Aquarium. Those of you with kids especially will know it as the base of the film A Dolphin's Tale. The story centres on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tale was lost in a crab trap.  The film was a smash hit and the actual dolphin on which the film is based, Winter is still at the aquarium today.

Clearwater Aquarium's mission is based around Rescue, Release and Rehab and wherever possible sick animals are treated and released back into the wild.

As well as this they educate and inform on the environment and conservation and perform and collaborate on scientific research in animal behaviour, animal illness, treatment and the prevention of marine animal decline. It's a real working animal  hospital and scientific research unit.

The many animals you can see at Clearwater Aquarium include dolphins, otters, sharks, rays, turtles and pelicans. 

Winters Story
Winter and Hope

Due to the popularity of the film A Dolphin's Tale and it's sequel A Dolphin's Tale 2, the aquarium does have a number of attractions based around Winter and Hope (another dolphin featured in the sequel). 

In December 2005, Winter who was a baby dolphin at the time, was caught in a crab trap, rescued, and taken to Clearwater Aquarium. Unfortunately due to damage to her tale she had to have it amputated. She had to learn to swim again, and a unique plan to attach a prosthetic tail was devised. That is the true story of Winter and the story on which the film is based.

Throughout Clearwater Aquarium you can see props from the movie and re-built scenes as well as meet Ricky, who played Rufus the pelican, and of course meet Winter.

Animal Hospital

When you visit the aquarium you can see the animal hospital. Here Incendio a turtle was being operated on to have tumours removed from his body. It was interesting to see the inside of a working hospital for marine life. 

Nicholas' Story


In December 2002 a female Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin and male calf became stranded stranded near Gibsonton, Florida and were transported to the Florida Aquarium and then to Clearwater Marine Aquarium for long-term medical care.

As they arrived on Christmas eve, they named the cow Noelle and her calf, Nicholas. Unfortunately Noelle passed away from third degree burns and a respiratory illness. Nicholas was also suffering from third degree burns from the sun and spent months in 24 hour care being treated. Due to the length of time in captivity he could unfortunately not be released back into the wild and so he is now a resident dolphin as Clearwater Aquarium. He lacks the necessary survival skills, such as hunting and to protect himself from predators, all of which he can only learn from his mother.

They have trained Nicholas to lay still for blood samples and examinations. He also is known for doing the odd jump if he gets things right!

At the aquarium there are a number of tours at an additional price and we decided to go on the Sea Life Safari. 

Sea Safari

The one and a half hour tour which is guided by a marine biologist takes in a scenic journey to a shell island. On the way the boat casts a net and pulls it up to count and record the marine animals. This information is useful for data collection and to measure any changes in the animal life of the area. The marine life is also passed around in containers before being released back into the bay. 

The marine biologist was very knowledgable and this is excellent idea if you want to learn about the local marine creatures.  The net caught a variety of fish and even a couple of seahorses. I didn't realise sea horses are monogamous but the marine biologist said they are.

There is loads more to do and see at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and I have only have touched on a few things. 

A rescued turtle

It's definitely a family friendly place and with general tickets starting at 22 dollars its a reasonably cheap day out. With the ethos being on Rescue, Release and Rehab and the important scientific work they are also involved in it's also an educational, informative and inspiring place.

* We were given complimentary tickets for an honest review

Monday, 25 July 2016

Luxury Linen From The World Of Frette

Frette is a luxury linen company that's proud of its heritage. Since it's beginnings in 1860 it's focus has been on excellence, the utmost opulence, and superb quality. Quality that you can find in many iconic luxury establishments in the world, from hotels like Claridge's to The Orient Express, Raffles to The Ritz, Frette linens have been featured everywhere. 

From duvets to bedsheets, towels to nightwear, everything from Frette is crafted in an immaculate style and finished beautifully. No loose threads, no shoddy workmanship, instead excellence at every turn. 

For its bed linen, Frette uses five major factors to determine the quality. These are count, resistance, load, stretch, and torsion. Simply put it's about the quality and composition of the threads that make the bed linen of such a high standard.

Today, Frette operates from more than 100 boutiques worldwide, retails online and provides bespoke services not only to the rich and famous but to those that don't mind paying for the 
highest quality products. Their bespoke service will even create made to measure designs for your home, aircraft or yacht. If you want a refresh of your furnishings or more complicated designs, then the bespoke service is certainly what you need.

