Thursday, 23 October 2014

Flint Plus Flint Skin Care Review

FlintPlusFlint is a family run British company that run a chain of cosmetic clinics throughout the UK. With the experience and expertise they have gained with over a million skin care treatments they have now developed a range of skin care products, that you can readily buy online.
Maxine Flint said; “It was important to us to create a series of simple products using active ingredients that are easy to use, not crazily priced and most importantly really work."
They also take quality extremely seriously and use many of the active ingredients in medical dermatology products but at a more realistic price for the customer.

So what products do they make, you may ask? Well the products include moisturiser, exfoliator, serum, lip and eye cream amongst others. 

Interesting packaging - first aid for the skin perhaps?

What you first notice when the products arrive is the packaging. The black, almost dark grey boxes are decorated with a bright cross, this makes me think of the products as being marketed as "first aid for the skin". 

I was sent the primer to try myself and the eye hero for my husband.
SPF 30 Primer - £25 for 50ml

What they say about the primer, "A defensive primer for protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UV rays. Containing Venuceane™, Mongongo oil and OSILIFT®."

Firstly, importantly, the primer has a SPF of 30. Nothing ages like the sun so this is a bonus in my opinion, as it provides UVA and UVB protection as well as doing the job of keeping of your makeup in place.

When I applied the cream lightly to my skin, it appeared to absorb well. What I noticed was that it made my skin feel incredibly soft. This must be the Mongongo oil that is used to nourish the skin. Mongongo oil is an oil that has been used for thousands of years by the Bushmen of the Kalahari to protect their skin. 

So after a few minutes, where I allowed the primer to settle on my skin, I applied my make up on top.  Did it make my makeup last longer? Yes I felt it did, and it also left a natural sheen on my skin.

I think this primer is particularly good for those with dry skin due to the oil used in the formulation. Although it is primarily a primer is is also marketed as an anti wrinkle cream, and I felt that my fine lines and wrinkles appeared softer and seemed plumped up after a few days of use. This is due to OSILIFT® which is a natural sugar made from oats.

Eye Hero - £37 for 15ml

What they say about the Eye Hero, " A brightening, smoothing cream for eyes and deep wrinkles containing active ingredients EYESERYL®, Beautifeye™ and Gransil DMCM-5."

EYESERYL works directly on under eye puffiness, Beautifeye helps rejuvenate the eye area and lift the upper eye lids and Gransil DMCM_5 provides a soft focus effect to lines and wrinkles

My husband used this product as he has deeper wrinkles than me, although I have to admit I did try it once. It feels light and silky on application to the skin. 

After using it for a number of days, my husband said his skin appeared softer around the eyes and he also felt the eye area was slightly less puffy. On observation the wrinkles around his eye area did appear less pronounced, in my opinion.  To see a big improvement I think you would have to use it over a long period of time.

Would we buy these products in future? I would certainly buy the primer as a treat, and I would highly recommend it for those with dry skin. The Eye hero needs a longer trial period to see how effective it is, but early results were promising.

Flint Plus Flint say, "We are so convinced that it works that we’re offering a full refund to anyone who is not completely satisfied.” How often do you hear that these days?

For more information visit

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Eternal Collection Review

Today the lovely Lucy from The Parent Game Blog is reviewing a sparkly pendant from the jewellery website Eternal Collection on my blog. Lucy's blog

Once your children become grown-ups it gets harder and harder to think of unique and special gifts for them for birthdays and Christmas. Partly, because you’ve had 18+ years to buy them everything you can think of, but also because they often have an income of their own, that means they buy most of the things they want. So I was really pleased to be asked to review the website Eternal Collection, for something lovely for my daughter, who is nineteen soon. I thought this would be a lovely, fun, easy task. Well, it was certainly lovely and fun, but it certainly wasn’t easy! I was staggered at the vast range of different items available, everything sparkly and tempting. Not just jewellery either, some fabulous scarf rings and hair clips too.

I could have pottered around that website all day, there was such a wealth of different jewellery items to choose from. In all kinds of different price ranges and styles. Costume jewellery purchased comes with a 30 day full satisfaction policy, which is extended over Christmas, so it makes an excellent choice for armchair gift buying. I eventually settled on a necklace and, as I was still struggling to choose from the amazing selection, I picked out a turquoise one, as this is her birthstone. The item arrived really quickly and the quality was obvious from the moment I opened the package. First there was the lovely box, with silver writing beautifully embossed on the top. 

