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5 Things No Summer Holiday Would Be Complete Without

This is a guest post by the lovely Samantha from

5 Things No Summer Holiday Would Be Complete Without


Obviously this pretty much goes without saying but if you’re going on a beach holiday then you definitely need a bikini (or seven) for sunbathing and chilling round the pool/on the beach. My favourite style is the bandeau as it means no tan lines on your shoulders. I tend to pick up a few different styles from Primark before my holiday as they’re cheap which means you can afford one for every day.

Flip Flops

For slipping on round the pool and sloping walks into town, you need a pair of comfortable, casual flip flops. My favourite brand is Havaianas and I get a new pair every time we go away. They do really cute patterned ones and I love the ones with gold straps as they really pop once you get a tan. I got these ones for my honeymoon last year.

Beach Bag

For your book, iPod, suncream and beach towel, you need a practical yet super-stylish bag so you can toss everything in and set off for the beach. I love this one from Ted Baker as it is just the right size for all your sunbathing-essentials and comes with matching flip flops. You’ll be the matchy-matchy envy of the rest of the sun worshippers with this beauty.

A Long Dress

In the past, a maxi dress would be your go to for holiday cocktails and dinners but this season there’s a new shape in town. The A-line midi comes to just above your ankle and, as the name suggests, flicks out towards the bottom. Go for pastel shades of blue or pink (they look great with a tan!) and wear with a low block heel for super-stylish holiday evening wear.

Denim Shorts

The easiest holiday garment to wear for sightseeing and day time exploring, you can now get denim shorts in a variety of colours and styles. My absolute favourites are faded denim high-waisted hot pants but I’ve also just bought these dark coral cuties from Primark, where they have a pair in every colour imaginable. Denim shorts are also great for taking you from day to night as you can dress them up with heels and a kimono for evening cool.
What are your holiday fashion essentials?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Yves Rocher Beauty Review

I have never tried products from the beauty brand Yves Rocher before. Did you know they are the number 1 beauty care brand in France? 


Yves Rocher started the brand in the 1950's in France after a local healer gave him a secret recipe for a cream. Yves made it by hand and before he knew it, it was a sell out. Through his passion for plants and years of study he created the 'Botanical Beauty' ethos, and now Yves Rocher sell to over 30 million women each year.


There are many products in the Yves Rocher brand, from face care, body care and haircare to makeup to nutrition and well being - a complete holistic approach to beauty.

I was sent some complimentary products for a honest review. At the moment these products are on special offer, I have posted the offer price below.

Monoï de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil - £8.50

When I was younger I used to have oily skin, but since my 40's I have noticed my skin getting drier. I would have never used a dry oil product in the past so I wasn't sure what to expect from this. Although this is an oil, this product absorbs easily and quickly into the skin. It has a tropical floral fragrance with a slight nutty smell. I wasn't too keen on the fragrance, as I found it too sweet for me but don't let that put you off as the product works really well.

The shimmering particles give a slight sheen to your skin, and looks particularly attractive on legs and shoulders for that sunkissed look. It is also mineral oil and paraben free which is a great plus point. I am definitely packing this when I go on holiday next. 

Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar - £5.65

A rinsing vinegar is used to give extra shine to the hair after shampooing. This silicone free formula has the delightful fragrance of raspberries with no smell of vinegar at all ( I was concerned about that!) You apply it to your hair after shampooing, leave for a minute or so, and then rinse off with water. I was quite sceptical about this product, but my hair did feel slinky after use, and smooth to the touch. It is formulated to remove mineral build up too.

Delicate Cleansing Cream Low Shampoo - £3.45

The concept behind a 'low' shampoo is that it doesn't foam but it is rich in cleansing agents. You apply it by spreading the product with your fingers through your hair from roots to ends, rubbing gently in, and then you rinse away with water. 