Out of all the collections, my favourite is The Hotel Collection. There is nothing nicer when you stay in a luxury hotel than the feeling you get when you climb under crisp pristine sheets of the utmost quality. By buying Frette bed linen you can recreate that boutique hotel feeling in your own home. For that perfect staycation feeling, get your partner to set up a tray for breakfast in bed, with fresh percolated coffee, warm croissants, a healthy fresh fruit salad and a cheeky glass of bubbly.

The Porto range

The Cruise collection

I do feel you pay for quality in this day and age and these are not sheets you can buy for a few pounds, but do you know what? Frette do have regular sales, like the Summer Sale that is on now, and at these sales you can get 50% off the full price of the item. Some cheaper sheets will last a year or two, but these sheets from Frette will last for a very long time and possibly a lifetime. Frette also ships internationally too, which is useful to know.

Frette also has fluffy towels and warm cosy dressing gowns to complete the experience. 

With a heritage defined by craftsmanship and an outlook rooted in innovation, Frette will continue to dress the world’s most remarkable beds for generations to come.   Frette, luxury bedding, luxury linen, luxury full stop.

*PR collaboration

Friday, 22 July 2016

Luxury Snow Holidays For Non Skiers

This is a post by Ski Famille; a family ski holidays travel provider. 

When you think of a ski holiday you’re undoubtedly thinking about whizzing down the slopes at a very high speed, perhaps toppling over occasionally and otherwise getting a chilly thrill from the snow. This prospect can be intimidating for people who want a relaxed and luxurious holiday.

It could be enough to put the average non-skier off going on a ski holiday. If you’re part of a family and you’re the only one who doesn’t enjoy skiing, don’t worry, you won’t be left out - there are plenty of ways you can have fantastic luxury family ski holidays as a non-skier - here’s how…

1. Relax

One of the most enjoyable things about a luxury ski holiday is that there are often numerous spa activities and treatments. The resort of Les Gets is recognised as having a particularly good spa for example.

Spa treatments may be a simple sauna and jacuzzi in your hotel, but some resorts like Les Menuires provide extensive spa facilities for non-skiers:

  1. Massage - Even if you haven’t been skiing you’re likely to want to rest and unwind after your day. 
  2. Jacuzzi & Sauna - To relax, and perhaps warm up, you can use a jacuzzi and sauna.
  3. Treatments - Body and facial treatments are available in many spas.

Spas vary depending on the resort. Something most resort spas feature is jacuzzis and saunas - the jacuzzis are often situated outside, so you get a great view of the snowcapped peaks while bubbling away in the warm water.

2. Indulge

Whether you’re interested in enjoying some beautiful food in one of the finer restaurants or just want a crêpe in between shopping trips - food, and drink, is a fantastic way for non-skiers to enjoy themselves on a ski holiday particularly in France where cuisine is generally of a very high standard.

Food and drink possibilities for non-skiers to enjoy include:

  • Restaurants - Sit down to a family meal or just have a light lunch with a fellow non-skier.
  • Out & About - Many resorts feature market stalls and other options for quick food on the go.
  • Bars & Clubs - You can enjoy a cocktail in bars and clubs in the evening.

There are many varieties of food on offer with a ski holiday - you can sit down with the skiing members of your party and discuss their adventures, or just have a quiet bite - either way, food and drink is a fantastic way for non-skiers to enjoy themselves.

3. Shop

Shopping is something you can enjoy in many resorts. Shops range from those providing simple provisions or locally sourced market foods to enjoy in your chalet to high-end designer goods.

There is something for everyone, and shopping is a wonderful way to enjoy yourself:

  • Village Shops - Many resorts have picturesque villages nestled within them, they are absolute treasure troves for knick-knacks and other trinkets.
  • Designer Goods - Some places, notably St. Moritz in Switzerland, specialise in high-end shopping if that’s your thing.
  • Markets - Whether you need some supplies when self-catering in your chalet or just want to browse the stalls, local markets are a great way to experience the local culture.