Inside, the item was protected by a square of foam, ensuring it arrived in perfect condition and, beneath that, it was carefully wrapped in tissue, which gave it a real air of quality. I was immensely impressed with the packaging, but that was just the tip of a sparkly iceberg! 

The item itself was clearly well made. Crafted in sterling silver, the chain was thick enough to ensure it would last but still delicate, so that it didn’t swamp the pendant. The beads that made up the pendant consisted of white shell pearls and Swarovski crystal embellishments, which sparkled brilliantly in the light. I loved the little chains supporting the beads, it created a really lovely effect. The beads were a little bigger than they appeared in the picture, which suited the style of the piece, but, if you are unsure, the size of each pendant is listed in centimetres in the item description.

I have really enjoyed reviewing this website and am confident there is something for everyone in the vast selection. Eternal Collection also have a Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep up with developments and new additions to their ranges. Perhaps give them a try for your Christmas shopping, you’ll be amazed when it arrives!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Charming Lily Charmed

Lily Charmed is one of those small British jewellery companies that are original and different.

The company was launched in 2011 by cousins Marcus Pearce and Lucy Lee, and named after Marcus' daughter, the charming Lily.  They create jewellery that is personalised and make their items unique with the use of charms and message cards.

Beautifully packaged jewellery

The charms themselves are lovingly made in the UK by Lily Charmed themselves. The company prides itself on it's customer service and listening to their customers, so each charm can be ordered in a polished or satin finish. I personally feel that this is a lovely touch as a matt satin finish gives a very modern and unique touch to the charms they create. I chose to review a custard cream charm bracelet for my review.

Many of their products come with a thoughtful gift card

What I loved about this design is how unusual it is. I am a bit of a foodie and this charm is quirky, unique and different. The biscuit charm comes on a silver belcher chain and is adjustable to size.

I think this dainty bracelet would be an ideal gift for a daughter or sister. It also comes with it's own gift card so you wouldn't even have to buy a card - how great is that?!

My cute biscuit charm bracelet.

The detail on the custard cream is amazing, in fact if it was a cream colour I think you would even consider eating it due to the attention to detail. Of course this beautiful silver charm is not edible in the slightest, instead designed to be worn and appreciated as a thing of beauty on your wrist!

If you pop over to the Lily Charmed website I think you will be delighted with the lovely charms on offer. Charms available include all the usual ones such as initials, musical notes, hearts, flowers as well as the slightly more unusual ones such as angel wings, owls and even a flying pig!  You can even see how the charms look like on the chain you choose on the website with a simple drag and drop technique, where you can create your own gift.

You can follow Lily Charmed on Twitter and Facebook and soon I will be offering you the chance to win a Lily Charmed necklace in my big Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway, so be sure to follow my blog to find out more.

Let me know, what do you think of the biscuit o'clock bracelet?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Styling My Celeb Man Crush

English: Hugh Jackman at the premiere for Real...
English: Hugh Jackman at the premiere for Real Steel in September 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's no secret, I have a crush on Hugh Jackman. It may be the lovely smile, dark good looks or his personable approachable way. Or perhaps the fact that he is an amazing actor, whether playing tough guys or those characters like Jean Valjean from Les Miserables, that have a vulnerability, he can transport you to that moment in time. One thing you also notice is that he is always smiling for the camera and although he is snapped everywhere you never get him confronting the paparazzi. He seems like a genuine Mr Nice Guy.

So when New Look asked me to work on their Man Crush Monday campaign I only had one man in mind, and that had me thinking, which clothes would Hugh wear and for what occasion?

Hugh is a family man and he loves nothing better than picking up his kids from school, so one look for him would be a casual, easy to wear look -  a simple dressed down effortless style.  As you can see, the prices below are great. Hugh, if you are listening you don't need to go to the high end luxury fashion boutiques, take a trip to New Look instead. The chinos are slim fit, the hoodie is warm and easy to wash the kids sticky handprints off, the trainers comfortable and easy to wear, and the dark grey burnt out t-shirt is a modern classic.

Perfect for picking up the kids from school
zip up hoodie £14.99, grey burnt out tee £9.99, grey stretch chinos £19.99, dark grey canvas trainers £7.99

Hugh's easy going nature and charm makes him look effortless when presenting awards - the most notable being the 2009 Oscars.  I therefore also wanted a very smart dressy look for him. Well New Look came up trumps again, see my outfit choice below. I would never have thought you could buy a tux and a shirt with a bow tie from New Look, but, guess what, you can.