Ok this takes a little getting used to if you expect your shampoo to produce lots of foam and suds, but it works very well and my hair was squeaky clean after using it. It has a light floral scent and no sulphate parabens, silicon or colourings too, so you can be kind to the environment and your hair at the same time. 

Monoi De Tahiti Lagoon hair and body wash - £1.95

The Monoï de Tahiti Lagoon hair and body wash is formulated to remove every trace of sand and sun cream - perfect for those beach holidays in the sun. What I liked about this product is the soft lather that felt nourishing too. It has a distinctive smell that reminded me of tropical flowers, with a hint of almond underneath and it is paraben and ethoxylate free. This two in one formula is now only £1.95 so a great price too. 

This would be great to pack in your suitcase for holidays, or even to take down the gym or swimming pool, to freshen up quickly.

Of all these products my favourite was the Yves Rocher Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar. I didn't expect much from this product but it really changed my mind as my hair looked more shiny without the added weight of conditioners and I adored the raspberry fragrance too.

As a company Yves Rocher has great credentials, and was one of the first companies not to test their products on animals. If you like natural products and haven't used Yves Rocher before, give them a try.  

At the moment  – readers can get £6 off when they spend £26 or more and at the moment this also includes free delivery, just enter code 6OFF26 at checkout  at

Let me know what you think of these products. Have you ever tried Yves Rocher?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Doing Good Everyday By Connecting People

Do you believe in Karma? "Where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual." Or in other words "What goes around comes around". The idea that by doing something good or helping others, you will get get repaid in the future, in some shape or form.

Image Copywrite ComZeal Shutterstock 

The Research

Did you know that actual research has shown that the happiest people are those that actually DO good for others? Whether that is giving up your free time to volunteer in a local charity shop, doing the shopping for an elderly neighbour or even paying for the coffee of someone behind you in a cafe.

When we do good things for others we reduce our own stress, including the physiological symptoms. When we are stressed for long periods the immune and cardiovascular systems are affected and abnormal cellular changes can cause premature ageing. 

A simple way to do good is to use companies that buy into this ethos of helping others. I always go to my local Pret-A-Manger in Cardiff as they give the left over food to the homeless at the end of the day. 

Another company that helps others is Lebara.  

Lebara - A Company That Helps Others

Lebara was founded in 2001 by Rasiah R Leon, Baskaran Kandiah and Ratheesan Yoganathan.

They shared a vision to create a mobile phone company to help migrant communities keep in touch with loved ones back home. They wanted to do this by providing high-quality, low-cost products and services. Yet an important part of the culture of the company is the desire to give back to ethnic communities all around the world.

Helping children in Sri Lanka in 2010

Aged 15, Lebara co-founder and CEO Ratheesan Yoganathan sought refuge in the UK from the Sri Lankan Civil War, and in 2004 Ratheesan witnessed the impact of the Tsunami in Asia. Seeing first-hand what happens to young children when denied basic needs such as water, food, shelter and education really affected him. It was then that the idea for the Lebara Foundation was first thought of. In 2008, the Lebara Foundation was registered with the aim of providing health, housing and schooling for displaced communities around the world.

The Projects

There are many projects that Lebara have helped since its start. The Foundation has gone from supporting around 1,000 children in one country to assisting over 150,000 children across 11 countries. 

Here are just a sample of the good causes they help below.

South India School And Village

The biggest project so far from a donation of €10 million in 2011 is being used to build a school and village in South India. The project will provide 1,000 children with access to education and sustainable community-based care for their families. 

Artifical Limb Project

The 26 year war in Sri Lanka was brutal and terrible and more than a year after the end of the war an estimated 160,000 amputees lack proper prosthetic limbs.

The Lebara Foundation’s Artificial Limbs project aims to help 200 of the poorest people by providing artificial limbs, as well as support, both physically through rehabilitation and emotionally.

IFRC Educational Project Poland

The Lebara Foundation has donated €100,000 in funding a project that will educate children and young people through health promotion, self-care awareness and the teaching of first aid. 

