Why Luxury Ski Chalets Are The Best For Young Children On A Family Ski Holiday

The following is a guest post from Ski Famille, experts in providing luxury ski chalets at top resorts across the Alps.

When you book a skiing holiday, there are lots to consider. The location, the resort, and of course the accommodation. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your chalet during your trip and, particularly if you have young children, you’ll want to make sure it is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. That’s why when travelling with young children, luxury ski chalets are an ideal choice.

When on a family ski holiday there is usually a range of options when it comes to choosing your accommodation. Here we will explore why luxury chalets are the best choice when travelling as a family.

It’s a Home Away From Home

The great thing about luxury ski chalets is that they offer a warm and cosy space. Not to mention the fact that they have all the facilities and amenities you need to feel as relaxed as you would in the comfort of your own home. This means they become a fantastic base that children and parents can use as a home away from home.

It’s important for children to feel comfortable, and having free rein in a chalet without the worry of disturbing other guests is ideal for parents. You can get this if you’ve booked under a sole-occupancy basis, alternatively share with other families. In any case, with fewer people around the likelihood of causing any disturbance is diminished. You get more of a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere in a chalet that would not happen in a hotel for example.


The chalets we provide give families the use of a playroom, which is a huge bonus for children. This can be used at any point during the trip, with full access to the room (and all the toys and games inside it) provided for the duration of the stay.

With a playroom, children can keep occupied once they’ve finished their skiing activities. You can unwind after a day on the slopes with a relaxing family board game. Another bonus is that there are DVD players and loads of DVD’s so you can unwind together in the evening.

In Chalet Childcare

One of the best features of our luxury ski chalets is our provision of in chalet childcare. We offer a fantastic range of childcare packages which mean grownups are free to enjoy the most challenging slopes, or perhaps head out for a romantic meal one evening! 

One of the best parts of the chalet experience is that you have expertly trained, and hugely dedicated staff, to cater to you and your family’s needs. The childcare comes to you, so children will be looked after in a setting they are familiar with, and there’s no need for an impersonal centralised crèche.

The Best Ski Chalets Have the Best Amenities

When you have the amenities associated with a home, it makes caring for young children a lot simpler. Having a microwave and fridge, for example, can be perfect for evenings or early mornings. Easy access to said amenities is always advantageous and with a chalet they are right there at your disposal.

Having a set of staff at set times during the day that will happily help parents with warming milk or keep a child occupied is a great perk too. 

Ski Chalet Staff

Staff are there to help with everything they can, not just childcare. Everything is fully catered so your whole group can enjoy fantastic food. This is just another bonus of the luxury chalet experience. You get a three-course meal with wine - and while you might not be waited on hand and foot as you might in a restaurant, the food is top notch.

Due to the more personal nature of a chalet staff become a lot more a part of the holiday experience during the times of the day that they are there. They become more like friends than staff - which makes your holiday all the more memorable and works well for children.


The ability to tailor your holiday as you like in a chalet is another advantage and fantastic for young children. Want to eat out one night of your trip? No problem, we cater six nights a week so you can do that. You can get a tailored package with a chalet, and not something that is parcelled out to everyone alike as you might in a hotel.

If members of your party have a particular dietary need or are just fussy eaters, this can be taken into account in a chalet situation too.

Luxury Ski Chalets for Family Ski Holidays!

The most important thing when planning a ski holiday is making the right choices for your family. It’s clear that the above benefits make ski chalets the best for young children on a family ski holiday.

Whether you're planning a holiday with your immediate family, or hitting the slopes with a larger group - chalets offer luxurious, flexible accommodation that is sure to enhance your experience and make your holiday fun, relaxing and stress-free.


  1. I would love to visit a ski chalet, it's my absolute dream to stay there over Christmas one day. I can't ski, but I'd love to learn! x

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    1. It's so nice to have the space that you don't get in a hotel. Especially great when you have kids.

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