Perfect for hosting the Oscars
black tailored jacket £27, black sateen trousers £9, waistcoat £11, white ribbed contrast bow tie shirt £13 - all in the sale

I said earlier, Hugh is a big family man, well he is also a very loving husband. He has been with his wife Deborra-Lee for a number of years, sorry all you lovely ladies out there! So I also want to style him for a romantic meal out with his wife. The tweed jacket, and v neck jumper are classics that never go out of fashion and the look is updated with slim fit dark jeans and navy brogues with contrasting soles.

A romantic meal out with the wife
brown tweed jacket £44.99, navy shoes £24.99, navy v neck jumper £14.99, dark blue slim fit coated jeans £34.99

So what do you think of the way I have styled my celeb crush. Did you know that New Look also sell men's clothing?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ted Baker Hip Flask Review from

Dads can be difficult to buy for, be it Christmas or birthdays, I find myself wracking my brain on what to buy my dad.  He is a man of simple pleasures is my dad. He doesn't read or use technology and he's not really into sport or has any major hobbies. He does like his food though and the odd tipple. 

That had me thinking - what would be the ideal Christmas present for my dad? A hip flask, that's what! So I was really pleased when sent me a hip flask to review this week. is one of those shopping sites that you wish you had found ages ago. All different types of hip flasks are here, from modern contemporary hip flasks, to traditional Celtic designs, to leather wrapped hip flasks and even ladies hip flasks, with cute feminine designs.

I am a keen supporter of British businesses and I am also pleased to report that a large majority of their hip flasks are "made with pride in Sheffield". They are also incredibly proud of their customer service and believe in honest and reliable service, quick delivery, competitive prices and happy customers.

This Ted Baker hip flask I was sent has an attractive countryside design on it, of a stag besides a river with mountains in the background. The design is printed on leather which binds the flask. It comes in a really lovely gift box too which adds to the luxury feel of the item. It is a 6 oz hip flask so it can hold a decent amount of whisky or rum or whatever your favourite drink is. 

Great packaging and a lovely design makes this feel like a quality item

What I loved about this hip flask is that it really feels like a quality item. The lid is screw top and it feels air tight as if leaks would be impossible. The Ted Baker logo is embossed in leather and appears hand stitched onto the design too. This would make a great gift for that discerning man in your life. They even sell ladies flasks too, and I love the ladies Ted Baker hip flask below.

So would I buy from them in the future? I certainly would. With a range of nearly 400 flasks and free shipping too they are definitely that go to place when you want to buy a hip flask. They are also happy to offer a free 365 day return policy if you change your mind or decide the flask is simply not suitable * terms and conditions may apply, and what company can say that these days?

Tell me do you know someone who would appreciate a hip flask as a gift? What do you think of the designs?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Blogger Competition With The Real Effect Jewellery Ends 07/11/14

The Real Effect sell beautiful hand crafted jewellery made from silver and sparkling gemstones. What is so special about the company is the fact that they go to great lengths to ensure their gemstones feel as real and luxurious as diamonds.

To find out more about the company I asked them some questions.

When did you start the company?

The Real Effect was founded under its previous title “Goldstyle” in 1981 as a passionate & hard working family business. Our way of thinking is simply that quality jewellery makes quality business, to this end our brand is centred on delivering fine quality products at attainable prices.

Tell me what makes The Real Effect special?

We believe in the charming yet beautiful nature of a hand set product. A smooth sterling silver surface is combined with rhodium plating to achieve a mirror like reflection. Rhodium is a very precious finishing metal that has been known to cost as much as gold.

The piece is then hand-set with European cut, cubic zirconia; zirconia is a step above the crystal, glass & base metal of many competitors and has the highest resemblance to real diamonds. The result is a marvel of affectionate detail, polished to perfection.

The Real Effect is more than a name, when someone wears the Real Effect; we want to provoke a sense of character, feelings of confidence, quality & beauty. We want to instil the effect of reality that the real effect stands for; we do this with the quality of our product. 

What are your favourite pieces?

We don't have a specific favourite piece as we love all of our items! However this is one of our most popular rings below.

What are the price points?

