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Digital Marketing Tips For Bloggers

People blog for many reasons. Some blog to help and inform others, others for catharsis. Some blog because they love to write, and others to review products. Once a blog is established with a readership many bloggers look to monetise their blog. This is when S.E.O. and digital marketing becomes important. 

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What is S.E.O.?

S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of actively trying to improve your search engine ranking.

Why Is It Important?

It is important as all the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo use a ranking procedure to place websites in order. Those at the top of the rankings gain more exposure. If you think about it, most people don't scroll past the first couple of pages of a search engine.

There are many factors that can improve your search engine rankings and a blog or small business can get many benefits from doing their S.E.O. and digital marketing themselves.

Some Simple Tips


Call your blog something relevant and easy to remember. Will the blog address be relevant to you in ten years' time? Short and easy to spell blog addresses are preferable.

If you are a blogger it is especially important to own your own domain. Owning your own domain reinforces and promotes your brand. Having your own domain allows you to have your own domain authority. Domain authority or D.A. is a metric used to calculate how well a website is likely to perform on Google. Many P.R. companies look at a blog's domain authority - the higher it is, the better it is to link to for S.E.O. purposes.


Write interesting original content that people want to bookmark, share and link back to. It is important to write original content as Google can penalise sites with duplicate content. This can mean your blog not appearing in search results. 

Link to your own content from within your blog post. Internal links help with S.E.O.


Name your photos something appropriate. This helps search engines find and index relevant images. Make sure your images are optimised and quick to load. Photo editing software such as Photoshop and Picmonkey are great to reduce image size.


Create natural backlinks to your blog. This can help 
raise your domain authority. You can do this by making relevant comments on other blogs and linking to your blog address. 

Guest posting is a great way of getting a backlink to your blog. Many fellow bloggers will be happy to give you a follow link for a guest post - after all you are doing them a favour by writing new fresh content for them.


Don't forget to share your post. It can be the most awesome post in the world but if you don't share it how will people see it? It's worth having social media accounts for your blog to share content. Share the content of others and they will be more likely to share yours. Tag the company you are working with in a post so they can retweet for you. Use relevant hashtags to spread the post and get it seen.

These are just some simple tips. 

For a more in depth analysis of your blog consider a targeted S.E.O. and digital marketing course. The best digital marketing companies have engaging, easy to understand courses for people of all levels of knowledge. The worst digital marketing companies are expensive and can actually cause your blog to be penalised by Google. 

To choose a reputable company look at the results they have attained, the brands they have worked with and the testimonials of others.

Tell me do you have any digital marketing tips?

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Chantelle Lingerie Review

I'm a woman that likes nice underwear, don't we all? I am a pretty underwear gal, bras and pants have to have detail, be it eyelash lace, made of a silky satin material or have a cute pattern. A bra also has to lift and shape my curves.

Chantelle fits my style beautifully.

Chantelle is a French brand that you can find in recommended underwear stores and online from the likes of and House Of Fraser. They are steeped in history and heritage with a tradition of excellence in their design and craftsmanship. Made in France for over a hundred years their expertise is reflected in the quality and femininity of their products whilst still producing underwear that is supremely comfortable. They also keep up-to-date with trends and innovation, to produce the best fit and support all wrapped up in a pretty underwear package. Every year they test over 200 new materials to bring new designs to market.

Attention to detail is important for the company. When I was asked if I wanted to review a set of underwear I was advised I needed a proper bra fitting first by a store that was a stockist. This was a great idea as I would have ordered the wrong size! The fitting in this brand was  slightly bigger than I would normally take so it was useful to get a fitting in the independent store, Madam Foner in Swansea.

Madame Foner is in one of the small arcades in the centre of town. It's a little treasure trove of beautiful underwear from all the leading brands and is definitely worth a visit. The staff appear welcoming and knowledgeable and were extremely helpful. 

I have an ample bust so I usually go for an underwired bra with no padding. I also like underwear in neutral colours that I can mix and match.

Looking through the Chantelle brochure I spotted a set I really liked the look of. from the Opera range. The Opera demi bra is made of pretty lace and is underwired, with a delicate flower and petal lace.  The staff at Madame Foner let me try on the bra and I loved it straight away. Although they didn't have the size I wanted, after being measured I was told to get a bigger size than I normally wear. Apparently French designs can be slightly smaller than British designs. 