When you’re not skiing it’s very easy to wander around and browse, this can be a lot of fun in itself when coupled with the picturesque surroundings of your resort. It’s much more fun and compelling compared to your shopping pursuits back home, that’s for sure.

4. Activities

Casino, bowling, cinemas - it doesn’t matter what you’d like to do, resorts have a lot of options so you won't get bored. This is especially good for families or those with very young children who don’t ski either - it means skiers and non-skiers in your party can enjoy a good time together:

  • Casinos & Nightlife - Something for the adults - resorts often have casinos and nightlife within their hotels.
  • Bowling - Great for groups, especially in the evening time, it’s something skiers and non-skiers of all ages can enjoy together.
  • Cinemas - There are are many ways to fill your time, going to the cinema is a good alternative for families.

History and culture is also great in some resorts for non-skiers. Included in resorts like Les Gets are many cultural activities including church tours and a Mechanical Music museum. Wandering around the local areas is a great way to get some insight into how people live in the area year-round when in the off-season. 

5. Non-skiing activities

There are a lot of non-skiing activities, some more adventurous than others, that you can take part in at your resort.

Some of the more fun, luxurious and romantic ones include:

  1. Hot Air Balloons - Majestic views of snow capped mountains impart a sense of serenity and luxury, great for couples and children alike.
  2. Dog Sledding - If you’re not up for skiing then you still might like to get involved on the slopes in some way, resorts like Les Gets offer dog sledding rides which are a great way to experience the slopes.
  3. Snowshoeing - If you don’t want to ski but fancy yourself a brisk walk, then this is a great activity to go for.

You don’t have to ski to enjoy the slopes. There are plenty of options depending on your resort; these include ice wall climbing, snowmobiling and much more.

Non-Skiers Rejoice! Ski Holidays!

All these non-skiing activities are very resort dependent so it’s worth doing plenty of research to find the activities above that are most suited to you. Of course, there is also a lot of fun to be had skiing - so if you’re up for a challenge you could always book a beginners skiing or snowboarding lesson and see if you take to it.

*Guest post

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Johnny Loves Rosie Watch Review

Johnny Loves Rosie is a fashion accessory brand that emerged from the London scene over 15 years ago. Love is at the heart of everything they do, from their cute fashion led products which are lovingly designed to the pretty heart motif that adorns many of their accessories.

When they offered me to review an item, I have to admit I took a while choosing as there are so many things I wanted from the website. After a while browsing the delights, I decided on the black strap gold midi dial watch.

When the watch arrived it came in this rather swish box below with simple understated lettering.

The watch inside the box was really lovely. A large gold coloured faced watch (34mm in size) with a simple thin adjustable black PU strap. The face had the starring role, instead of numbers little hearts decorated the watch. Whilst the hour and minute hands are a simple gold tone, the second hand is red and at the end is a little red heart.

The watch mixes classic styling with a fashion edge and looks ever so pretty on my wrist.

This watch would make an excellent gift for someone you care about and the best part is, it is only £35. That is what makes Johnny Loves Rosie special, quality accessories at a reasonable price. It even has a 1 year warranty. You can buy Johnny Loves Rosie direct from their website or from a number of stockists such as River Island, Next and ASOS.

There are many more gorgeous items on the Johnny Loves Rosie website and I really can't believe how affordable this fashion led brand is to be honest. I usually have expensive tastes, but if I can get my fashion fix at prices like this I will be very happy! Here are some of my favourite bags from the website below, let me know what you think. 


Top 5 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam

In my opinion Amsterdam is a very underrated city. It had beautiful architecture, stunning canals, amazing museums and welcoming people. With a flying time of just over an hour from the UK, Amsterdam is easy to get to, there is no language barrier as everyone speaks English, and it has an incredibly laid back culture. If you want to find out more about this lovely city, here are my top 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam.


Amsterdam has the most incredible museums. The Van Gough museum has many of the artist's most famous work such as the Sunflowers, whilst the Stedelijk Museum has fabulous modern art from artists such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. For children the Nemo Museum is an excellent science museum and for the grown ups, visit the Heineken museum where you can find out about the history of the drink and have samples as you go around.  

If you like your museums more alternative try the Cannabis Museum, the Torture Museum or the Sex Museum!