Our products tend to range from £30.00-£150.00. However we do have some unique items that cost around £350.00. 

What are your plans for the future?

We have many plans for the future; our main plan for this year is to create a bigger awareness around our brand. We already have many stockists in the UK and Ireland.

Bloggers Competition

Today I have some exciting news. For those of you who have a blog, would you like the chance to win one of three gift vouchers to spend on The Real Effect website? Yes? I thought you would!

To enter my blogger competition in conjunction with The Real Effect you need to write a blog post about the company on your own blog. The post must be a minimum of 350 words

Judging Criteria

1) Write a brief introduction to the company The Real Effect.
2) Pick a maximum of two items from their website to feature, and say why you like these pieces chosen.
3) Include images of the jewellery - you can take these from their website.
4) Include a link to the company's website - a no follow link is fine.
5) Make it as creative as possible.
6) Leave a link to your blog post below in the comments section and a method of contacting you if you win ( Twitter id, email or Facebook link)

7) Follow @TheRealEffect on Twitter and tweet your entry with the hashtag #RealEffectBlogComp


There will be three prizes, all are vouchers to spend on The Real Effect website.

1) £100 voucher
2) £60 voucher
3) £40 voucher

Terms and Conditions

You must comply with the judging criteria for a chance to win a prize.
The winners will be picked by The Real Effect and their decision is final. 
If you do not reply within 28 days The Real Effect reserve the right to pick an alternative winner.
Please allow 28 days for delivery of your prize.
Closing Date 07/11/14

Good luck!

* This is a sponsored post

Win £30 With Voucher Bin - ends 28/10/14

A guest post by Voucher Bin.

Hello my lovely readers! I know a lot of you love to save money, so today I have a great voucher site to share with you and a fabulous competition too. So over to Voucher Bin to explain all.

Ever landed on a page which gives you enormous amounts of discounts on almost all kinds of stores? When I say almost ALL consider the below - fashion, home decor, flowers,  electronics,  accessories,  entertainment,  dating, baby and child, automotive, business and so on and so forth - yes, the choices are so vast and so different from each other. 

When you first login on, you will notice that the site is very neatly made. It has clear options to check for latest discounts, the categories across which the discounts are available, the expiry of the hot offers and customer reviews. 

On the right top corner of the website you will find an option called "Why use Voucherbin?" which will help one understand the total number of active vouchers and utilized vouchers which will only build your trust in the website's incredible offers.

VoucherBin “Hot Coupons By Email” module lets you subscribe for newsletter through your email to get real time alerts about the best and hot deals every day.

The VoucherBin savings calculator application will help one understand the kind of savings one can avail in order to make the fullest of the site. Select the category and budget and the number of active coupons which suit your requirement would be displayed for you. 

When we talk about online shopping there are some things which bother us - like the guarantee of a particular offer availed, the cost and time of shipping the order, the quality of the product ordered and the modes of payment and their convenience. Every store on the website will ensure 100% satisfaction in all the above. 

I remember the time when online shopping was something which was considered highly risky. But gone are those days when this was the case. Nowadays it is the pleasure of sitting in a place and having the order delivered at the doorstep which makes this kind of shopping an everyday phenomenon. And a lot of our visitors are willing to vouch for the above website, and save money in the process. Let us know if you do that as well.

Today Voucher Bin is offering my lovely readers a chance to win £30 Paypal in cash. So what are you waiting for, visit their site, and then come back and enter the competition below.


* In collaboration with Voucher Bin

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Travel Bucket List

Are there places you've always wanted to go to or sites you've always wanted to see? Me too! So I have decided to make my Travel Bucket List - a list of places I want to see and experience before, well, I kick the bucket.

Travel Makes One Modest - You See What A Tiny Place You Occupy In The World - Gustave Flaubert

To write this I had to think of the type of traveller I am. Well I love travelling and adventure but I'm not the sort of person to go backpacking around the world, I love my comfort too much, and the security of knowing where I am sleeping every night.  However I want to dip my toes into the slightly more off beat places yet still have the security of knowing I am getting the best out of my journey, so to this idea I am considering guided tours. I think to get the best out of a place, sometimes you need a bit of guidance and advice, and need it planned for you. This will be a great departure for me as I am a big planner and love the control aspect, and some of the planning will be taken out of my hands but I think it will be worth it.  