I like shorts and french knickers so I picked the Opera shorty to go with the demi bra.

So I ordered the set and waited for it to arrive.

Firstly I was pleased with the size of the bra. The fitting in Madame Foner was accurate, the bra fitted me perfectly and was a bra size bigger than I would have normally picked. Sizes can alter in brands and styles so this is an important point to note. If you have lost or put on weight it is especially important to get a new bra fitting as it is highly likely your size will be different.

The shorty again comes up a little small in size so I would recommend going for a size bigger than you normally wear. It has a little stretch and is fairly low-rise, but is comfortable on.

The quality of both the shorty and the bra is excellent. There is no uneven or unfinished stitching anywhere.

As you can see above the lace design is stunning and is reminiscent of flowers and leaves. The semi-sheer mesh and lace is sexy but also girlie and feminine. Perfect for a date night in my opinion. This set also comes in aubergine, a lovely purple and the colour milk which is white. Bra styles in the Opera range include a push up and strapless bra and a basque which would be ideal for a bride. The pants also come in other designs such as a tanga.

Would I buy Chantelle in the future? Yes most definitely. Gorgeous designs mixed with French craftsmanship make stunning underwear.

Tell me, what do you think of the underwear I have chosen? Have you heard of Chantelle lingerie?

Thursday, 1 October 2015

There's No Place Like Home

We love our home and over the years we have worked hard to transform it into a place that we love to spend time in. After all, it’s true what they say, there’s no place like home.

Although my husband and I have invested lots of time perfecting each room into a space that reflects exactly how we want it to look and feel, there’s still so much to be done. It’s a sad fact of life that home improvements do not come cheap, especially if you’re renovating areas of home such as your kitchen or bathroom, as we have quickly found out. I live in a flat and hope to move one day to a larger house but before then I need to renovate and decorate our home.

My Dream Home 
Image Creative Commons Pixabay

We’ve been meaning to renovate our kitchen for years now, and despite being one of the most used rooms in our home, it has kind of taken a back seat. I guess the costs involved in taking on this scale of home improvement project have always put us off! Getting reliable workmen too is incredible hard where I live.

We were right to be wary, having started to look into the costs involved, we quickly realised that this was one home improvement project that wasn’t going to happen financially overnight… With this in mind, I decided to do some research into how we could be in the best financial position to fund our dream kitchen. Here’s what I found out.


If savings are not an option, or if they don’t quite cover the amount you need to spend, it might be worth looking into taking out a credit card or loan to finance the cost of your project. Just make sure that you shop around for the best deal, check out and compare the Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R) for loans and make use of offers like 0% balance transfers on credit cards. 

Image Creative Commons Pixabay

However, before relying on credit as an option and to avoid disappointment before applying, it’s always a good idea to check and make sure you understand your credit report. You credit report is important as you need to check the information on it is correct, as if not it may affect your chance of getting credit such as a loan, mortgage or credit card in the future. It is recommended that you check this once a year for inaccuracies so you can put it right. The higher your credit score the more likely it is you will be given credit.


As a family that has always saved, we have managed to save a substantial towards the cost of the project. One thing that is important to account for is unexpected expenses.

Before starting any home renovation project you should always overestimate the costs involved, and make sure that you have the money set aside to cover them. Sit down and write a list of all of the costs involved from materials to installation, then add 10% on top for unforeseen costs. It might even be that you have to take time off work to oversee the project, make sure you factor this into your costings too!


Another option to help fund large home improvement projects is to look at re-mortgaging your home, particularly if you are going to be renovating rooms in a bid to increase the value of your property.

These often include rooms such as your bathroom, kitchen, and extensions to your home. You should also check whether or not you have any equity tied up in your home, this could also allow you to free up some cash to cover the costs of your home improvement projects.

We are well on our way to funding our dream kitchen and I hope in the next few months to report back with photos of our renovations....If I can find some reliable workmen....

Tell me if you own your own property have you ever thought about home improvements? If so how did you manage to fund it?