The canals are an integral part of Amsterdam and I highly recommend a canal cruise to see the city in a different way - on the water. There are many guided tours in the day but for a little extra fun why not try a cheese and wine cruise at night. Sitting by candlelight drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers, it is a romantic way to see the city. 

I found out a lot about the history of Amsterdam on the canal cruise. There are many beautiful houseboats moored on the canals and in olden days the poorest people used to live on theses as they were used for transporting goods.


A speciality of Amsterdam is Indonesian food and if you visit the city try the Indonesian rice table or Rijsttafel. You get a number of small portions of Indonesian food of different textures and flavours and my favourite was the chicken satay and beef rendang. 

Other specialities includ
e the yummy stropwaffle (a syrupy waffle), bitterballen (meatballs), snert (a thick pea soup) and oliebollen (deep fried sweet dumplings). If you are after a snack, FEBO machines dispense food like hamburgers and fries whilst there are a number of excellent upmarket restaurants and organic cafes too. We had a fantastic meal at Brasserie Ambassade, I would highly recommend this stunning restaurant which is high up on Tripadvisor.


Amsterdam has a variety of nightlife, including cool cocktail bars and clubs to while the night away. Some of the top clubs include Escape and The Sugar Factory, whilst we found a great little whiskey bar called J D Wiliam's.

You can't visit Amsterdam without having a walk around the Red Light District. The sex shops, live sex shows, peep shows and doors with the red lights where ladies entice you in, are famous around the world. Although safe at day, watch out if you are going at night as there are pick pockets and an altogether sleazier vibe.


Amsterdam has shopping for everyone, from the large department store De Bijenkorf in Dam square, to the trendy shopping in the Nine Sreets area, the vintage shops around Waterlooplein and the luxury boutiques in the Oud Zuid area.  

Souvenirs range from Delft pottery to tulip bulbs from the flower market and for the ultimate reminder of Amsterdam, lead your partner into the diamond stores for which Amsterdam is renowned. 

Amsterdam has some lovely accommodation options and the Hilton hotel group is always a good reliable and up market brand. They have five hotels all in different parts of the city and three in the main canal rings. For a luxurious treat next time I would try the Waldorf Astoria and with a Hilton sale on you could even grab a bargain. The Waldorf Astoria which is owned by Hilton is a beautiful boutique property with the only Guerlian spa in Amsterdam and a two Michelin star restaurant too.

Tell me have you been to Amsterdam? If you have do you have any recommendations?

* PR collaboration
Wander Mum

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Top Four Jewellery Trends This Year

The catwalks and magazines are full of stunning pieces of jewellery. From industrial chains and padlocks, to Egyptian inspired necklaces, the fashion industry seems to have every creative outlet covered this season. In today’s blog post, I’ll be going over the top four jewellery trends this season and explaining why they’re bound to be the next big thing.

Let it go to your head

Headpieces have always been fashionable, from the floral headdresses worn every year at festivals, to the elaborate fascinators worn to race days. However, this year it’s all about embellished, bejewelled head pieces that scream elegance and 1920s glamour. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not swap a necklace for a stunning head band with some jewel detail, and pair it up with some dramatic dropped earrings to finish off the look. If you’re going for a day time look instead, you could incorporate a simple metal band into a fishtail plait for a boho style.

Layer up

Layering can instantly transform any dull outfit, and there are many ways that you can layer jewellery pieces to create a statement look. With necklaces, trying going for different lengths and pendants, but in the same coloured metal to create your own collection. If you prefer bracelets and bangles instead, mix and match textures around your favourite gemstone colour or a theme that reflects your personality.

How charming 

Charm bracelets are back with a vengeance and this time they’re looking far more elegant; the ChloBo Boho collection is a perfect example of the kinds of collections that work well for layering too. On the one hand, you can build a variety of textures by picking beaded bracelets and solid polished metal bangles for your arm piece, but then you can choose from a wide selection of charms too that are important to you. If you’re in need of some luck and positivity, then the Buddah could be the symbol for you. Or instead, for a touch of magic and protection in your life, the moon might be the charm you’re looking for. If you just love statement pieces though, you can’t go wrong with their new stunning Luna Soul range.