My current dream destination is Japan. I would love to see the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the temples and history of Kyoto and to immerse myself in the Japanese culture.  It's amazing to think that by getting on an aeroplane I can be there in half a day. The freedom and opportunity to see interesting and intriguing places that air travel has brought the modern traveller is outstanding.

So this is my travel bucket list.

See the spectacle of the Northern Lights in Iceland
Stay in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel
Take a wine tour of the Napa Valley
Soak up the atmosphere of Berlin's Christmas markets
Pap a Hollywood star in LA
Visit Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento and see cities and people frozen in time
Admire the architecture at Red Square, Moscow
Stay in a ice hotel

Ice Hotel Sweden

See a show on Broadway and take the Sex in The City Tour
Take a boat trip to Alcatraz and see where the 'birdman' spent his time
Drive along the beautiful Almafi coast
Swim in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Admire the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona
Stay in The Hamptons
Ride on the bullet train in Japan
Witness the power of Niagra Falls
Visit Oxford, Windsor and Bray and eat at the Fat Duck
Ride a cable car up Lombard St, San Francisco

San Franciso

Stay in a white washed house in Lindos
Visit Cuba and have a mojito in a bar Hemingway visited
Tour the temples and gardens of Kyoto
Revisit Gretna Green where my husband and I were married
Enjoy the glamour of the F1 in Monaco or Singapore
Take a dip in the Therma Spa in Bath
Watch a magic show in Vegas
Journey from London to Venice on the Venice Simplon Orient Express 
Visit New England in the fall
See the pyramids of Egypt
Tour the Deep South of America including New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville
Walk the great wall of China


You may have noticed I'm not bungee jumping in New Zealand or trekking in the Himalayas but this bucket list is personal to me. 

I have been lucky enough to already do some amazing things on my travels. I have visited the tallest building in the world The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and had afternoon tea at a "7 star" hotel, the Burj Al Arab, also in Dubai. I have seen hilarious comedians at the Edinburgh comedy festival and seen where major Hollywood films are made at the Warner Brother's Studio and Universal Studios in LA. I have been to the southern most point of the United States in Key West, where I also ate lobster and Key Lime Pie on the beach overlooking the sunset. 

I have sat and watched the world go by in St Mark's Square, Venice and seen the gondolas in St Mark's Square, at The Venetian, Las Vegas. I have driven through the desert from Las Vegas to Santa Monica and driven through the mountains to Loch Lomond, in Scotland. I have climbed every mountain like Julie Andrews in Zell am Zee, Austria and seen the Colosseum in Rome and imagined the horror and the spectacle of gladiators fighting. I have drunk mulled wine in the Christmas markets in Prague, and seen Banksy paintings in the streets of Bristol.  I have seen the wonders of Stonehenge and the shrine to Ianto Jones in Cardiff Bay... ok maybe I should leave that last one off my list.

So tell me readers, what is on your bucket list and why?

This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100. Find out more at

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Bedroom Of The Future And Win Gadgets

I don't know about you but I love technology. I am an avid watcher of the Gadget Show and Click, the technology show on the BBC, and who remembers Tomorrow's World? The idea we would have flying cars in the future and Robots that could clean for us, was very exciting when I was a child.

Well flying cars are still part of the future, maybe one day, but we do now have Robots who can clean for us, and I don't mean the other half!

Betta Living has created a Bedroom Of The Future, giving an interesting and intriguing insight to how our bedrooms will evolve as technology, furniture, gadgets and accessories improve and even blend into one. Here is my pick of the technology I could not live without.
 The Virtual Mirror

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a virtual mirror on your wardrobe? Using an intelligent interface you will be able to browse what is inside and also virtually try on the clothes. It could act as your personal stylist helping you decide, for example, what to wear for which occasion or the weather and takes into account what you have worn previously.  

The virtual interface concept reminds me of the books of paper dolls from my childhood with the cut out clothes, that you change as the mood take you, but instead on a life-size video of our bodies.

If you don’t have that essential pair of shoes to match an outfit the intelligent virtual mirror will take you to an online shop where, with one touch of a button you can purchase the perfect pair.

The Free Floating Bed

Foldaway beds are not only practical but allow for free-floating sleeping. The next generation bed from Betta Living could even use an innovative mechanism to store the bed in right up the ceiling rather than a wall. At the touch of a button, the bed could elevate into the spot lit surround, and then disappear as if by magic.

Duvets of the future could be connected to body monitoring systems which will change to compliment the body's own external temperature.