Working closing with the Polish Red Cross this important project aims to reduce health risks and accident levels by changing attitudes and behaviours.

How You Can Help

By using a Lebara SIM card or mobile, as well as getting a great cost effective plan you are doing good everyday by buying from a company that helps others in so many ways, and not just be donating to charity, by directly helping others. You can read more about the projects the Lebara Foundation support here.

What do you think about Lebara's ethos and the Lebara Foundation?

* This post is in association with Lebara

Monday, 20 April 2015

Different Stones For Different Brides

If you’re a non-traditional bride, here’s a low-down on some different types of engagement rings.

Image Artemas Liu - Flickr Creative Commons Licence 

In the past couple of years there has been a fashion for non-traditional engagement rings. That means that more men are buying non-traditional diamond engagement rings, and rings bearing different stones, like the bride’s birthstone are becoming more popular.

While many of these stones aren’t ideal for everyday wear, here’s a look at different options for non-traditional engagement rings.

Topaz Rings

Topaz comes in a variety of beautiful colours from orange, and blue to yellow and even colourless. Typically colourless stones are treated in a lab to add colour. Topaz is a strong stone and is the official birthstone for the month of November. It is a relatively inexpensive stone and a good choice for a bride on a budget.

Opal Rings

Opals are able to express a huge spectrum of colours and often you’ll notice multiple colours flashing across the stone, which is called a 'play of colours'. They’re perfect for the non-traditional bride who loves unusual stones. Opals are a soft stone so it is important to treat your opal carefully to avoid damaging it and remove your ring before gardening or housework for example. Some people believe opals can be damaged by water but this is only doublets and triplets (multiple layers glued together), not solid opals.

Amethyst Rings

Amethysts shine a stunning violet shade and is a variety of quartz. It’s the official February birthstone. The hardness of these stones can vary which makes it easy to cut it into a range of shapes like hearts, ovals, squares and much more. If you’re not keen on seeking out diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, an amethyst engagement ring could be ideal for your non-traditional bride. Amethysts are generally a cheaper stone to emerald, ruby and diamond and so make a cost effective engagement ring when money is tight.

Pearl Rings

Pearls are classified as organic gemstones. Pearls are unique since they’re formed within oysters – living creatures. These are the most valuable organic gemstones in the world and one of three recognised birthstones for June.

Pearls are simply breathtaking but are a soft substance and may not be the best choice for an engagement ring. Since pearls form naturally in a living mollusc they come in a huge array of shapes like oval, button, and drop.

Emerald Rings

Emeralds are extremely precious stones. Emeralds come in an illuminating green shade and are high in demand. Compared to some of the other stones, emeralds do well as everyday wear engagement rings as they are a fairly hard stone. They do, however, need special treatments such as periodical oiling to maintain their shine.

It’s worth the inconvenience though as emeralds will remain incredibly shiny. However, over time, too many of these treatments can damage the structural integrity of the gem and emeralds can start to crack or show big blemishes.


Diamonds are still a great choice. Diamonds are still the best stone for the perfect engagement ring - whether you are from London or New York, Paris or Melbourne. When it comes to day in and day out wear and durability, nothing beats these stones, as they are the hardest precious stone there is.

Diamonds can be worn all year round no matter how humid and hot the weather may be. As they are hard stones brides can feel at ease knowing their diamonds will truly stand the test of time. There’s no worrying about abrasions or cracks.

While alternative stone engagement rings might be popular with today’s non-traditional bride, nothing quite beats a timeless, classic diamond.

* This article was contributed by Media Buzzer

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Kewei Designer Jewellery Review And Competition - Ends 17/05/15

Kewei Design is a newly launched British jewellery company, that make interesting calligraphy inspired jewellery with influences from traditional Chinese arts. 