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Top 5 Tips For Spreading The Cost This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you are probably already wondering how you are going to pay for the gifts, and items for everyone on the gift list. With this said, there are a number of ways to spread the cost over the holiday season, so that you aren't burdened with one giant bill to pay off at once. 
These are the top 5 tips for spreading the cost this Christmas, and affording everything you want (and need) to buy.

Image creative commons Pixabay

1. Catalogue shopping -
With many online catalogues offering financing for up to 36 months (or longer), you can truly spread the cost out. Not only that, but most catalogues sell a variety of items, so you can buy several gifts on the shopping list, all in one place, rather than having to visit several department stores. Some offer interest free credit too.

2. Online Surveys -
Ever done online surveys? Seems foolish to many, but many companies are willing to pay you for your opinion or enter you for a prize draw. So, if you get a survey after shopping, consider doing it. Survey sites are worth signing up for and not only will many companies gift you gift cards or money back options, they will also offer free gifts in many cases as well.

Image creative commons Pixabay

3. Credit cards -
Sure, you don't want to use them, but for many this is an option they need. Many credit cards will offer the option for 0% interest free financing, especially for a balance transfer. So, if you qualify for free financing, and pay off the entire balance by the promotional period, you won't have to worry about high interest charges looming over you either. Watch out for an arangement fee though.

4. Department store cards -
They are typically very easy to qualify for, and most stores offer free promotional periods, meaning no interest if you pay the item off (typically 6 to 12 months with most stores). Some department stores offer an additional percentage discount (5 to 10% off) when you use their store card too. So, it is a double bonus as you don't have to worry about interest, and you receive an additional discount simply for using the store card.

5. Layaway -
Many retailers offer the 'layaway' payment option for their shoppers. If you are purchasing a large gift, like a gold necklace, gaming system or pricey electronics, you can pay it off over time. Some retailers offer weekly payment options, others offer monthly options. If you visit stores now, not only do you have about three months to pay off the entire purchase, most retailers offering the layaway payment option do not charge interest as long as you pay off the entire item prior to picking it up. I know when I had my own jewellers we did this and it is often seen in independent stores.

These are a few simple, and creative ways for you to go about holiday shopping this year. Not only will it allow you to buy all items and gifts on your holiday shopping list, it also allows you to save on interest, and receive great promotions and discounts when shopping. Consider shopping early, and getting these purchases out of the way now, so you can take advantage of these different methods of spreading out the cost of holiday shopping this year.

Do you use any of these methods wisely to spread the cost of Christmas?

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Edinburgh Travel With #NoFilter Photographs

Edinburgh is a beautiful historic city, and one with such a variety of amazing things to do and see. From the Georgian elegance of New Town, to the preserved medieval Old Town and the world class shopping of Princes Street, history buffs, foodies, shoppers and lovers of culture and fun all love Edinburgh equally.

When I say lovers of culture and fun, of course I am referring to the Edinburgh 'Fringe' festival. Below are some of my favourite photos that I took when I visited the Edinburgh Fringe festival a few years ago.

Photo - Singers Serenading Tourists

I took this photo while I was having lunch in the Grassmarket area, with Edinburgh castle towering above. I was sitting down with my son, when, from out of nowhere this comedy group appeared and started serenading a table near by.

Why I Like This Photo

It sums up the impromptu and fun feeling of the festival. A feeling that anything can happen and it shows that it truly does.

How To Take A Photo Like This

Carry your camera with you everywhere. Expect the unexpected to get that natural unposed look. I love the interaction involved. I was going to crop the photo but the look on the face of the man far left says is all! A great tip I learnt is about the rule of thirds. A subject that is third of the way from the edges of the frame, can help create a more interesting photo rather than one with the subject in the centre. The fence here creates interest and helps takes the viewers eye to the subject of the photo - the serenading group.

The joy of the face of the singer in the centre and the movement of their arms really adds to the fun aspect of the photo. It feel like you can almost hear their witty ditty. 

Photo - Unicycling Juggling Fire Eater

Yes you heard me correctly. Again this was taken in the historic Grassmarket area, which was jam packed full of people at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Why I Like This Photo

You can't not like a unicycling jugging fire eater, can you? It's an unusual subject. This photo shows the concentration on his face too, and leaves the viewer wondering what happens next.  I would have liked to capture him looking at the camera but then he may have fallen off his bike! 