No need for a top button

A couple of years ago, the Peter Pan collar came into fashion and swept through the high street stores; it’s still as popular as ever, but now you can turn any outfit into a Peter Pan masterpiece. If you take a look at the catwalks today, you’ll see plenty of high collar necklace pieces around. They could be a fixed metal style with a large stone for an Aztec look, or an embroidered fabric with a delicate lace tie at the back. Whatever your personal style, there should be one to suit you.

I hope you enjoyed these top jewellery trends – have you spotted any others that you think will take the fashion industry by storm? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know.

* Collaborative post 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Get Rich Vlogging Review and Giveaway - Ends 07/08

Today on my blog I have a number of copies of the book Get Rich Vlogging to giveaway. My husband Mr W vlogs over on our travel blog Fly Drive Explore so I have asked him to review this book and tell us what he thinks. Over to you Mr W...

A review of Get Rich Vlogging by By Mr W from Fly Drive Explore

At first I was slightly apprehensive about this book as it appears to be aimed at the teenager to twenty something who starts every vlog with “Hi Guys!!!”.  As I am in the forties and my vlog will be aimed at travel rather than general lifestyle I was not sure how useful this book would be.

Once I started reading the introduction and looking through  the chapters I soon realised that although the examples given were from ‘younger’ lifestyle vlogs, the hints and tips were useful for any genre of vlog and the basic principles are the same.

The early chapters addressed the ideal length of a vlog, the appearance and finding your unique voice in the crowded YouTube arena.  There are tips on applying consistency and getting a regular schedule of posts. What I found particularly useful were the technical tips on lighting, camera choices and editing (advice given for both PC and Mac Software).

There is also lots of advice on how to use the variety of social platforms to directly promote your vlog, build up a following and increase your subscribers.  The chapter on collaborations was also useful as this gave tips on how to quickly drive traffic to your vlog, giving examples of previous successful collaborations, links to vloggers offering online advice and a Q and A section.

In the later chapters the book gets to the crucial area of how to monetise your vlog and turn your popularity into income. This ranges from advice on blog sponsorship, advertorials and affiliates to creating your own brand, publishing books and working in partnership with successful businesses.

Overall not only does the book give useful advice for the newbie wanting to get started in vlogging but it also gives inside tips for the more experienced blogger who wants to develop their vlogging skills. You should be able to get through the book in a few hours but there are plenty of web links to check out and video links to watch. Recommended.

Get Rich Vlogging written by Zoe Griffin is available from Amazon and all good book shops price £7.99.

Today on my blog I have 4 copies of Get Rich Vlogging to giveaway. If you like competitions don't forget to check out my awesome Iphone Se competition too!

Good luck!

Win Get Rich Vlogging

Sonesta ES Suites Review - Orlando

On our recent stay in Orlando Florida we stayed at the Sonesta ES suites on International Drive.

The Sonesta ES suites is located smack bang in the centre of International Drive, and over the road from the new IDrive 360 complex that houses a Sealife Aquarium, Madam Tussards, the Orlando Eye and numerous restaurants and bars.

The hotel itself has been refurbished to a high standard and renamed from the Staybridge Suites to the Sonesta in the last couple of years. Now if you have teenagers you may know how awkward it can be when you stay in a normal hotel room with them as space is a major consideration. As we didn't want to book two rooms, the Sonesta ES suites two bedroom two bathroom suite looked ideal, so we booked that.

Check in was swift and straight forward. In the check in area is a small shop and in the lobby was also a small bar area with seating. 

The room was freshly decorated in white, lemon, green and blue. As you go into the suite there is a lounge area attached to an open plan kitchen. The lounge had a large flat screen TV and the kitchen had a full fridge freezer, a microwave, coffee machine, dishwasher and two ring stove top, but no oven. Having a small kitchen is great if you want to prepare basic meals and to store drinks and snack items as well as prepare a simple breakfast or lunch.



Bedroom one

The bedrooms, one with a queen bed and one with a king bed, also had flat screen TVs, a small dressing room with wardrobe and sink and ensuite bathrooms with shower and toilet. Toiletries such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner were dispensed from bottles attached to the wall. 

We thought the suites was a very good standard, was exceptionally clean and was plenty big enough to share if you have older children, or other adults in your party. After we checked in we had a message on our phone checking that everything was ok - great customer service.