A small company, Kewei Design is made up of Greg and his wife Yichan, as well as their friend Kewei. Kewei - who is a very experienced artist and expert calligrapher gets his talent from his grandfather who is still painting everyday at the grand old age of 92. 

Kewei Design uses modern techniques of 3D modelling and Computer Aided Design (CAD) to bring this traditional art to life, and the designs when realised in precious metal really look like a brush has been dipped in the metal itself, with each piece beautifully made and finished. 

Husband and wife, Greg and Yichan work closely together in the business as well. Yichan has a great eye for fashion and jewellery aesthetics, whilst Greg is in his final stages of his PHD in material sciences and is knowledgeable about the technical processes.

So far they have three jewellery designs and each character has its meaning incorporated into the design; 

Family (Jia, ) includes a heart under a shelter. This is the key to a family. The heart has wings, acknowledging that one will return to family.

Joy (Le, ) has a massive smile. The character can also be pronounced as Yue, which means music. This is referenced in the character, which resembles a musical clef. Music is a big source of happiness and joy for many people.  

Love (Ai, ), you can see a couple dancing together or a mother holding her child. It also hides the Chinese character for heart inside it (Xin, 心). 

 "Family", "Joy" and "Love"

Kewei Deign believe that British and Chinese culture have a lot in common and that each culture can learn from each other. This is something they like to embody with their jewellery and they make sure that the flow and aesthetic of the character is not compromised by making it into a necklace or bracelet. 


As you can see from the information above Kewei Design jewellery is unique, different and elegant, and you can almost see the love and care gone into each brush stoke. It's also worth pointing out that all pieces are created and manufactured in the UK, which I feel is important in this day and age. 

If you like the designs, which retail at £135, I encourage you to enter the competition below for a chance to win your choice of one of their stunning necklaces. Would you go for the design "Love", which can mean the love for a child, a precious husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or sibling? Or is the "Joy" of life and music your preferred design? Maybe "Family" bonds are the most precious to you and you would love to symbolise that in a necklace. I wish you every luck if you enter the competition and if you like this competition it is also worth bookmarking it as you can also enter daily through the Gleam app.

You can follow Kewei Design on Twitter and Facebook.

Win your choice of necklace from Kewei Design

Closing Date 17th May 2015 11.59PM

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Easy Student Recipe: Chicken Chorizo And Butterbean Stew

A guest post by Frances from The Spoon And Whisk Blog

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be guest posting here on Mel’s lovely blog. I was asked to come up with an easy recipe that students could happily feed themselves….so we’re talking cheap, which takes little of your time, but is still a hearty, wholesome good old tasty meal for you and your mates to enjoy whilst doing some of that much needed late night revision on the run up to exam season. Yay (yeah right!) And I would know since I’m 17 and currently in the middle of my as levels.

This recipe is great if you only have a pan because it’s a one-pot dish so only a ring on the stove is needed too. Everything gets thrown into it and is left to bubble and simmer away while you can get on with other things. (That also means little washing up – added bonus.)

I think it tastes great simply served alongside a crusty French baguette, however a baked potato or some rice would also be a great accompaniment. Don’t feel like you need to add the parsley garnish but I just think it adds a lovely bit of freshness and the crème fraiche complements with creaminess.

Serves 4

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
4 chicken breasts
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon dried mixed herbs
170g chorizo sausage
1 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
1 chicken stock cube
1 red pepper
1 x 400g tin butter beans
1 tablespoon cornflour

A handful of chopped parsley
4 teaspoons of crème fraiche


First heat the oil in a large pan, whilst you peel and roughly chop the onion and peel then grate the garlic. Put the chopped onion into the hot pan and fry over a medium-high heat. Then after a few minutes add the grated garlic. Fry until soft and golden in colour.