How To Take A Photo Like This

Pay attention to street performers, unusual characters and people in general. To get a great candid photo catch the subject unawares so the photo comes out natural and unposed. I did crop this image to focus on the subject, but no filters or any other edit tools were used as with all the photos here.

Photo - Olympic Rings Near The Assembly Rooms

I was queueing to go into the Assembly Rooms to see a comedy show in 2012 when I took this photo of the Olympic Rings that were installed to celebrate Great Britian holding the Olympics that year. 

Why I Like This Photo

Natural sunsets are stunningly beautiful. I like the colour of the sky and the silhouette of the iconic Olympic rings installed for that year's games. 

How To Take A Photo Like This

I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time but if you are keen to get a great sunset, scope out the area in advance to find places with a great view. Find out the time of sunset and be there in advance. Doing this will allow you to take multiple photographs and you will have more chance of getting that perfect photograph. The silhouette of the Olympic rings is a great point of interest, especially being placed within the viewfinder by the rule of thirds. In low lighting conditions consider taking a tripod for perfect steady pictures on a long aperture.

All of these photos were taken on a compact camera so I hope you can see you don't need special equipment to take fun interesting photos.

This is my post for the London City Airport #NoFilter campaign. The challenge is to share photos without the use of any filters.  I hope the judge Keith Savage from the Traveling Savage blog enjoys my photos as much as I did taking them.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

24 Hours In Dubai

If you have never been to Dubai, I urge you to go. It a melting pot of cultures and traditions, with incredible architectural styles both old and new, amazing shopping from the designer malls to bargains in the souks and many fun activities for both young and old. 

I was asked recently by Travelbag to come up with an itinerary of what to do if I only had 24 hours in Dubai. This is my post.

10.00am - Visit Atlantis The Palm Waterpark, Aquaventure

In the amazing opulence that is Atlantis The Palm hotel is the Aquaventure water park. Visit in the morning before the heat is too oppressive, and don't forget to slap on the sunscreen and take plenty of water. 

This vast waterpark has adrenaline rides galore for the adventurous among you, whilst families can enjoy the river rides and children's play area. 

Other attractions in Atlantis Palm include the Lost Chambers Aquarium where you can can up close and personal with the sealife, including a once in a lifetime experience of swimming with sharks. In the Marine park there is also the opportunity to swim with dolphins, meet the sealions and scuba dive.

2pm - Afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab hotel

This incredible iconic hotel is a feat of engineering, being built on an artificial island and designed to mimic the sails of a ship. This is Dubai's self proclaimed '7 star hotel'.  On the roof there is even a helipad for the millionaires that stay here. 

Visiting the Burj Al Arab is a once in a lifetime experience for some. You can't even venture across the bridge to the hotel unless you have a reservation, and once inside the 24 carat gold pillars and impeccable service sets it apart in a class of it's own. Fountains of water dance in the foyer, staff are dressed in smart uniforms and if you stay overnight you have your own private butler.

Afternoon tea is made up of on dainty sandwiches, warm scones and incredible desserts. Food is plentiful and has many little courses, and it is easy to spend 2 to 3 hours here eating and chatting whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Champagne, if ordered, is poured so the bubbles go up the centre of the glass and my son was suitably impressed with his glass of sparkling date juice.

6pm - Shopping in the modern malls or traditional souks 

Dubai is known for it's shopping, both traditional and modern. For real bargains try the souks. These traditional markets are full of colour and real local characters. Haggle for the best prices in gold, spices, and textiles. Many souks are open in the morning, then closed in the afternoon but open again later until 10pm.

The modern Mall Of The Emirates is shopping on a different level. It has more than 700 stores, a cinema, Magic Planet - a family play centre and even a ski run. Yes you heard me right, in a country known for it's sand and heat, you can even ski in the centre of Dubai. Leave the children at Magic Planet while you go shopping for designer goodies in Cartier, Gucci and Burberry. For fashionistas that can't stretch to these prices try Michael Kors, or if you want a touch of home, Harvey Nichols and Marks and Spencers both have shops here. Have dinner at the Cheescake factory for a slice of American heaven, or if you are still full after afternoon tea, pick up a snack in one of the food stalls or cafes.