New mattresses have temperature balancing technology and even personalised mattress contouring too – where you can adjust each side to your ideal firmness, comfort and support.

The Cleaning Robot

Yes Tomorrow's World was right, there are now robots that can clean for you! The IRobot Roomba 880 is a girl's best friend, it even recharges itself between cleaning and gets right up to the edges of a room.  You never know the IRobot of the future may even make you a cup of tea or pour you a glass of wine as you watch The X Factor!

The Gym In A Box

The futuristic bedroom is all about using the smallest of spaces, and transforming an area to be multi-functional. When homeowners want space to work out, they can elevate the bed and bring out a home gym like Domyos Training Box. It contains a weight lifting bar and selection of weights, a weight bench/cardio step and mat all in this tiny box.  

To cool the bedroom as you work out, voice recognition technology will allow you to adjust the air conditioning, making it a pleasant temperature for optimum performance.

In conclusion, technology is forever improving, changing and evolving. The bedroom of the future will have fabulous design and functionality. It's an exciting future....

Betta Living Competition

Would you like to win some of these great gadgets mentioned above?

Betta Living have a fantastic competition with some amazing prizes up for grabs at the moment. If you go over to the Betta Living Facebook page and enter the competition via the app you could win their fantastic Bedroom Gadget Giveaway - with a total prize value of over £1500 ,which includes an iRobot vacuum, and Gym in a box as mentioned above, along with a Tivoli radio alarm clock, iMakr 3D mini-you model, SAD Light, and Lightwave RF products, it's a gadget lovers delight.

Let me know what you would like to see in the bedroom of the future or if you enter the Betta Living Bedroom Gadget Giveaway. Good Luck!

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Clarins New Skincare And Makeup For Autumn

Clarins, the luxury skincare brand, have brought out new updated skin creams this Autumn. Based on the skin cream recipes that many women already love, the Super Restorative Day Cream and the Super Restorative Night Cream have been updated to include targeted and organic plant extracts, devised to meet the needs of older skin, including those that have hormonal changes due to the ageing process. 

Leading up to the menopause skin goes through many changes becoming dry and more lined. Using these products together Clarins feels will help the skin become more resilient, replenished and brighter. 

Super Restorative Day Cream

Ten years since the Super Restorative Day Cream became many women's skin saviour, Clarins goes one step further and adds organic Harungana extract, from a 'healing' tree from Madagascar. Harungana has been showed to help on the synthesis of collagen, helping to restore cell structures, reducing wrinkles and slackening of skin.

This gorgeous skin cream which has a light floral fragrance, applies like a dream. Perfect to prep the skin before makeup, it sinks in well and leaves a slight sheen. Skin feels soft, nourished and smelling great.

Super Restorative Night Cream

The Super Restorative Night Cream has had the organic extract Montpellier Rock-Rose added to help target age spots following hormonal changes. Over time skin is tightened, nourished and replenished and age spots reduced. Packed full of natural ingredients such as Harungana, shea butter, mango and ginkgo biloba it also smells great when applied. 

Although rich the cream does not sit on top of the skin, instead it feels as if it sinks in well without any greasy feel.  On application skin feels soft, with no sign of tightness, and next day lines are plumped up and smoothed. Added to this the pleasant rose fragrance makes this a great buy and a luxury everyday skincare treat. 

Both 50ml creams are available now in a smart red glass jar and are priced at £69 for the day cream and £73 for the night cream. These creams are not in the budget bracket but are a must have for those ladies who take their skincare seriously. 

Ombre Matt Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow

These eyeshadows are soft and silky creams in the pots but change to powder on the skin. They come in a range of silky, blendable colours in flattering earthy tones such as taupe, nude rose and sparkle grey. What I loved about these eyeshadows is that they stayed in place and did not go into the creases of my eye. 

It is easy to add more colour and blend these eyeshadows as the day progresses. Amazingly long lasting I recommend these eyeshadows for a flawless day to evening look. Priced at £19 each, they are decent value due to the high level of pigmentation and long lasting nature of each eyeshadow.

In conclusion you definitely get what you pay for in luxury skincare and makeup. I will be asking Santa for some Clarins makeup this year in my stocking and next on my list is their Everlasting Foundation. Clarins, I think you have a new fan!

Tell me, do you have any Clarins products? What do you think of the eyeshadow colours?