Whist they are frying, slice the chicken breasts into large chunks and then add to the onion and garlic. Then the smoked paprika and mixed dried herbs and stir with a spoon until the chicken is coated. Turn up to a high heat and continue to cook while you slice the pepper into small pieces along with the chorizo about ½ cm thick (don’t forget to peel the skin off first if it comes that way). Add the pepper, chopped chorizo to the pan along with the chopped tomatoes. Then refill the can that the tomatoes came in with boiling water, mix in the chicken stock cube until dissolved. Pour the stock into the pan, season with pepper and simmer for about 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes, make a paste by mixing the cornflour and about 3 teaspoons of water in a cup and stir into the stew to thicken it. Drain the butter beans from the tin and rinse under cold water and add to the stew. Cook through for another 5 minutes and you’re ready to serve. Garnish with chopped parsley and a dollop of crème fraiche.

Friday, 17 April 2015

A Quick Read Guide to Selling Jewellery in An Emergency

Selling jewellery is generally a spur of the moment decision when money is tight or we discover jewellery in our collections we are able to part with. Few ever know how exactly to go about it beforehand so we thought we would provide some timeless tips on selling personal jewellery.

The value of gold generally fluctuates in ways that are favourable to a well-prepared investor much unlike global money markets with inflation, interest, and sliding scales.

In times of financial stability is when gold shines with the most lustre and as with any investment strategy, circumstances eventually line up and for one reason or another and everyone cashes out.

But how do you just sell gold jewellery? Here are a few pointers if you are looking to visit any of Australia’s #1 gold dealers to make some money on jewellery you no longer want to have in your personal collection.

1. Do Not Rush

If you are going to sell your gold jewellery, do not be in any hurry. In order to get a proper market value for your precious metal, you’ll need to do a bit of research and shop around for the best gold price. 

On rare occasions you will find a one-stop-shop that take into consideration the going market value and give you a fair deal. Follow you instincts.

2. Get a Valuation First

Before you start looking for cash-to-gold shops, have your jewellery evaluated by a professional (who has no motive to lower it in order to buy from you). This will give you an idea of what ball-park you’re in. Additional diamonds or intricate handiwork could propel the value higher.

3. Don’t Take the First Offer

Keep on shopping and when you do consider an offer, this is one of those real life obligatory awkward moments where you must haggle. Some people find it easier to act like they’re in a hurry but it's better to be nice, but firm. 

4. Look Online

Yes, you can buy and sell gold reliably online. Thanks to customer feedback, reliability ratings offer some level of assurance for either party within any given transaction. Start with sites like eBay, and go from there!

5. Look Around

How’s life? Are the cities all full of happy people living happy lives? How is the environment? National debt? Any civil or global unrest or war?

Take all of these things into account when buying and selling gold in any time of crisis whether political, economic, environmental, or a random act of God.

In times of crisis the value of gold goes up. In time of a collapsing currency, the same thing happens. Buy low, sell high.

* This post was contributed by Media Buzzer

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ten Stunning Alterations To Improve Your Home

Home renovations have become wildly popular in recent years, as more and more people are choosing to upgrade what they have instead of moving. The right renovation can increase the value of your home, but more importantly, it can give you a sense of profound satisfaction, and turn the place you live into your own personal paradise.

10. Convert Your Attic Into a Bedroom

Converting your attic is the perfect way to create more living space out of nothing for a growing family, and it also increases the value of your home. A four bedroom house is a much more valuable commodity than a three bedroom house, and with the right touches, the sloping ceilings of many old attics will make for a charming bedroom. Before you embark on this renovation, be sure to ascertain if you will need to insulate the attic, gain planning permission, or if the floor joists will need reinforcing.

9. Build a Conservatory

A conservatory is perhaps one of the most romantic home renovations you can undertake. Adding a conservatory brings nature into your home, and creates a tranquil haven where you can entertain family and friends or just relax and read a book on a rainy afternoon. It also has the practical benefit of adding more floor space to your house, and, quite often, increasing its value.