9pm - Cocktails in the Burj Khalifa

To see Dubai's skyline in all it's glory, go to the top of the World's tallest building the Burj Khalifa. At over 829m or 2722 ft no other building compares in size. If it's good enough for Tom Cruise to hang off in the Mission Impossible films it's good enough for me to visit! You are whisked up to the top of the building in a little more than a minute in a state of the art lift, and it is incredible to see the tiny buildings below.  

Cocktails can be taken at the Atmosphere lounge 442 meters up, which I recommend at sunset for the best views of the city. Alternately eat at the Michelin Star restaurant for some of the best food in the city.

So this is my 24 hours in Dubai. There is so much to see and do in this intriguing city that this is just a taster. If you are looking for holidays in Dubai try Travelbag.

Let me know, have you ever been to Dubai? Would you like to go? If you want to read more about my travel adventures check out my travel posts here.

* Photos are my own except Atlantis Palm courtesy of Claire from Ninja Killer Cat. A sponsored post.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Beautiful Feet In Seconds? Does the Micro-Pedi Live Up To The Hype?

I am one of those people that have hard skin on my feet. It's not a pretty state of affairs down then I can tell  you. I actually feel embarrassed to have a pedicure when I do, a couple of times a year. I really should take more care of my feet, so when I was offered the chance to try the Micro-Pedi Limited Edition manicure and pedicure set I jumped at the chance.

The Micro-Pedi limited edition manicure and pedicure set

I tried something similar from a competitor last year and was really dissapointed as it hardly took any hard skin off my tootsies, so I was hoping the Micro-Pedi lived up to it's promises.

In the Micro-Pedi limited edition you get a range of items for a complete pedicure or manicure. The only thing that you need is nail varnish for a complete look.

Now using the Micro-Pedi roller I didn't expect a miracle cure for my feet, but I thought I would give it a try. Firstly the instructions say to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly, after inserting an AA battery, I then remove the protective protector on the device and switched it on. 

The Micro-Pedi roller is a buffing device - it feels coarse like sandpaper. As it rolls you run it over the hard skin gently rotating as you go. I used this continuous, rolling it and rotating it over my heels for approximately a minute, taking care not to use it in the same place too long.  Superficially it worked on my feet and took off a fine layer of skin. I could see this wasn't an instant cure but that a gentle course of treatment was needed. At this point I thought that I would tackle the hard skin over a course of a few days, and would see what they would be like after a 3 day course of treatment.

After I finished using the Micro-Pedi I then smoothed the Ultra Finishing Foot Cream into my heels. This specially formulated product with coconut extract felt very nourishing on my feet and had a pleasant fragrance with top notes of coconut and an underlying floral tone. 

So what did my feet feel like after my first go you may ask? Well they were definitely smoother and softer but I can still feel hard skin on my heels. 

The next day I used the Micro-Pedi again. I took the device and rolled it over the hard skin on my heels for the same length of time as before. The skin comes off in a fine dust, so I recommend doing it on a towel or over a hard surface that you can clean easily. Again I applied the nourishing foot cream after treatment. I really rate the cream, as it glides on the skin and feels like it is penetrating into my heels. It feels like it is actively make them softer.

The last time I used the Micro-Pedi was the next day. After repeating the steps again as above, and smoothing in the foot cream I checked my feet for the final result. Before I give you my final verdict I felt it was important to show you the rest of the set too.

The manicure and pedicure attachments

This Micro-Pedi Limited Edition also comes with a manicure and pedicure set. This includes toe separators, mini scissors, and nail clippers as well as a range of tools to cut, buff, polish and shine, it makes a great gift. Unfortunately the nail clippers broke, and I don't know why, I can only imagine a manufacturing fault.

I'm no expert in the manicure and pedicure department but the instructions were simple and easy to understand.  I buffed my nails with the tools that attach to a different roller. I particularly liked the cuticle tool to push back the cuticles. 

Using the cuticle attachment

My verdict:- Beautiful feet in seconds? Not quite, however, if you have a problem with hard skin and want a gentle solution to removing it consider a course of treatment with the Micro-Pedi. 

