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My Love of Amsterdam - My Amsterdam City Break Look

I love travelling and one of my favourite places in the world is Amsterdam. It is a city of culture, superb restaurants, world class museums and fantastic style. When I saw the EasyJet Holidays website had a bloggers competition I thought I would jump at the chance to write about this interesting city.

I have visited Amsterdam many times in the past. My last visit was on my Honeymoon and we had a fantastic time staying at Suite259, a small boutique bed and breakfast,  I have often thought the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky looks fantastic it is wonderfully grand and is right in the centre of the city. Flights from the UK are reasonable and I last flew and booked with Easyjet Holidays and had a comfortable and short flight.

My time in Amsterdam usually involves eating in nice restaurants, shopping and sightseeing. As I love jewellery I also go to one of the diamond tours such as Coster Diamonds. I find it fascinating seeing how diamonds are cut and graded. 

Amsterdam is renowned for its soft drug culture and sex district, but
if you have never been to Amsterdam its not all naughty, in fact it's very nice indeed! 

One of the many canals that cross Amsterdam

Some of my Top Tips for Amsterdam

1) Use the trams as they are cheap, easy to use and saves you walking miles.
2) Consider taking a trip on the canal boats. I have been on a wonderful cheese and wine cruise on the canals and they also do romantic evening meals by candlelight. 
3) You can get a bargain in the many markets  The flower market is so pretty too, a great opportunity for taking photos.
4) Amsterdam has many world class museums from the Heineken Museum, to the Van Gough Museum, one of my favourites is the Stedelijk Modern Art Museum.
5) Amsterdam is known for fantastic food but while you are here you must try the Febo vending machines - you know what they say, whilst in Amsterdam!
6) Don't forget a souvenir, some of the kitsch items are clogs, fridge magnets and postcards!

The Flower Market

My Amsterdam Style

Amsterdam city people know how to dress and they have a fabulous Amsterdam fashion week every year and Amsterdam's Vogue Fashion Night Out is the place for fashion addicts! For me, Amsterdam fashion is laid back city chic. It's a city that is easy to get around though I always wear funky but flat shoes or boots for the walking I do.

My Amsterdam City Break Look For The EasyJet Holidays Competition

Cobalt Blue

I love strong colours due to my dark colouring and I think a stunning cobalt blue dress is perfect for a night out at a lovely restaurant. Now you may say blue is blue but who remembers Meryl Streep's discussion with Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada about the colour blue...

These funky boots add a modern twist to this Cobalt blue dress, perfect to dress up or down. This look is feminine without being too dressy, add some thick tights for Winter. Unfortunately, this dress was out of stock when I went to buy it, so I hope you like my little creative take on the picture. Skinny legs models own!

Oriental Designs 

Another key fashion trend for Autumn/Winter is Oriental designs. Look out for stunning Oriental dresses and embroidered jackets on the Amsterdam streets. Perfect with skinny jeans or a more classic bootleg look. Amsterdam has a large Indonesian and Oriental community and this look fits in perfectly with my style too. Why not add an Oriental jacket to this simple dress above.

Amsterdam wouldn't be Amsterdam without Clogs! As a fashionable memento of my trips to Amsterdam I have this pretty Thomas Sabo clog charm on my charm bracelet, it also reminds me of the Honeymoon there. My silver charm bracelet contains a lucky charm and mementoes of my holidays and family life. I am looking forward to adding more charms to my cocktail, starfish, sparkly initial M, and clog! 

So this is my Amsterdam look, simple, stylish and if you want a quirky addition add an oriental jacket. If you are wondering if I have ever been naughty in Amsterdam - well that's another blog post, then again maybe not....

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth, it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” 
John Green


Great Things To Do In Amsterdam 

My Amsterdam City break look for the EasyJet holidays competition



  1. handy little tips here which will be good for my visit soon, at least i now know to dress smart,x

    1. Thank You Sue. Amsterdam is a great place and so much fun you will really enjoy!

  2. Great tips!! I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam =) And I also like the photo of you in the blue dress ;-) xx

    1. Thank You Khal I love this colour so much I will have to wait for this dress to come back in stock or I will have to do some serious hunting for a Cobalt blue dress! I have to have one now!

  3. You write some wonderful blogs Mel! Ive ALWAYS wanted to visit Amsterdam and you've only added to my excitement lol xx Love the Thomas Sabo Clog Charm! :D xx

    1. If you do Easyjet have really great prices on their flights and I am not just saying that lol :D

  4. I wanna go now, I'd never really considered it before! :) x

  5. I really love Amsterdam, I mostly to get very stoned (In my younger years) Really want to go back and experience Amsterdam properly. I like the pretty shops and its such a beautiful city.

  6. I just love Amsterdam! I went there with my family last year and we all thought it was wondeful - especially the food! With love, Faye xx

    1. Yes there are lots of fantastic restaurants I must admit!


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