8. Construct a Deck

You can think of a deck as a less labour-intensive version of a conservatory. The point is to create a living space that flows effortlessly into the outdoors. A deck is a great place to entertain guests, and adding furniture or a hammock to a covered deck adds an air of charm that cannot be matched. Bring some plants up onto the deck, and for maximum effect add embedded lights or some hanging lanterns. It can also be an incredibly rewarding DIY project.

7. Renovate Your Basement

Upgrading your basement can be as simple or as grand a project as you please. Start by adding carpeting or hardwood floors, drywall and finish the walls and add some attractive lighting. Having a finished basement will add immensely to the value of your home, as well as giving you a cozy place to retreat and have some time to yourself. If you have the funds to spare, you can add a games room, a library, or even a home theatre.

6. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms often have the most potential when it comes to renovations, and can have a tremendous effect on the value of your home. You can bring about an almost miraculous change in many old kitchens by replacing the countertops, cupboards and lighting. Focus on achieving a bright, modern look, and if your kitchen is separate from the dining room consider tearing down an adjoining wall to give your house a more open feel.

5. Add a Second Bathroom

Having two bathrooms instead of one adds greatly to the value of your home, and you can often work with even the smallest of available spaces. To make a small place seem larger, focus on bright colours and comprehensive lighting, and add mirrors and large, elegant floor tiles to draw the eye outward. Install attractive, modern fixtures, and don't go overboard with the decorations. A few small touches and the right colour scheme can turn a small bathroom into a cozy and peaceful retreat.

4. Install a Fireplace

Nothing adds to the atmosphere of a living room or den like the flickering light of a fire. People will instinctively gather around a fireplace to talk, and nothing compares to the feeling of stretching out in front of one during a cold night in winter, feeling the heat soak into your bones, perhaps with a glass of wine or a good book in hand. You don't need a functioning chimney to install a modern fireplace, and you can tailor your design to work perfectly with the colour and feel of any room.

3. Consider Hardwood Floors

If your floors seem old and tired, there might be no better choice than to go with the perennially popular option of hardwood. Hardwood flooring can add a certain level of class to any home, and by choosing the right kind of wood you can compliment any colour scheme. Dark woods like walnut and cherry are stately and sophisticated, and work well for dens or other rooms with low key lighting, while maple or birch are bright and vibrant woods that work perfectly in bright open spaces, especially kitchens.

2. Update Your Entranceway

The entranceway is often the first feature people will see when they approach your house, and a few small touches here can make a world of difference, adding to your curb appeal and giving your home a welcoming feel. Paint your door a bright colour and add an attractive gold or silver knocker. Spruce up your entranceway with flowers that compliment the colour of your door and walls, and people will feel at home before they even step in the door.

1. Do Some Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, you can embark on elaborate projects or you can add a few simple features that nonetheless turn your facade into a work of art. Add some flower beds and a stone or marble walkway, and don't go overboard with the garden furniture. A simple table and chairs will make your home appear infinitely more inviting. You can even blur the lines between your home interior and your garden with a set of bifold doors or a large entryway.

What do you think of these ways to improve you home?

* This is a guest post

Choosing A New Mattress

Recently I changed my mattress on my bed, I have the had the same mattress for 14 years and it was giving me no support any more.  I was shocked to find out that it is recommended by The Sleep Council that you change your mattress every seven years,

You would think buying a mattress would be easy but I have to admit, it was far more complicated than I originally thought it would be. 

Image copywrite Marital - Shutterstock

Points To Consider When Choosing A New Mattress

Type of Mattress

With sprung mattresses there are three types, open coil, continuous spring and pocket spring

With open coil, single springs are fixed together by one wire. With this type of mattress one of the main benefits is the price as these can be bought cheaply or are in the mid range bracket.

Continuous spring mattresses are made from a single looped wire, this gives a higher spring count from much smaller coils and a more responsive touch.

Pocket Sprung mattresses are made up of much smaller individual springs that are encased in fabric. These are much more luxurious in feel and this type of mattress will prevent roll together.