Before and after

In my opinion it is just as important to use the Ultra Finishing Foot Cream after treatment as this softened and nourished skin.  In the future I will use the Micro-Pedi to keep my heels soft and prevent hard skin developing. The manicure and pedicure attachments are a nice addition to the range, however I did have a fault with the nail clippers which broke. Overall that let the set down which was disappointing.

My rating 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

* I was gifted the item by Pedi Reviews

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How To Support World Rhino Day

Today is World Rhino Day. World Rhino Day was first announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010. Everyone knows about the fact that elephants are killed every day for their tusks. According to National Geographic over 100,000 elephants have been killed in the last three years, but rhinos are killed too for their tusks, which some cultures believe have medicinal properties.

Of the two types of rhino in Africa, the black rhino and white rhino -  there are only 20,000 remaining of the white rhino and only a handful of the even rarer northern white rhino. The black rhino is even more endangered being on the critically endangered list with a population of only approximately 5,000. As you can see these magnificent creatures are under major threat.

The very real risks of both elephants and rhinos face in Africa will be around for as long as there is demand for their products. Rhino horn is used in some traditional Asian medicines for a variety of conditions from a high fever to blood disorders and even as a hangover cure whilst in Vietnam where some people believe rhino horn cures cancer. It is important to note that there are no scientific basis for these claims.

Organisations that focus on saving these beautiful creatures should in my opinion be applauded. Tusk is one such charity that funds conservation and community development in Africa. Tusk has set up important surveillance projects to monitor the black rhino population, and protect them from poachers. 

So what can we do in the UK on a simple level? We can donate to Tusk through their website and also through initiatives where companies donate their profits of a product to this worthwhile charity.

One such company is Asimi Silver. Asimi Silver feel so strongly about the cause that they have pledged 100% of the profits from both their silver elephant necklace and their silver rhino necklace to Tusk.

These beautiful pendants are full of character and very unique like the animals themselves and come complete with sterling silver chains, beautifully presented in a lovely Asimi presentation box, and tied with a bow. Inside is a silver care card as well as a note confirming your support of these animals through the charity Tusk.

These gifts are perfect for animal lovers everywhere, jewellery lovers and lovers of the diverse African continent. The hand finished pendants are different and special and make a perfect Christmas gift.

Asimi Silver also have other animal pendants for sale, including a very cute hummingbird, hippo, giraffe and whale pendant.

Let me know what you think of these pendants. Did you know about rhinos being endangered? Have you been to Africa and seen these beautiful creatures in the wild?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Rockface For Men Review and Competition - Ends 16/10/15

Rockface for men is a really cool brand that my husband buys regularly. He loves the way that each product works effortlessly to keep him well groomed and smart, and I like the way that the citrus fragrance makes him smell, totally fresh and yummy. That's the beauty of the Rockface products - they are multi-tasking, performing like an aftershave as well as a toiletry. He has been given a selection of products to try from the wide range and these are the highlights below.

Rockface Shave Butter – 75 ml £4.99

This product is supremely nourishing containing illipe and shea butter and coconut juice amongst other things. This is my husband's favourite product and he has bought it since it came out. He applies is and lets it sink into his skin for a minute. This allows his bristles to soften and his skin to hydrate before he takes his razor and shaves. The razor glides over the skin easily without any harshness and the skin is left smooth, hydrated and perfectly nourished. It can also be used as a post shave product moisturiser. A massive thumbs up from him indoors.

Rockface Post Shave Balm – 100ml £4.99

Especially formulated with aloe vera and allantoin to hydrate and allantoin and soothe the skin. This is a really useful post shave balm, my husband applied this when his skin was particularly irritated and sore, and it seemed to soothe and comfort.

Rockface Face & Body Scrub – 150 ml £4.99

A really good face and body scrub can be useful when you skin is bumpy and uneven. Containing a clever mixture of crushed walnut shells and ground rice this scrub is both gentle enough to be used on your face and tough enough to be used on your body to slough away dead skin cells and produce radiant skin. We both feel this is great to use when you want to look your ultimate best, before a night out with your mates or a date with your partner.

Rockface 48 Hour Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray – 150ml £2.99

With a stunning fragrance that is incredibly fresh without being overpowering this product has also guaranteed protection for up to 48 hours. I have packed this off with my son for his first term at uni, maybe he will get a girlfriend now, fingers crossed!