Hotel pool

The hotel also had a pool of a decent size with a hot tub area. There were lots of seating but only a certain number of sun beds so if you are a sun worshipper get there early. The pool was cool which was a welcome relief in the 90 degree heat.

 The hotel pool, also has a hot tub 

The hotel offers a fitness centre, free Wi-Fi, a shuttle service to some of the parks, a games room and a free hot breakfast every morning.

Games room

The breakfast was perfectly fine considering it was included with the price. There was a choice of three hot items every day such as scrambled eggs, ham, sausages and gravy and waffles to name a few, and a continental breakfast with cereals, fruit, bagels, pastries, porridge as well as juice and hot drinks. If you had to buy breakfast every day it could really eat into your budget so it is definitely a plus point having the breakfast included.

The bar area has 2 for 1 offers on in the Happy Hour every night which is a nice touch.

Mr W outside the bar area

Scrambled eggs, sausage and gravy, biscuits (American scones)


A major plus point of this hotel is the location. It is perfectly situated in the middle of International Drive, Orlando, with numerous restaurants and bars all within a few minutes walk. The view from my son's bedroom was amazing, he could see the Orlando Eye, all lit up with it's multi colours every night. 

Now I can't write this post without mentioning the awful shooting in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that happened when we were there. What an awful thing to have happened, my heart goes out to the families of the poor victims.

The Orlando Eye in rainbow colours in recognition of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting

Regarding the Sonesta ES suite hotel, the important question is, would be stay again? 

The rooms at the Sonesta ES suites start at 99 dollars a night, whilst the two bedroom, two bathroom suites cost 239 dollars a night for our dates in June (approximately £167 a night). Whilst I appreciate you can get cheaper rooms on International Drive, for the space we had I think that the rate was a good deal, after all the suite was bigger than two normal sized bedrooms as you had two bathrooms, dressing rooms and a kitchen/diner as well. We thought it was very spacious accommodation.  

The fresh modern decor was super. The breakfast is an added bonus and the location is hard to beat, being a short drive to Universal Studios, walking distance to the Pointe Orlando complex and over the road from IDrive360 shops and attractions. Staff were polite and helpful too. So would we stay again? Most definitely. Many people agree with us too as the Sonesta ES Suites in Orlando has been awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for 2016, and that's always a good sign!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Pandora Charms From Gift And Wrap

Pandora have some lovely charms that have been newly released. The Pandora Spring collection includes some pretty designs such as vintage letter initials, flowers, pink and rose gold shimmering charms and feminine love hearts.

My Pandora charm bracelet is in need of some new charms. As you can see it was looking a little forlorn. 

Recently though I acquired some different charms to add to my bracelet and I am slowly building the collection.  So when Gift and Wrap, an authorised Pandora stockist asked me if I wanted to review one of the charms from the Spring collection I jumped at the chance. 

As I have a blue and silver colour palette on my bracelet I wanted to stick to these type of charms, even though I love the rose gold colouring of some of the new charms. 

Pandora has some gorgeous vintage initials in the new charm collection so I choose a pretty M initial. 

The initial has a lovely script design which is highlighted with cubic zirconia stones. As you can see this pretty sterling silver charm has an intricate swirl design around the initial. The way the letter is written reminds me of a beautiful handwritten fountain pen script.
As the charm is silver with no coloured stones it would fit with most collections. The best part is that the vintage Pandora initials are only £30 each as well. A great price for Pandora, I am sure all you collectors will agree.

I really love the vintage initial from the Pandora Spring collection, and when putting together my bracelet I decided to remove the palm tree charm from the centre and make the M initial the shining star of the bracelet.

I was really pleased with how quick the charm arrived from Gift and Wrap and will certainly use them again. As well as Pandora they stock a wide range of contemporary jewellery from Ti Sento, Tresor Paris and Hot Diamonds among other well known brands. 

It's the Pandora charms in which they excel though. From the iconic Pandora bracelet to the beautiful silver charm beads to the Murano glass charms, they have such a wide range of stock and are certified online retailers of the Pandora collection. Did you know that Pandora also have gorgeous rings, earrings, and necklaces too? Below are some of my favourite pieces from the current Pandora charm collection. Let me know your favourite. 

Do you own a Pandora bracelet?
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