Other types of mattresses include foam, flotation, gel and futon

Foam mattresses, in particular memory foam mattresses, are popular at the moment. These respond to your body shape and weight and are supremely comfortable. You can also buy memory foam toppers to fit on top of your mattress for a cost effective solution.

Flotation mattresses are filled with water and are good to relieve pressure on areas on the body, making them especially good for the elderly and immobile.

Gel mattresses are a newer type of mattress and helps regulate your body's temperature giving enhanced pressure relief on the body.

Futon Mattresses are made from layers of wadding and are often seen on day beds or sofa mattresses mostly for occasional use.

Firmness Rating

Image copywrite Geo-grafika Shutterstock

Most mattress are rated from 1 to 5 with 1 being a soft mattress and 5 extra firm. 

Most people choose a mattress somewhere in the middle. The best way to find out what is right for you is to try the mattress in store. If you sleep in a bed with your partner, take him or her along to try it too. There is nothing worse than a mattress both of you cannot agree on. 

The mattress that I choose recently had a rating of 4 which is firm, and I honestly thought I would pick a mattress which was in the middle range, but after trying out mattresses in store I found many too soft.

If you are thinking of buying online go to your local mattress specialist try a similar mattress from the same brand and firmness rating and then compare prices on the Internet for the best deals.

Looking After Your Mattress

Look after your mattress and it will prolong the life. 

Most mattresses these days come with a guarantee, check what this covers and the care guide that comes with it when you first buy the mattress. Wear and tear will not be covered but a manufacturers fault will typically be.

To keep the mattress in the best condition when you awake, give the bed an airing by turning back the sheets and duvet. This will let any sweat evaporate.

It is important to protect your mattress with a cover, so it does not get marked, wash this regularly and vacuum the base and mattress every time it is changed.

Many mattresses should be turned every 2-3 months, but this depends on the type of mattress, so be sure to check the care guide when you buy your mattress.

Let me know, how old is your mattress and what type did you get? 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Weird Fish Top Review

Weird Fish design relaxed and easy to wear clothes that make you feel like it is the weekend every day. Based in the Cotswolds this company has grown over the last 20 or so years and now have over 11 stores in towns and cities around the UK as well as their online business.

I first bought clothes from the Weird Fish store in Cardiff's Royal Arcade many years ago. I liked their iconic macaroni sweatshirt which was warm and perfect for a day on the beach, and their Weird Fish T shirt which was fun and a great gift for my boyfriend at the time.

Weird Fish is known for it's designs of a 'Weird Fish"!

Weird Fish sums up the surfer look for me, great print t shirts, useful cargo shorts, cool cotton dresses and warm cosy fleeces. 

So I was delighted when I was sent a Weird Fish top to review. I had a choice of items and picked this as I loved the blue print pattern.

Queretaro printed Jersey top £34.95

The top has a couple of design features that adds extra detail, namely the runching on the front of the neckline and the two pockets on the bottom of the top. The contrast print on the sleeve, hem and back of the neck adds a stylish touch to the 100 per cent cotton top.

A perfect top to wear to the beach

The top is true to size and is a comfortable fit. As well as the vivid blue colour way this top is also available in a orange print with an ecru background which is nice and bright as well. I would wear this top with jeans and boots on a day out shopping, or with shorts and flip flops for a trip to the beach. 

I am going to San Francisco in the summer and I also love this blue macaroni sweatshirt, below. This would be a great top to throw on when the San Francisco fog sets in over the bay. For a beach look all I need now is those shorts and flip-flops....

blue macaroni zip up sweatshirt

Would I recommend Weird Fish to my readers? Yes I would whole heartedly. The clothes they sell come in interesting prints, the quality is great with no loose cotton threads and it is all finished nicely.

If you want to check out the Weird Fish designs they can be found online and on Twitter and Facebook.

Let me know what you think of the designs. Tell me have you ever shopped at Weird Fish?