Rockface Anti-Ageing Moisturiser - RRP £5.99

My husband is out in all weathers windsurfing, and years of not taking enough care of his skin means he can do with all the help he can get - so I was eager to see if this would improve his skin. The special formulation has an active ingredient called Fucogel®which soothes and moisturises skin, as well as radish root, a natural anti-bacterial agent and five essential minerals. The antibacterial agent is a clever touch as he often complains he gets spots as well as wrinkles!

So does it work you may ask? Short term his skin looks smooth, soft, and supple, only time will tell on the anti-ageing properties but at this price I am happy to buy for my husband on a regular basis.

Rockface Energising Facewash - RRP £3.99

When you feel tired and need a pick me up consider this energising facewash. Invigorating and stimulating, the green coffee extract stimulates the skin, whilst the clever formulation containing chickpeas exfoliates and removed dead skin. Easy to use, jmy husband just massaged this into his wet face. A perfect product to use after a night out when you have had a little too much to drink or when you are tired and have to go out.

Rockface Shower Wash RRP £ 3.75

Another multi purpose product this citrus fragranced shower wash is perfect for hair and body especially first thing in the morning when you need that wake up push from the invigorating scent. Another product I am sending off with my son who loves his late nights but has to get up early for uni.

So these are the highlights of the products we were sent. Other products in the range include Rockface Shave Gel, Rockface Active Body Spray,  and Rockface All Weather Moisturiser. 

The Rockface range is available from Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and Waitrose.  More information at, and you can follow them on twitter @rockface4men.

So if you want range that works really hard, is well priced and smells divine then consider buying this for yourself or the man in your life.

Today I am giving you a chance to win a selection of Rockface products. To enter just answer the questions on the Gleam app below. You can bookmark this page and come back for a daily entry via Twitter too. Terms and conditions are on the bottom on the app. Good luck!

You can also enter my other competitions runnning if you feel like it too :)

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Win A Names 4 Ever Necklace - Review And Competition Ends 16/10/15

As I have said before I am a great fan of personalised jewellery. Jewellery that is unique to you. Names 4 Ever is a company that produces exactly the sort of pretty personalised jewellery that has become popular in fashion, in a choice of silver and gold.

One such design that has come back into fashion and is popular with Names 4 Ever is the name necklace like the 'Carrie' necklace. Made popular by the series Sex In The City, the 'Carrie' necklace was worn by Carrie Bradshaw who was played by Sarah Jessica Parker and was acquired when she went shopping with her best friends in the show. It symbolised being single and free.  The popularity of it grew and before long it became worn by women of all ages, single, in a relationship and married - women that adored the personalised scripted jewellery.

A design that is similar to the 'Carrie' necklace is the 'Petra' necklace. In a beautiful script, what makes this necklace stand out is the heart bottom right of the design. It is particularly popular as it is often gifted by a partner due to the symbol of love in the design.

'Petra' necklace with the personalised name Emily

Another popular necklace by Names 4 Ever is the 'Infinity' necklace. The 'Infinity 'sign is used for ultimate bonds, like love and friendships - heart felt concepts of eternity. A lovely gift for your first love or perhaps for your partner on your wedding day, the unbroken bond of the 'Infinity' necklace is forever.
'Infinity' necklace personalised with the names Ralph and Danielle

The 'Bar' necklace is a design made by Names 4 Ever, that is simple, chic and stylish. If you want a classic look that won't date consider this necklace with your choice of engraving. If you do not want names engraved, a heart felt message or words that you live your life by can be lovingly scripted on this beautiful necklace.

'Bar' necklace personalised with the inscription Love Hope Faith

As you can see Names 4 Ever have a wide variety of personalised designs and there are so many more on their website, including engraved charms, mother and child necklaces and animal and zodiac pendants, to name a few.

Prices are realistic too, for example the silver 'Petra' necklace is only £27.95. I know what I will be asking for this Christmas, that's for sure! With free shipping and delivery there are also no hidden costs, which is great.

Today I am giving you the chance to win a name necklace in silver only. Entry is through the Gleam application below which picks the winner at random. It's easy to enter honestly, for a guide on how to enter check out this post by Super Lucky Di!

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